with the beatles | Reviewer: FRANK | 2/2/10

hi can someone tell me the wording on the rear of the sleeve regarding the song,in the write up not the track listing..it wont be long or it wont be long now whidh differs from the title...i want to know if its a sleave wording error...thanks

Great Song | Reviewer: Sunset | 1/14/08

With the Beatles is, in my opinion, the best album.
I am bias, because I prefer their early music to their late, but their voices are all on tune, original, smooth, and just wonderful. It's such a great album!!

THE BEST | Reviewer: John Perry | 4/19/07

The Boys best for me,8 great songs of their own ( fresh and hungry!) and 6 fantastic covers of American classics especially 'PLEASE MISTER POSTMAN''ROLL OVER BEETHOVEN' and 'MONEY'.