Twist and shout | Reviewer: Mani | 7/22/08

I first heard this when this my friends knew brought a guitar round and twenty of us were sat on the floor singing along. It was totally amazing -just this guy and his voice with a guitar singing and us following along, its just such a feel good song, makes you want to get up and give it a good twist and shake!!

Love This! | Reviewer: T.C. | 6/24/08

This has to be one of my favorite songs on the album, not only for its sound, but also for the fact that this was recorded all in one take! John Lennon had a bad cold all through the recording of Please Please Me, so when it came to do this last song, he only had enough to do one take.

If you listen closely to certain sections of the song, you can hear his voice going slightly hoarse. It's such an amazing recording, it really has become a Beatles original!

Actually... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/6/07

The Isley Brothers were not the original recorders of this song, they were the first cover, from Wiki:
""Twist and Shout" is a song written by Phil Medley and Bert Russell. It was originally recorded by the Topnotes and then covered by Isley Brothers and was later covered by The Beatles,"

Awesomes!!! | Reviewer: PaulLover!=)Lol | 11/14/07

I bloody love the song, the vibe it gives off when sang is AWESOME!!! Its hella kool, should be heard by all.

Cover Song | Reviewer: R&R H of Fame Inductee | 9/23/07

It's not too surprising that only one reviewer even mentioned The Isley Brothers as the originators of "Twist & Shout". I love the Beatles--such originality and freshness will likely never hit the airwaves again in my lifetime. However, it WAS an original song by the Isleys, and covered early on by The Beatles, before they began their historic and prolific songwriting and recording. That same reviewer was very nearly correct to say that it is now a Beatles song, because anything the Beatles recorded became more popular than the original. For example, the very beautiful love song "Til There Was You" was not one of their's. Thanks for reading this and long live R&R---JMS

this song is the best ever... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/19/07

I love this song.
i allways start to dance when I hear this song.
I'm from Poland and I think that it's so bautiful that people on the whole world listen the same music
it's amazing..and I think that this song will be listen for nex 1000 years....

ferris bueller's day off | Reviewer: brianna | 7/22/07

if you've seen ferris bueller's day off then you've heard of this song. IT JUST MAKES YOU WANT TO STAND UP AND DANCE, DANCE, DANCE!!!!!

A Beatles song now . . | Reviewer: Alf | 6/30/07

Actually is was first performed and recorded by the Isley Brothers, but for eternerty it IS now a Beatles song.

It's not Beatles song! | Reviewer: Chriss | 6/17/07

This song was firstly sing not by The beatles but by Little Richard! And now each person thinks, that that's beatles song.
Song is great but it's not great because of the beatles but because of L.R.!!!

ferris bueller's day off | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/20/07

if you guys havent seen ferris bueller's day off they play this song in it and its awesome!!