Robert Meredith Willson | Reviewer: Alec | 11/10/14

The composer of this song was Robert Meredith Willson, he white this and another ones for his Broadway musical 'the music man'in the '50, later it was greatly covered by The Beatles. Great song.

Omg i luv this song! | Reviewer: Not your problem! | 5/22/12

well my mom who was alive when all the beatles were alive told me about the beatles and she put some of their songs on my ipod and i found till their was you and i just listened tto it till mah battery died ! i memorized all the words and i luv it

Sweet and lovely | Reviewer: JOHN G | 9/4/11

I have listened to this song for years and just love the Beatle's cover. Paul sings it beautifully and George's Guitar solo is spot on.
I am in the process of translating numerous classic 60's and 70's songs to Ukulele (sounds odd yes, but if you play the Uke you'll understand) and this is one of my selections.

NOPE! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/29/07

I love this song to but it was first written for a musical called music man! and then the beatles made a cover for it.

I LOVE THIS SONG!! | Reviewer: mhicko | 2/11/07

this is our theme song of my baby