Great Album Track | Reviewer: Ringo Dolenz | 2/7/10

Beatles' album tracks were more than filler and often a lot better than other contemporary artists' singles. This one opens Side 2 of the UK "Rubber Soul" LP, and sound like it may have been recorded around the same time as "Run For Your Life", which closes the album.

The theory that it is based on an early John song makes sense for a number of reasons: firstly, because it is mainly John singing harmonies (whereas Paul sang on "Act Naturally" (on the UK "Help!" LP)); secondly, because it features the line "Tell Me Why", the title of a Lennon song from "A Hard Day's Night"; and, lastly, because, although it sounds like a fairly simple song (ie. no middle eight), it features a clever Lennon-esque play on words - the "but you" of "I used to think of no-one else but you" being the start of another line, namely "but you were just the same."

The production on this is great. The lead guitar is typical Harrison - great but not over the top. All the instruments sound clear and clean. "Rubber Soul" is probably the first Beatles album that had to be heard in stereo to do it justice, although I haven't heard the re-mastered mono albums.

All in all a great sounding track, a fine example of the Beatles at their best.

shaking like a leaf on a tree. | Reviewer: Mariah Workman | 10/7/09

I truley love this song. I love his voice, it always sooths me. It may not be the best in the world, but i love it. I especially like the emotion in this song, it sounds like his voice is truley shakey and sad. I just love it.

What goes on? (goes on!) | Reviewer: Jos 'the poet' Witteman | 5/13/09

It's a typical song meant for Ringo, who has written a few lines for this song. The first song he has (co-)written for The Beatles. Another one is "Don't Pass Me By" .. or "Octopus's Garden". He has a nice voice, not spectacular but just a nice voice to listen to. His last CD "Liverpool 8" is very nice. But so are the ones I made.

Writing Credits | Reviewer: Mike McGrath | 12/11/08

The song was originally written by John Lennon back in the Quaryrmen days. They decided to rework it for the album Rubber Soul, with Paul McCartney writing most of the middle eight and Ringo Starr contributing a few lyrics.

wha??? | Reviewer: lj | 11/28/07

They say that John wrote it mostly. It was written for Ringo. Country music seemed to work well for him. In the US it was on the Capitol LP Yesterday and Today (which came out in 1966). That was one of those albums that Capitol put together with singles and odd album cuts. It first had the butcher cover on it. The later cover was a dud too. The album itself was great, but not very uniform in sound.

What goes on? | Reviewer: Jerry Moore | 3/16/06

One of my favorite Beatle songs. It sounds like Ringo singing but did he also write it?