Great age AND date. | Reviewer: Lolo | 10/16/13

My sweet "boyfriend" turned 64 yesterday and this wonderful song keeps playing in my head. I was honored to go see the Beatles when they appeared in Pittsburgh in 64. 1964, that is!
I was only 13 years old. They have remained very special to me.

Turning 64! | Reviewer: Karen | 9/27/13

One of my husband and my favorite statements that we make regularly is: "Oh, music doesn't have ANY affect on me!" as we are singing a familiar tune from the huge archive! This morning, on arising, I began singing to him, "when I'm 64", and had to get into Itunes to listen again to the lyrics!

Some remember | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/13/13

I'll be 64 tomorrow 7/14 Saw my youngest sister today and she immediately started singing this song sure made me smile!!

Happy Birtday, Massi | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/9/13

My Italian brother in law is 64 tomorrow. He got older,his hair went grey, he got fat because my sister/his wife/has been feeding and spoiling him for 35 years. She means a lot to him.

Too old too soon.....and loving every moment! | Reviewer: Eileen | 6/28/13

I was one of those gals in that Black & White video in 1964 when The Beatles were playing & we were screaming ......& loving it!
And now I'm turning 64 on June 29th, 2013!
How cool, great.....& treasuring every moment!
Will you still need me, will you still feed me....when I'm 64?

64 shortly | Reviewer: john friede | 6/26/13

What a song. Its great to be able to achieve 64. 7/3/49 almost.
The Beatles are the greatest band ever. They ruled from 60's to
late 70's, over a decade. WHO ELSE HAS DONE THIS? They opened pop rock,then went to classical rock,then to mystical, then to metal. They were the leaders of the pack.

When this song first came out I was in college. I've never cared much for popular music and thought The Beatles was just another stupid rock band. Then I heard this song played at a party and it caught my ear. Not only could I hear the lyrics, they were whimsical and clever. That moment (I remember it very clearly) I thought, "Say, those Beatles might actually have have talent!" Listen to the arraignment; it perfectly matches the whimsy of the song.

Well, I turn 64 a week from tomorrow. Now I have to change some of the lyrics referring to myself; Now that I'm older / Lost all my hair / Many years gone by . . .
I'm still hoping someone will still need me and feed me now that I'm sixty-four!

Can it be? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/15/13

That on Wednesday June 19th, i will be 64? I love the song as always but get pangs of sadness as my lover/husband died 2 years ago and isnt here to feed me and love me. We who are the 49ers never thought anything but the idea of growing old and having the door oened and having love waiting for inside. saddens me because........he promised he would be there and love me at 64 and he isnt and no one can take his place.....

CANCER AT 64 :( | Reviewer: Penny | 6/14/13

My best friend of 59 years found out she has stage 4 cancer, of the brain and lung a month before her 64th birthday which was yesterday. This song came to me and yes I will miss her terribly when she is gone I won't know what to do without her. They have given her 6 months or so, but two weeks after she found out she has had 4 sugeries..hard to say if there will be more, only time will tell.
Yes I will still need her and yes I will still feed her at 64.

When I'm 64 | Reviewer: Hilda | 6/7/13

I will be 64 in a couple of days and I am happy to know that my family will still need me and still love me! When I first heard this song 64 was "old" but it's not so old now that I am there.

64th Birthday | Reviewer: John McDowell | 6/6/13

Just woke up on my 64th birthday with the words of this song repeating over and over in my head. When the song was first released in the sixties it was just a catchy little tune to me. I never thought that I'd get to that milestone. Now I am here after having a fantastic life, I look forward to singing the song on my birthday celebrations this week end with my darling wife and closest friends.

64 today, but looking forward to 94 | Reviewer: Thomas Llewellyn | 5/28/13

So many years ago that we never thought that age 64 would come this soon for each of us. YES, I'm that age today, but it doesn't feel that old. "Will you still feed me"; really? Let's look forward to the next song that talks of "When I'm 94." Happy birthday all you 1949 Gemini's.

how is it going to end? | Reviewer: steno | 5/27/13

sorry for my poor english, I'm italian
I remember I listened to that song when I was much younger, 16 or so; and I tried hard to imagine what shall I be like, at 64. Now I'm goin to pass them in next months, and still I am asking myself (with Tom Waits, as big as Paul): how is it going to end?

CAN'T BELIEVE I'M 64! | Reviewer: ELY DEJARESCO | 5/27/13

Time just slipped by, not knowing that when I heard that song, I was just 17, now I can't believer Im 64! I got this bossa version of WHEN I'M 64 by the Beatles, and memories just rolled down like instant reply. My dad owned a small radio station in Tagbilaran Bohol Philipines and this song didnt stick until I turned 64!--March 26 this year. As if the song reminded me, hey,look you're not 18, you're 64! I looked at my wife Marlen and asked : will you still need me,will you will want me when Im 65! Yup,she quipped!

65 tomorrow - it's been a grand year. | Reviewer: Margaret | 5/21/13

I have had this song playing in my head and heart for a whole year. I wanted one last post to honour it before I turn 65 tomorrow, and I found myself here. What fun to read all the comments from everyone. I was very lucky to be in Liverpool in 2002 when Paul's art was at the gallery, and that was the best experience for my daughter and I. Such a talented artist and musician. I posted the 2nd last verse on my status, as my farewell to 64. It has my favourite line: indicate precisely what you mean to say.