people knock it off | Reviewer: Tim | 3/24/08

STFU. i am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together. okay? all you need is love, guys. love eachother. it doesn't matter where you found the music. it only matters that you can understand and appreciate the messages they send. if you can't see that about music, then you should never listen to music again. because music is about the love, guys. it's all about expression of self: conveying emotions and thoughts and stories. so i hope i helped you out. i really wish that i didn't have to reprimand you for being foolish, shelbi. but you're being ludicrous

Dear Anonymous Reviewer (3/2/08) | Reviewer: Abdar | 3/25/08

when i first heard those three words in the beginning of the song i thought i had got a bad version of the song but i guess not. i thought it said "billy jean" at first but then after reading your review i realized it did sound very much like "give me cheese". i hope this helps.

across the universe | Reviewer: face | 3/20/08

First things first, this is definitely one of my favorite beatles songs. I guess I'll go along with discussions on the "Across the Universe" controversy. I listened to the Beatles a lot when I was really young because my dad would play them a lot but I kind of forgot about them when I hit middle school. After watching AtU, I heard some Beatles songs I never heard before and developed a love for them again. It's just fantastic.

I guess my real concern is, why do you care so much about what other people listen to and WHY?

Everyone listens to music because they like it! Shocker, eh? Now go worry about yourself and what you're doing with your life rather than why people listen to music.

eastenders | Reviewer: rachel del busso | 3/14/08

the song is good i know this song when i was a little girl i love eastenders my fravrite charters are tanya oscar lauren abi lucy jane max roxy and ronnie and penng. LOVE EASTENDERS I wish i was lauren and lucy


just wonderin but... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/2/08

does anyone know the 3 words that transition into this song? on the original cd st. peppers lonely hearts club band transitions with three words that sound mysteriously like give me cheese. if anyone would care to correct me if im wrong or tell me if im right that would be FABULOUSLY appreciated. gracias

Well | Reviewer: carlyyy | 2/25/08

I actually discovered the Beatles from my dad who bought the album "Abbey Road".Ever since then I loved them.So when the movie came out I loved them even more.So it doesn't matter if you found them through Across the Universe(which I think Jim Sturgess and Joe Anderson have a really amazing voice) or through a certain song we all have to admit the Beatles are awesome even if you don't like them.

Yes def. STFU | Reviewer: Oh Cmon | 2/21/08

Amen to aprilmay!!!
seriously, do you beatles fans think your in some kind of exclusive club? EVERYONE who knows music loves the Beatles. No matter how hard you try to shake it the beatles are pop. You can't blame someone for coming around to your way of thinking just because you had the opinion first. It doesn't make you the worlds biggest beatles fan & you're not in some kind of exclusive club. John Lennon was a musical genius no question, how can you begrudge someone else for realizing it. Even if it took a movie to show them the journey of the Beatles & how amazing & talented the Beatle were.
Wake up, you're not the worlds biggest beatles fan, grow up & welcome some newcomers into your "exclusive" club.

STFU! | Reviewer: aprilmay | 2/15/08

OMFG PEOPLE! SERIOUSLY! Get OVER it! So what if people started liking the Beatles AFTER watching Across the Universe!?! It's not a crime to have discovered the Beatles through that movie... and it surely isn't a crime to start liking them after that movie either. At least they're getting even MORE recogintion! And they're being appreciated even more for their ingenius songs! I say that it's better late than never! So why don't you "hardcore Beatle fans" stfu and just LET IT BE! GAH! >.< I'm sick of all the drama this movie has caused... it's retarded. =/ I don't understand why people get so worked up about others just now discovering the Beatles? I mean seriously.... it's stupid... =/

dsfgnsdlfkjglsdkfjlks | Reviewer: shelbi | 2/11/08

im so sick of people saying "oh i never listened to the beatles but after across the universe they are all i listen to". across the universe was an amazzzzing movie but really that is the only reason you listen to them now proving that you really know nothing about them and you only like them because "cool" people were singing the songs. yeah..if you really liked the beatles, you would have appreciated them a long time ago even if they didn't revolutionize music. which they didnt. that whole era did. they just invented a whole new form of rock n roll and became musical icons. and i agree witht he person below me a few spots. this song is funny if you pay attention to the lyrics "i'll get high with a little help from my friends" hahaha priceless

arriba los beatles!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/4/08

I'm from mexicoo and i've listened to them since i was born basically...never got tired of them and loved them more every day!! also adoreed across the universe! cried when it finished, i didn't want it to end haha...<3

Across The Universe | Reviewer: Janielle | 1/29/08

I never really did understand how the Beatles were so good before =/ and yes, I'm only 14, but as soon as I watched Across The Universe, I realized that they basically revolutionized music. I just fell in love with The Beatles after that movie, and now they're the only thing I listen to. They really make sence too, and their music is uplifting when I'm down.

your gay | Reviewer: jargonsnargon | 1/20/08

nirvana and the beatles are both fuckin nasty they both happen to be my favorite bands, just because you dont like one band doesnt give you the right to talk shit about it

Yay | Reviewer: Nathan | 1/7/08

The Beatles have always been the greatest, world changing band.
They have been, are, and will be!
Any living person that says they hate The Beatles, have a favorite Beatles song.
This has to be one of my favorite songs.

the anti nirvana guy | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/11/07

Never knock nirvana. They revolutionized music as creatively if not more than the beatles. The beatles are outstanding, but don't criticize one of the few thirteen year-olds who actually listens to good music. Nirvana isn't classic rock, but just as good.

anti nirvana dude | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/11/07

Never knock nirvana. They revolutionized music as creatively if not more than the beatles. The beatles are outstanding, but don't criticize one of the few thirteen year-olds who actually listens to good music. Nirvana isn't classic rock, but just as good.