Prophets | Reviewer: John | 3/7/14

This song just like any other Beatles' songs is inspired from beyond the mind. If you seek truth, google truth contest and read the Present. The Beatles were prophets and now's the time to understand fully the meaning of their songs.

Try to see it my way | Reviewer: DivineHumanBeing | 12/12/13

This song speaks truth, I think the song conveys their idea on living a positive life. Negative thinking has very much so torn apart some of my closest friends, and I know how it feels to think negatively, we all have the potential. It's as if through the song the Beatles are having a conversation(that's how I interpret it), always referring to the second person "you", and Paul always saying "my way". They're giving you fucking wisdom in song form, and it's incredibly clever, I believe.

It's funny, I noticed a lot of different interpretations of this song, and yes it could be about a monogamous relationship. However, you don't only love your spouse. You love your parents, right? They refer to the person in the song as "friend", you can love your friends, depending on the culture, I guess. Basically, the song is advice/information to anyone, anyone willing to believe what I'm saying, lol.

Come on | Reviewer: Michael | 11/18/13

Hallo people

This song is a love song Paul wrote to Johns ex Cynthia, Paul was in love with her but she diden't what then to go on, because of John
This is what Paul is saying about the song..

all lyrics | Reviewer: didin | 11/6/13

what a beautyfull words..i like it very much. Very much hope and positive thinking about life. Make me happy all the time, when i sing or heard this song. thank to u The BEATLES.

Reply Anonymous to "woman" 3/6/13 | Reviewer: 5th Beatle aka Nowhere Man | 8/26/13

This song has nothing to do with male/female relationships or your war against men. From the earliest days two members of the band were written into a 50/50 profit and credit share regardless of who wrote the songs or the music. When one rose to do 80% of both, he began to point out the inequities in the written contract they had been given to sign and wanted it rewritten. Suffice, fame is a fickle thing and when some get it, they won't give any part of it up no matter how right or wrong. An agreement was never reached and the rest is music history. As for women being called birds "over there?" It's not a derrogitory term. Nobody minded "Blackbird" which spoke to four little girls killed at the 16th Street Baptist Church, 3 block north of 3rd Avenue at 16th in Birmigham, Alabama without tocuhing raw nerves by mentioning them more directly. Honey, I don't who kicked your Teddy Bear out of the sack, but you need to pick it back up, dust it off and try to love again.

Think about this, women | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/6/13

I used to like this song, until I really listened to the lyrics. Basically the man is saying that the couple should do it HIS way, that the woman's ideas are just wrong and will lead to breakup. Given this attitude, one can only hope so! This is not the attitude of someone talking to one he loves. Even putting this into the context that women were less respected in the 60's and that we were called "girls" or worse, "birds" (in England), this is a horrible put-down.

Friendships | Reviewer: Just a lad | 9/30/11

I sent this,as a gift, to a friend of my who I was fighting with. She came to me the next day,saying that she over last night, she fell in love with the Beatles. She gave me a hug,and now she is my best friend and Im taking out her to a dance on next sat.
Thank you Beatles. The next gen. are still rocking out.


Yeah! Life is short... | Reviewer: Michel | 9/23/11

I was 20 when I first heard this song. Will be 67 shortly and still enjoy it. That's the magic of these lads called The Beatles. Too bad their reunion was short lived. They should have worked it out.

just a fan | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/3/11

i think this song is absolutly cool! i just passed to 9 grade i'm fourteen and my friends say that the beatles are some weird hoolingans which in response i think: fuck them! t he beatles rocked and changed the world and music!

peace out dudes!

Paul | Reviewer: Sarppa | 5/31/11

I'm so glad that Paul was such an positive person. He had a girlfriend called Jane Asher and she was going to join to Bristol's Old Vic Company Theatre (in the middle of the recording session of Rubber Soul, 1965) so she had to move to West England (from London). Paul took this quite hard and he wrote this song to remind Jane that he was still her boyfriend and she shouldn't forget him and of course not to leave him. So Paul wrote this song "We Can Work It Out" as a reminder to Jane that they could still be together, they would just have to work it out somehow.
John wrote this part: "Life is very short, and there's no time
For fussing and fighting, my friend." saying that this was counterbalace to Paul's optimistic lyrics: "We can work it out".

The Overall Lyrics | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/22/11

This song is such an inspiration, it saddens me to think that this generation thinks that the Beatles overall are just some weird British dudes. If this song's moral were not just a song, but a reality, the world would be a much better place. It would bring such a good mutualism to everyone. Thank you, Beatles.

THE Bridge | Reviewer: hammerwielder | 2/7/11

Surely one of the great bridges of all time. The surprise transition to the relative minor, all the while maintaining the tonic in the harmonic structure, even in the F# suspension, the breakdown to a waltz before the return to the tonic, all the product of Lennon's genius, with help from Harrison. And the best part of all: the all-too-prescient dictum:
"Life is very short, and there's no time
For fussing and fighting, my friend."

it's a physical thing to begin with | Reviewer: don marotta | 12/10/10

I recalled the chorus to this song. It has meaning for me more in terms of physical work and movement before discussion. Discussion is too much of a sit down event. Prolonged the buttock muscle capillaries are pinched, and disturbed conversation can follow. My view is that both metaphorically and specifically "The couple which does cars and dishes together stays together."