lokah samastah sukhino bhavantu(Sanskrit) | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/23/10

this song is beautiful... and being an indian i find it quite easy to appreciate it's beauty... the lyrics are based on the vedas, our sacred texts.. well im not accusing george of plagiarising, i think he's one of the greatest ppl alive.. but im jus sayin tat this is wat d vedas have been tryin to say... it disappoints me tat d youngsters(includin me :D) nowadays r so ignorant bout it... i feel d knowledge in these texts should be propagated to each n every livin soul...

Without you? | Reviewer: Taylor | 5/8/10

I love this song until the last line. Life is continual, it flows within you and surrounds everything. Nothing is outside the Divine plan of God. You can experience the truth and see visons of God's Divine light and have experiences without drugs through daily meditation. Life never flows without you! Like a wave in the ocean, you are ALWAYS part of the ONE! Maybe drugs got in the way of the last line.

ALL IS ONE IS ALL | Reviewer: JK | 5/2/10

Self realization of the one self , confirmed by a continuous self activated frisson (aka Goose Bumps) 'were all one and life will flow within you and without you'... the Subtle self notification in the form of a frisson can easily be misconceived. So be awake and aware, observe this self presenting acquaint clue and follow it to its source... the spirit molecule. We our the children of the universe do not ever forget that, the answer is not hiding from you, it is you... peace ...OHM...

This song could change the world. | Reviewer: robert c | 4/10/10

If only people weren't too occupied with meaningless materialistic things like video games, tvs, and computers then they could see.
But thinking too much is exactly what "they" don't want us to do.
This song opened the doors to everything I know today.

FOR THE TRUE MEANING... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/2/10

For the true meaning of this song as well as other deep Beatles songs, I would highly recommend taking some magic mushrooms while listening to their music. Intense stuff, all which you should find out for yourself, I can't spoil the surpirse meaning for you. Afterall, The Beatles took psychedelics all the time! They want you to listen to their music while being high, so do it!

Breath-taking. | Reviewer: Amanda | 1/31/10

This song is...I can't describe this song.
Its out of this world. This song describes the laws of life, perfectly.
I get goosebumps when I listen to this song.
This song is very powerful.
George Harrison, what a brillant man.

It's all too much. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/29/10

It's all too much for me to take
The love that's shining all around you
Everywhere, it's what you make
For us to take, it's all too much

Floating down the stream of time, of life to life with me
Makes no difference where you are or where you'd like to be

It's all too much for me to take
The love that's shining all around here
All the world is birthday cake,
So take a piece but not too much

This song | Reviewer: Meowl | 1/5/10

Changed my life.
It provided a solution to any problem I've encountered and has an answer to almost evey question I couldn't answer for myself. I believe it is every bit of good advice I have ever heard or gotten compiled into one incredible song.

share the love | Reviewer: Rick | 10/24/09

I have always loved this song, but just re-read the words after many years of metaphysical pursuits. My findings: we are all one and peace of mind IS waiting when you see beyond yourself, do all that you can, with what you have, in the time that you have, in the place where you are. The Beatles (George) would have been famous for this song alone, they leave everyone else in the dust for the content and timelessness of about 6 of their songs.

This song had a gigantic impact on my life! | Reviewer: Jim Soo | 4/26/09

I was 14 when I first heard it and it introduced me to Eastern philosophy.
Later his other songs like "While My Guitar" and "The Inner Light" also had a major impact, and then "All Things Must Pass".
All of these ideas have led me to the teachings of the Buddha.

Love | Reviewer: Kaya | 2/17/08

It only shows that he was a great man with a large Consciousness! He only tries to spread the word, because the word is there, the love is there, it's so easy too see it..but yet, so difficult to achieve.
Just beautiful moments

George's highest accomplishment? | Reviewer: Tom | 2/8/08

There are two songs I have heard in my life that have absolutely stunned me so that I have never forgotten their impact. Both are by George Harrison. The first is 'Within You' and whose entire scope, lyrics, timing, music, is ethereal, transcendent and almost mystical. For me, Within You, like my other favorite 'While my Guitar Gently Weeps' is a lament, almost a spiritual dirge, in which George's soul cries out for what he 'knows' is the way that the world could be, must be, for us to re-awaken to ourselves and our potentiality.
Music moves each one of us differently, thankfully. I can only say that Within You moves me today, every bit as much as it did when I heard it 40+ years ago. Sublime music and, I feel, far better than any other song on a epochal album.
As a psychologist, specializing in helping people awaken to their 'real' wondrousness and to simply no longer focus on their self-imposed limitations, I have found that Within You is the sound of a true 'mahatma' and that is what George Harrison was, a 'Great Soul'. Thank you George, from the bottom of my own soul, for ALL of your offerings to us, both by your humility and your music. Thanks.

Say love before it's too late | Reviewer: Tiger | 1/9/08

This is the message of love I wish I had written.I am particularly impressed with Patti Smith's version on her album twelve. Thank you Patti. It seems corny now, but George's message -- his only contribution to Sgt. Pepper's -- is as true today as it was 40 years ago when I turned on with the album. We can save the world with love and George's message lives on without him, with us.

within you without you | Reviewer: Daniel | 11/11/07

Great song. Not particularly tuneful but thats what makes it different to the main beatles stuff! Great lyrics- "people who gain the world and lose their soul"- does the sound like Chelski to any of us englishmen? lol

The way I see It | Reviewer: Zuly | 10/24/07

Actually this song is talking about reality, and the way things should be. If you really think about how things are today and listen to the lyrics in this song , youll realize how simple things can be and the goodness in all these words.