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------ performed by The Beatles

AHH auditions and no song... until.... | Reviewer: kim | 4/30/07

I saw this and went oh my gosh i can do that and guess what, i got an amazing part!!! they said the song showed spunk, personality, and originality in a girl!!! by the way, it was a vocal audition, and i dont think i can really sing... so...

LoVeBeAtLeS | Reviewer: loveBeatles | 4/2/07

Hi I'm Italian and I'm not so good in English...but this's that kind of song that makes you jump and jump and jump...I always start to dance...wonderful...
beatles are the best ever...

twist and shout: the song that changed the world | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/19/05

i love the song:Twist and Shout by The Beatles. this song is one of the best songs ever! i love 60s rock!

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