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Performed by The Beatles

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64th Birthday | Reviewer: John McDowell | 6/6/13

Just woke up on my 64th birthday with the words of this song repeating over and over in my head. When the song was first released in the sixties it was just a catchy little tune to me. I never thought that I'd get to that milestone. Now I am here after having a fantastic life, I look forward to singing the song on my birthday celebrations this week end with my darling wife and closest friends.

64 today, but looking forward to 94 | Reviewer: Thomas Llewellyn | 5/28/13

So many years ago that we never thought that age 64 would come this soon for each of us. YES, I'm that age today, but it doesn't feel that old. "Will you still feed me"; really? Let's look forward to the next song that talks of "When I'm 94." Happy birthday all you 1949 Gemini's.

how is it going to end? | Reviewer: steno | 5/27/13

sorry for my poor english, I'm italian
I remember I listened to that song when I was much younger, 16 or so; and I tried hard to imagine what shall I be like, at 64. Now I'm goin to pass them in next months, and still I am asking myself (with Tom Waits, as big as Paul): how is it going to end?

CAN'T BELIEVE I'M 64! | Reviewer: ELY DEJARESCO | 5/27/13

Time just slipped by, not knowing that when I heard that song, I was just 17, now I can't believer Im 64! I got this bossa version of WHEN I'M 64 by the Beatles, and memories just rolled down like instant reply. My dad owned a small radio station in Tagbilaran Bohol Philipines and this song didnt stick until I turned 64!--March 26 this year. As if the song reminded me, hey,look you're not 18, you're 64! I looked at my wife Marlen and asked : will you still need me,will you will want me when Im 65! Yup,she quipped!

65 tomorrow - it's been a grand year. | Reviewer: Margaret | 5/21/13

I have had this song playing in my head and heart for a whole year. I wanted one last post to honour it before I turn 65 tomorrow, and I found myself here. What fun to read all the comments from everyone. I was very lucky to be in Liverpool in 2002 when Paul's art was at the gallery, and that was the best experience for my daughter and I. Such a talented artist and musician. I posted the 2nd last verse on my status, as my farewell to 64. It has my favourite line: indicate precisely what you mean to say.

soisant quatre | Reviewer: Harlee | 5/12/13

I turned sixty-four in November last year. My husband still needs me and loves me, I feed him wonderful French food and I am a passionate gardener...building stone walls and gardens next to my two waterfalls. Today when I walk outside, I smell the beautiful combined sent of wisteria, lilac, apple blossoms, and hyacinth. I see cherry blossoms covering the land like snow. To quote another song from the era, "Isn't life beautiful? Isn't life gay? Isn't life the perfect thing to pass the time away?

Just turned 64 | Reviewer: Ed | 5/5/13

I remember this song when I was 18, and 64 was an unimaginable age way out in the never never... well I'm not 18 anymore, and here is 64 (4/5). But, how young does our generation seem, our music goes on forever, we are forever cool... I love being alive today...


Happy Birthday Almost 64! | Reviewer: Zardock | 4/25/13

This is one of the greatest songs ever written. It appears so simple and accessible, instant folklore sort of thing. Sprezzatura at its best. Paul is the greatest composer post 1950.

Almost 64! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/23/13

Just a few days shy of my 64th BD and this song comes to mind along with a flood of recollections about the war, demonstrations, women's lib, civil-rights marches & dishonest elected officials, the Missile Crisis, a President & a Civil Rights leader assassinated, a man landed on the Moon AND I recall the lyrics for this music was written by Paul McCartney. Little did I suspect at the time I would reach 64 though not that I had any reason at the time to suspect I would not...other then the crazy war mongering adults speculating when "the big one" would hit along with the air raid drills in elementary school to reinforce its likelihood in my young mind. Going to download the ring tone for my cell phone, use it all day on the 26th, my birthday.

Well I'm only ten..... | Reviewer: Anna :) | 3/30/13

Yeah, so as I said I'm only ten but this is my absolute favourite song. It makes me sad though because my grandparents both died when they were sixty four :(. But still I love this song :D

What a great song for your 64th birthday! | Reviewer: Marty in Big D | 2/18/13

I am sorry I didn't get to see the Beatles live when they were still touring but Cirque's Love in Las Vegas is a great tribute to them. I told my wife this morning that I feel great so maybe 64 isn't so old after all. Of course, it helps to be married to a younger woman (she's 6 years younger than me!). Long live the Beatles and Long live all of us who turn 64 this year!

i am 64 | Reviewer: lizo | 2/6/13

good old Paul and his silly little love songs. So glad he is a hopeless romantic.he even looked for love after Heather and found it again.I am now 64 but my boo is 48 not bad for a child of the sixties.Great time to grow up.Well we are all in good company inthe 64 club

Freshman Year | Reviewer: Rickster | 2/10/13

I so remember this song as my parents were quite a bit older than normal when I was born and my dad was already past 64. I could not imagine being that age. Seemed like an eternity away. Well, not so much. Here I am and blessed to be. And like them working the garden and digging the weeds on occasion. Always say getting old is not for wimps but it is a damn site better than the alternative. Are there any songs about eighty four?

Me, too! Sixty-four as of today. | Reviewer: Susan | 2/2/13

I've been thinking of myself as 64 the past few months, as I do as I approach my next birthday. But last night it just popped into my mind the catchy Beatles tune. I enjoy having come of come of age when such great music was in the air, and love the Beatles' lyrics that celebrate all of life. Happy Birthday!

Music for Our Soul! | Reviewer: Bev | 1/30/13

I turned 64 in December and have had this dancing in my soul ever since.What a great ride we have had and I am so grateful to be given the gift of growing older...! We are a magnificent generation!

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