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Performed by The Beatles

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Yes I'm 64 | Reviewer: Jane | 1/21/13

Thought of the song this morning and went looking for the lyrics. I just found this website with all the great comments from this community of other 64 year olds. What a journey we've had!!

A Musical Birthday | Reviewer: Nancy | 1/21/13

I will be sending these lyrics to an old-and-dear friend on his 64th birthday, but first I will send a teaser about his UPCOMING MUSICAL BIRTHDAY--and then laugh about PARTY LIKE YOU'RE 99! (I know that's a misquote, but so are most puns.) I have always rubbed it in that he is older than I am; why stop now?

Now I'm 64! | Reviewer: Charles | 1/18/13

Been singing this song all day yesterday and now it has happened - I am 64. Can't think I am as old as Paul thought we would be when he wrote it - he was still having a ball himself - but I have a geriatric partner which brings it all home to roost ! Still will try to have a happy birthday cpand certainly dont't feel my age.

Who would have thought? | Reviewer: Julie Hicks | 1/9/13

My 64th is approaching at the speed of light! I saw the Beatles at Hammersmith Odean in London in 1963, I was 14 years old, and at that stage sixty four was a life time away; little did I know that it was actually only a hop skip and a jump away.. Written by Paul - to celebrate his father's 64th birthday in 1966 - Paul was my favourite Beatle...
"Will you still be sending me a Valentine, birthday greeting, bottle of wine"
I hope to get all three this year !!!

When I'm Sixty-Four on Sunday 06/JAN/2013 | Reviewer: Dirk D.R. Louwman | 1/2/13

Saturday Night (06/JUN/1964) I enjoyed watching the live performance of The Beatles in "Blokker" The Netherlands. Coming Sunday I'll celebrate my 64th birthday on a wine estate in South Africa.

i will soon be 64 the lovely sweet memories and those yet to come | Reviewer: janice | 12/6/12

the beatles always seemed to know what was right then and into the future. it makes me so sad when i think of the two not here anymore, but glad we still have the other two to grow old with.

The Beatles song when I'm 64 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/4/12

Did you know that The Beatles song When I'm 64 was origlinaly was made slower than you sing it but the soudengerner said "No thats not going to work" so thats why you sing the song so fast. I bet the beatles still sing there song how they wrote it. I was just woundring has anyone ever seen the beatles? Because I have to find out who was the lead singer in when I'm 64 dose anyone now?
If you do pleas send it to me

why did you start the beatles | Reviewer: lucky lucy | 11/2/12

Why did you start the beatles how did you get so famous the song I like best of yours is when I'm 64

I turned 64 | Reviewer: Aaron Shecter | 10/27/12

I turned 64 June 28,2012. Several weeks prior, I was looking for the words for WHEN I'M SIXTY-FOUR and found them. I sang these words continually up to my birthday. I have enjoyed so many of The Beatles songs for all the decades since I first saw the Beatles on The Ed Sullivan Show in 1963. I have a fantastic Beatles poster (2'X4') on my office wall with pictures of 12 albums from 1963 to 1970 and a listing of all the songs therein.
I have always loved The Beatles!

Nostalgia | Reviewer: Candi | 10/19/12

Today I had my 64th. birthday! I've been thinking about this song all day, trying to remember the lyrics. When I first heard them as a teenager I found it hard to relate to the lyrics although I loved the tune and of course the Beatles. I simply could not imagine that I would ever become so ancient. Now I wish that I could have a partner with which to share all the simple pleasures and joys described in the song and that I could be cherished in a similar way. Alas it is not so, but at least I can still enjoy their wonderful music. It really is timeless and both the lyrics and their tunes were completely original and extremely well written. They were geniuses. I will never forget coming home after being sent to Europe to find my giant Beatles poster on the mirror in my bedroom ripped down. I was so outraged at the intrusion into "my" space and at the parent's refusal to understand my love for the Beatles and all that they stood for. In a way, I felt they spoke for me when I could not speak up for myself. All the older generation could see was that the Beatles used drugs and were therefore a bad influence. I feel that they have given humanity a priceless gift with their message of peace, love and optimism for the future. It is now 45 years later but we still need to hear it in this fractured, ugly, war-torn world that we have created since then. Not much has changed.

Here's hoping!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/18/12

I'm sending these lyrics to an old boyfriend whom I haven't seen for 23 years tomorrow when he actually turns 64... Wish me luck that he'll realize I was the only one for him... even after all these years.

Signed, Pegster

64 on June 23, 2012 | Reviewer: Steven Hodge | 6/13/12

I can't imagine where the time has gone. I sing Karoke and sing many of the Beatles songs. I have never sang this song but may give it a try this Friday. I am fond of saying that I am as old as the State of Israel. If you know your history Israel came into existence in June of 1948. I likely will be fishing on my birthday as I will be on vacation that week. Where has the time gone?

I'm 64 today! | Reviewer: Dini Rezen | 5/29/12

Since when I was 14 (in my hometown Bright Mountains, Brazil) I thought it wouldn't be a good thing to be a 64 old man.
But I agree with J.Q.: I, 64, feel like a teenager in my Senior years.
Thank you, fab four!

Fast Forward | Reviewer: J. Q. | 5/21/12

I was 19 when this song came out on vinyl and I'm 64 now. I feel like I was fast forwarded in time to get to this age. I still feel pretty much the same, but I have to say I party a lot less. In fact, I'm over Partying completely.
If you think about it, 64 is like being a teenager in your Senior years.

Real Music | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/8/12

I am 14, and this is what I hope my life will look like in 50 years. But for now, I'm stuck with a generation that thinks that some lady babbling about a bad romance is considered "good music". I've always loved music... And I mean this kind of music, not modern junk.

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