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Performed by The Beatles

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Check the back cover | Reviewer: reasonable | 8/4/11

If you want to know for sure the lyrics as published by the Beatles, they're on the back cover of the Sgt. Pepper's album. Do a search for Sgt. Pepper's back cover images and you'll see the lyrics for all the songs on that record.

TBucks | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/20/11

Now that I have turned 64 today, I cannot get this tune or the lyrics out of my head. I was still in high school when the Beatles came into their own. I pretty much ignored them (and focused my attention on classical music), But after a couple of years, a younger cousin (a real Beatles fanatic) turned me on to their music. I've been stuck ever since!

Reality | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/1/11

Paul DID write this when he was about 16, for his father, who played 40's type music with his band. When 40's music came back into style, Paul revised the original version, so it's a combination of young Paul and old Paul.

Background of the song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/17/11

"I found it to be quite coincidental that his birth father, Alf, lived to be 64 when he passed away. I am neither a Beatle historian nor a great guesser, but you have to admit it's interesting. What say you?"

Actually, Paul wrote the song when he was a mid teenager (15ish)

A sweet, evocative, and wise song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/5/11

This song masterfully depicts a couple growing old together and their appreciation for life's simple and lasting pleasures. The melody is a delight and the lyrics just right. One of the best Beatle songs, in my view...has real staying power and appeals to a wide range of listeners, for the right reasons.

Coincidence | Reviewer: John Holbrook | 10/9/10

I have not been one to chase or hound a celebrity, owing to the fact that his or her private life should be their own, without interference. However, since John Lennon's biographies are on the internet, I found it to be quite coincidental that his birth father, Alf, lived to be 64 when he passed away. I am neither a Beatle historian nor a great guesser, but you have to admit it's interesting. What say you?

Where was 'When I'm 64 Written'? | Reviewer: Dressage | 6/5/10

I own a cottage on the Isle of Wight that I have heard was where Paul wrote the song whilst he was staying on the Island. Does anyone know any more about where the song was written, or if indeed Paul could have been on holiday on the Island around the time the song was written?

Who wrote "When I'm sixty four?" | Reviewer: Mark Simmons | 2/13/10

I love the Beatles and I think "When I'm sixty four" is a suberb song. Genius as Paul MCcartney is, I've always found it hard to believe he wrote this song when he was 16. My theory is that his Dad Jim wrote it in his band days!! It is always said that his 64th birthday inspired it and I wreckon this is a little clue to the fact that he is actually the composer. I wreckon that they (the Beatles) did sing it (Jim's song)on pinao when their amps broke down but that Jim's song was just the verses/chorus minus the middle sections. I beleive that when they were looking for material for "Pepper" Paul suggested this and George Martin liked it but said that it needed a middle bit to break it up. I wreckon that Lennon & McCartney came up with the "You'll be older too & "Every summer we can rent a cottage..." bits to Jim's original song turning it into a true Lennon/McCartney song (John, Paul & Jim!!!) Any comments?

almost 64!! | Reviewer: kathleen | 1/25/10

I have been humming this tune for weeks now, as I approach my 64th B-Day (Groundhog's Day, Feb. 2). All I could remember was "will you still need me, will you still feed me" and I'm proud to say, I can still feed myself, thank you very much, Paul McCartney!!! (easy to tell he was reaaaallly young when he wrote the lyrics) Now that I have the words, I'm heading for the local pub on my day and expect at least one free Guinness for singing 4 verses (1st and last two). Bet I can do it? I'm takin' wagers!
Cheers! Kathleen

Yeah so guess what? | Reviewer: meg. | 1/13/10

So YEAH ACTUALLY Paul DID write this song when he was 16. When they recorded it in the studio tho he asked George Martin to make his voice sound younger than he was at the time. B/c how the song is suppose to sound is as if he was 16. Reffering to when he finally reaches 64.

to J-Rock | Reviewer: Feb.25,43 | 12/30/09

what the hell do you mean? you dont believe anything paul mccartney says? if so, your truly truly fucked up man. paul is the core of the beatles. he wrote way more songs than john but they decided to give them both credit. i seriously dont know what you mean about paul though. explain more?

love it | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/10/09

this song is excellent, i never knew all the words till now, thanks. i dont think the last comment was really written by an 11 year old tho, he/she could spell favourites but not year? :P lol, im in my 20s btw

bottom | Reviewer: J-Rock | 3/20/09

I heard that the chuckle during the last refrain is Paul laughing cause John walked by and mooned him.

I also have hear that Paul wrote this when he was 16, but that's from Paul and who knows if anything he says is true at this point.

Small correction | Reviewer: Fill in the blanks | 6/12/08

The line "You're sincerely wasting away" should be "Yours sincerely, Wasting Away". A common signature in a letter or postcard is "Yours sincerely" followed by the writer's name or pseudonym; in this case they're signing it, "Wasting Away".

"When I'm Sixty-Four" Info | Reviewer: TheBeatlesToday | 5/23/08

"When I'm Sixty-Four" is one of the first love songs by Paul McCartney, written when he was sixteen. The Beatles often used it in the early days as a song they could play when the amplifiers broke down or the electricity went off. Both George Martin and Mark Lewisohn falsely speculated that McCartney may have thought of the song when recording began for Sgt. Pepper in December 1966 because his father turned 64 earlier that year.

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