raga redux | Reviewer: tortoise | 2/22/13

Still a standout. Oddly, in '67 some fans didn't like it; they wanted "real" rock'n'roll. Message? Read the Vedas, I guess (I haven't.) How about this: emotions are waves. The waves are not the ocean. Don't get on a mental surfboard and ride the waves. Let the waves pass through you. Somewhere deep inside you, you have everything George had, or Maharishi, or Christ, or the Buddha. Start slow: what is the sound of TWO hands clapping?

Amazing song! | Reviewer: E Van Doorn | 12/17/12

I love this song, it is a very beautiful piece of art and personal fulfillment/making a difference in your own life is extremely important. Money, property or cars are just things that may make us temporarily happy, but it's up to us to find that piece of heaven within ourselves. It makes no sense if you are in an unhappy marriage but live in a beautiful home, and stay together just to keep your assets... life flows on, you may end up losing everything anyway. But should that affect how you feel? Maybe for a brief amount of time, but be able to find yourself again!
AMAZING SONG. I <3 the Beatles

DEEP! | Reviewer: ANONYMOUS | 1/24/12

This song is so deep! it gets to me every time i listen to it because ITS TRUE! they are speaking about humanity. Human beings are so much more than what we are lead to believe we are MORE THAN JUST BODY AND MIND! Notice this songs background music is like meditation music? ITS BECAUSE ITS WHAT WE MUST DO TO GO DEEP WITHIN OURSELVES AND BE ABLE TO LOVE AND BE LOVED since WE ARE ALL CONNECTED BY A FORCE THAT WE CANNOT PHYSICALLY SEE! like wind, u feel it but u cant see it. if you want to learn more all u need to do is youtube it all. LEARN about meditation and what it can do for you, youtube the PINEAL GLAND (YOUR third eye that appears in the dollar bills which the illuminati and powerful people of this world have been keeping from us in order to keep control over the masses of people) it can free you from any fears you might have and opens up a door to LOVE that we all must open in order to free ourselves from the brainwashing the USA government is and has been doing FOR DECADES! LEarn about keeping your chakras balanced and the many more abilities
YOUR BRAIN is capable of. check out binaural,alpha, theta etc frequencies.. they all do different things.LEARN ABOUT WHAT NATURAL CRYSTALS (like quartz and many many other crystals)do to YOUR frequencies once you put intent into it, YOUR THOUGHTS ARENT JUST THERE! THEY ARE VERY VERY POWERFUL! please look all of these things up and you will see just what i am talking about. LOVE THIS SONG <3 peace and love to all!!

life-within and without | Reviewer: sharmi | 12/16/11

“you are not too old
and it is not too late
to dive into your increasing depths
where life calmly gives out
it's own secret”
wrote Rainer Maria Rilke. and this sentiment has been echoed by the Indian Poet Tagore as well as in the vedas and in the thoughts of almost all philosophers,ancient and modern.what we search for ,what we strive for can never be found without us unless it's within us. It's not enough to realize that we are just a tiny speck of dust,suspended in our insignificant lives,in the vast tapestry of space and time. we have to act and more importantly,think accordingly. instead of trying to acquire material wealth and fame that's only going to be swept away by the tide of time, it's wiser to leave our footprints on the bed of love,love for all forms of life.a life devoid of love,devoid of the capacity to love is akin to a corpse. for without love,life will surely go on without you....but maybe not within you.

life-within and without | Reviewer: sharmi | 12/16/11

If no one else, the dying must notice how unreal, how full of pretense, is all that we accomplish here, where nothing is allowed to be itself.”
wrote Rainer Maria Rilke. the same old philosophy. the ultimate realization. echoed in the thoughts of all philosophers,ancient and modern, in the Vedas and in the works of the Indian poet Tagore. although Harrison seems to have been influenced by eastern philosophy,this is one invincible truth that transcends generations and countries,transcends the vast tapestry of space and time. a life devoid of love,devoid of the capacity to love is akin to a corpse. for without love,life will surely go on without you...but maybe not within you.

If it wasn't . . . | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/10/11

If this song was written by an unknown artist, not a famous Beatle, it would not have left the recording studio. But it was time for the cosmos to introduce Eastern philosophy to the Western world in possibly the only manner that it would be accepted - and that is through the work and talent of an ultra-famous artist.

The fact that it is also a masterpiece of words lends itself to having no expiration date, that is if one can transcend its ethnic tones.

Sometimes the gods let something devine slip into the material world, by choosing a means that is acceptable to the masses, and the Beatles were that to us all in the 60s and hopefully for eternity.

Good going George Harrison

subliminal message | Reviewer: anonymous | 9/11/11

In this song George is speaking to Paul, the real Paul. He is saying that his life flows and in them and their lives flow on with with him. and it is also directed at the man claiming to be Paul, William Campbell. He does by saying "We were talking-about the love that's gone so cold and the people, Who gain the world and lose their soul- They don't know-they can't see-are you one of them?" He is saying that William gains the world by becoming a Beatle but loses his soul because he is no longer himself.

Geoge George | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/14/11

I listened to this song for many years before I realised it has a double meaning - "without" can mean "not with" but can also mean "outside". So joining time and space in two small words, in keeping with the Indian philosophy he was trying to grasp.

Thanks George - life flows on without you - but I liked it better when it was within you. With your death, like John's, little piece of me died too.

Awesomeness | Reviewer: Aakash | 6/17/11

This song!! well what can I say? It BLEW ME AWAY; had awesomeness written all over it. I'm an Indian, and i've listened to a lot of classical music(Indian and Western). This song still embodies in essence that Beatlesque feel, even though, only George out of the fab-four participated in it.

Ravi Shankar's sitar lessons seem to have done Harrison's understanding of Indian music a world of good as shown by a very complex time signatur used here.

fuck a duck | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/9/11

this song influenced "Imagine", so godlike ups to George Harrison. So soothing musically yet so brilliant and peace loving lyrically and vocally. George's biggest shining moment out of many in his well spent 58 years. paul took the song off, so george had a huge task to perform, and he did it perfectly. This song, along with here comes the sun, made me fall in love with George Harrison. He still takes a backseat to Sir Paul McCartney, as does every musician in the world before or after, but he still nailed this song. I love and miss you George, and you are within me and i am without you.

Within you, without you | Reviewer: hoitonair@live.com | 3/26/11

You're a part of life, and it goes on within you. But it doesn't need you, it goes on without you.
What lies behind the acceptance of this fact is realizing that no amount of worldly significance gained would make you something more than a small part of life. You can kill life, or you can help it grow, but ultimately, it will cease to flow within you, and go on without you.

Happiness | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/14/10

it isnt about god it is about self happiness and self actualization. Once you can come to peace with your self and realize that everything is much better with an open mind once we can do that we will all be at our true happiness.

Significance | Reviewer: Ronnie | 9/8/10

When I feel that I have attained the greatest importance, I am at my least significant. When I realize that in one or two hundred years, maybe less, they will not remember my name, I am at my most significant and free of the persona that so often consumes the person.

Its all just one... | Reviewer: Jenny | 6/6/10

Love, that is all they are talking about. Love and God (however you may like to call the universe). We are all part of the same thing. We are all one thing and we don't see it anymore. We have forgotten to be in touch and we are egotistic. We have forgotten that we are a small part of everything. Within you and without you. We do matter, together we matter a lot. Separate and how we have been we are lost. Without us the universe goes on, we just don't participate. This song is incredible and I love it.

Love is everywhere | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/1/10

Well it's like this. This song simply puts forth the dichotomy of life. The world doesn't matter, as all you can achieve and all you want to be is within you. You have all the potential for everything. You dont have to seek any outer source for anything. Likewise, you dont matter to anyone else that much. Thats what they mean by life goes on without you. As in Sanskrit they say 'the world is an illusion'. What a brilliant song! Very solipsistic.