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Performed by The Beatles

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64 today and none the worse for wear! | Reviewer: Jurek | 4/4/14

I echo the sentiments of the previous contributors. We grew up in a world where "new ground was being broken" and the music had a major impact on this change. It was also a time of great hope and anticipation that "we can make it better". The reality has been somewhat sobering but the music still brings back memories of a time filled with hope and anticipation that a better future was realizable. Long live the spirit of the Sgt. Peppers generation!

Here I am...64! | Reviewer: Maggie | 4/1/14

Wow...and so great to have this song to celebrate! A milestone and an achievement to have arrived healthy and happy. Lots of life lived and enjoyed. Thank you Paul for this song!

Wow aren't we the lucky ones 64 going on 44 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/3/14

I can't believe I am here...wealthy, healthy and wise at 64 and loving it. So very grateful all the years of hardship, impecunity, long working hours and the driving for my professional job are all over. I survived...that's another song! These are the best years of my life, no one cares about me, so I do not have to care about anyone else, so I do what I want with whom I want and where I want, without any censure, envy nor criticism received nor indeed given....fantastic, thank you god and mammon for my happiness, at last achieved, albeit temporary, until my bubble bursts with the inevitable decline into dependency, however, I will pay for this with a demand for the best, I deserve it! And I do not knit.

its come at last | Reviewer: colin fussell | 2/23/14

yes I made it, 64 today ,I bought this on the album (sgt pepper} and thought at the time what it would be like at 64, it seemed so far away but it has gone in a flash, how could someone so young write lyrics like this ? that's what made them special, I thank god I was brought up with there music

lots of happy memories of pool | Reviewer: Jack Shah | 2/1/14

Was I lucky or wot!! London based co sent me to pool to manage their electronic outlet 52 Lord St happened to be right opposite the entrance to gulley leading to the Cavern Saw most of the arists passing by Also right opposite 52 waqs the offices of Radio Caroline Saw them too and on joining Plessey at X Chang labs met some good people most made me one of theirs good friends and of course on my 64 birthday friends wore red YNWA and the song 64 In May will be 74 so back to Goa to enjoy Fish and Chips and Caju Fenny THNKS POOL THNKS BEATLES

Born and bred in Liverpool | Reviewer: Derrick | 1/24/14

I first heard this when I was 17, growing up in Liverpool. I did wonder what 64 would be like, finally made it today and life is great. Never saw the Beatles, but saw Paul M live several times, including 3 nights at the Liverpool Empire 1976.... What a simply brilliant songwriter.

looking forward to singing this | Reviewer: joyce | 1/3/14

Can't wait to sing this on 1/6/14. Have always loved the cleverness of the song and so happy to be one of those who is making the magical year, especially when I think of so many friends and lovers who didn't make it.

For the missus... | Reviewer: Ikenuma | 1/5/14

My wife will be 64 on 15th January 2014... I came here searching for the lyrics to "When I'm 64" to give to all the people who come to her small "When I'm 64 dinner party" so every one can sing along when I play it...

It was also the first song we played at our Wedding over 30 years ago... it seemed quite relevant at the time.


I turn 64 on 1st Jan 2014.
the song always amused me.
Who could imagine achieving 64 at age 14.
As part of my own home repertoire, Sixty Four is a little song i will play on my birthday.
of course, i will modify the words to suit.

You said you want a revolution | Reviewer: John | 12/12/13

My friend just sent me an email reminding me of this song (We both turned 64 on Dec 09th). The Beatles had a huge influence on my teenage life. They truly were an engine of a social revolution. It felt special to be a teenager in those days! I remember being extremely upset when my namesake (John) was shot, 'never more would the group be 4'. BUT, gotta end on a high note cus they gave me, my friends and my generation hours and hours of magnificent entertainment (sometimes I was even straight). God bless the Beatles! And 64 is such a cool number 2 X 2 X 2 X 2 X 2 = 64, 4 X 4 X 4 = 64, 8 X 8 = 64, 16 x 4 = 64, 32 X 2 = 64, 64 X 1 = 64 (I'll leave the fractions for someone else):)

still the same | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/11/13

friends had this played this as they came out of the church at their wedding. They are now 64 plus and still happily husband and wife. Wow, marriages can last. A song for its time

Rod is 64 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/12/13

We have always loved the Beatles. My husband turned 64 yesterday and I found out today from a young colleague at school where I teach that Paul wrote this, his very first song at age 14! Wow!

Past 64 | Reviewer: Jim Schwindt | 12/17/13

I was in my twenties when Sgt. Peppers came out. At that time, I couldn't foresee my ever living that long. I was living a hard working, hard playing lifestyle at that time.
Now, I've eclipsed 64 by 9 nears and it "great" grandchildren on my knee. ;o)

Never thought it would happen! | Reviewer: Mary Ellen | 12/10/13

Like one of the previous reviewers, I saw the Beatles live in Toronto when I was 14. When this song was popular I thought it would not be possible, never mind desirable to live that long! I just turned 64 last Thursday, funny thing, life....

I'm there! Will you still need me? | Reviewer: John | 12/4/13

December 5. That wonderful song comes true for me. I looked up the lyrics so I could send out an email to my family and friends - and - grandchildren on my knee. Thanks John, Paul George and Ringo. You made those teenage years better than the Isle of Wight.

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