Living vs. Leaving | Reviewer: Bruce | 8/1/14

I have one correction. The line after "But listen to the colour of your dreams" should start with "It is" not "Is it"

"It is not living, it is not living"

I agree though that it should be "living" not "leaving" which is given in most printed lyrics. You can clearly hear Lennon sing:
"It is not living, it is not living"

Eclectic to the Limit | Reviewer: Alien Skin | 12/29/11

Tomorrow Never Knows is one of the most inventive and unique songs of, not only the Beatles' career, but the 60s as well. From THE most inventive of the post war contemporary music era, it goes without saying, I believe, that this song is right at the apex of creativity. One only has to read the anecdotes as to its actual recording to get some idea of the extent the Beatles went to, to capture the highest point of their own ideas and internal creativity. The Beatles' output, seen as a whole, is the most successfully eclectic of any artist, especially considering their relatively short time together. Wonderful stuff!

Closed eyes, open mind | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/29/10

Given the common message, the instrumentals and lyrics of "Tomorrow Never Knows" and "Within you/Without you" are beyond awsome. It was the most genius combination for the "Love" album. They are two awsome neutral elements in the epic war between existentialism and transcendentalism. This war is conflict of soul, as opposed to logos vs pathos, which is only a battle of mind. These 2 songs help you view the conflict calmly. "Revolution 9", on the other hand, only intensifies it

You won't remember yesterday. | Reviewer: robert | 4/29/10

the trip he had writing this song is the trip everyone should have. its scary, everything you knew now seems to be a lie, it opens your eyes to the truth about life. but you have to be able to understand what you're seeing. i know exactly what lennon was seeing.

Denitely underground and alternative | Reviewer: andrea | 3/16/10

John Lennon was such a GENIUS!!!
No one else could be write this tune in 1966.
The Beatles were at the same time the most popular and the most alternative band of the period. Not The VU not The Floyd or The Doors could be so cool and underground as The Beatles.

Drug trip theme | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/7/07

Written about and during an LSD trip by Lennon... see the wikipedia article. Expertly remade on Phil Collins' 1981 album "Face Value"... great song and dreamy quality.

the essence of the was is the me of tomorrow | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/23/07

inspiring... a song very few know but one of the best rare beatles song and perfectly up-to-date. every time i make someone listen to it they open their mouths wide and say: it can't be the beatles!

but their voices leave any doubt out.

beatles did so much music and so different that you can expect anything from them and that's what makes them so special and makes me love them so much: the fact that they can still surprise me!!!