while my guitar gently weeps | Reviewer: jennifer | 1/28/14

I also think that this is one of the best songs around the world, is also one of my favored, i love the beatles and Eric Clapton too. Terrific song: deep and at the same time full of sadness, hope and love. Is Brilliant
a big kiss for all the beatles fans.
from Cuba;

Untitled | Reviewer: Silvia | 4/13/13

I feel like this song is saying that we don't now and probably never will know how everything goes wrong in the world, and we definitely don't know how to fix it. SO all we can do is pour out our frustration and sorrow into music, and hope it helps.

My favorite song! <3 | Reviewer: Hai | 2/29/12

I absolutely love this song, since I've been a bigger fan of their later music lately. I listen to this all the time, and it's always playing in my head!

Yeah, go George (and the rest!)!

Actually... | Reviewer: Kate | 2/19/11

Actually, PAF was wrong. John wrote Because, not George. Yoko was playing Beethoven's Midnight Sonata and John asked her to play it backwards, then wrote the song about it. And Eric Clapton also wrote Wonderful Tonight about Pattie Boyd.

LOVE this song so much. George was such a great musician and person. RIP <3

i love the beatles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/25/11

i was born in 2000 and im a beatle finatic. this christmas i got 2 beatles cds and started to run around with joy. the beatles are my favorite band
(rolling stones hold second place) and i love rock n roll. i listened to this song about 20 times today. george was a genius! (paul is number 1)i love the beatles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love it!! | Reviewer: Beatles' lover | 12/5/10

This is the first(or second I'm not to sure) Beatles song I ever heard I made fun of it's name when I heard it but now I LOVE it. It's probably one of the best Beatles' songs around. I love the Beatles' even if I wasn't alive then. Ringo has failed so many times and was about 5 foot 8 inches.

Feel free to E-mail me about any comments or things I've said. or just to E-mail me.
Hope you have a good Day In The Life!

Such A Shame | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/6/10

In my opinion George Harrison was way underated. He wrote some of The Beatles best stuff, but is always classed as being a "filler". It's such a shame really. He was amazingly talented.

George RIP | Reviewer: Madelyn | 9/10/10

One of the most deep and poetic songs I have ever heard. Truly a wonderful thing, music. Especially this. Da*n cancer, taking an angel on earth's life... I will revive you, George, just you wait. The claws of death will release their grip soon enough. Rest peacefully until then, angel of 60's rock. :')

while my guitar gently weeps | Reviewer: ahmet abdulaziz | 8/26/10

a fantastic song that proves that George was just not a filler in the group.
Although the media always remained focused on Paul and John, since they were more involved in things that appealed the media more, but George was a serious fellow who put in his best.
This song is evdience of his excellence and command.
Very fantastic

While My Guitar Gently Weeps | Reviewer: PAF | 7/3/10

Actually it's sort of a mocking song about love and it's cruelness.

The funniest part is that George Harrison and Eric Clapton fought over the same chick and both wrote a few songs about her... IE GH wrote Something, Because and a few other songs, while EC wrote Layla and a few others ones directed at the same chick....She must have been one confused lady. She was never happy with either of them and neither were they!

Ironic also that EC plays lead guitar in this song.

George Harrison played lead guitar on the Cream Song Badge.

the best george harrison song | Reviewer: Travis lee | 4/27/10

this is one of the best songs by george harrison i love this song when i am older i will rewrite it in his name so everyone will remember the george and the beatles forever :)while my guitar gently weeps:) yes forever and ever

Theory | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/20/10

I think its a song about the state of the Beatles during the White Album era. Like "I, Me, Mine" its about John and Paul. Through all the bs, George is still there playing his guts out on the guitar. The guitar is weeping because the band is dying.


eric clapton | Reviewer: dityonaldoo | 2/4/10

I think this is about the life story of George Harrison himself, about his girlfriend who moved into his arms, his best friend Eric Clapton. , so that he bilan dai "i do not know how someone controlled you". a very sad story .....

Abuse | Reviewer: T | 1/23/10

I think this song is to someone who was abused, probably both emotionally and sexually. He wants to love her, but she's at a point where she's still incapable of true love. And he doesn't know what to do beyond singing her a sad song. This song reminds me of a friend of mine whose parents mistreat her.

I could be wrong... | Reviewer: The Walrus | 12/25/09

I agree to a degree (song lyric perhaps?), with those who would suggest that this song reflects Harrison's own trials with love and disappointment. Personally, I feel this is him spilling himself in sheer disappointment of the times and the over-commercialization of the world. The first verse alone is Harrison feeling helpless. With all the things gone wrong in the world, he feels that all he can do to contribute to the positive nature of the world is play his guitar and write songs and hope that it touches someone enough to long for a greater happiness. His reflections on a fast-paced society really makes you think. In that era, and definitely now, we are taught from the get-go to buy, do what's best for ourselves, and do all things fast He simply says that no one taught us to love the other guy in the simplest form. We are never taught to take time to do what's best for society as a whole, just ourselves. It's the truth that no one had the courage to state until George. Brilliant harmonic structure, and the lyrics are unparalleled.