Reveals Lennons Spirituality | Reviewer: Kerry | 4/5/13

Without a doubt, this song shows Lennon's heightened spirituality. He is absolutely making references to the Bible and to what he has come to learn as the Truth. Love is truth. Love is all there is.

Missing Something | Reviewer: Truth | 3/10/13

Without a foundation for love, a reason for love to grow, it's such an empty, undefined word all by itself. Just a feeling that comes and goes.
It's sad that JL didn't find the Person who IS Love.

The word is love | Reviewer: nanci blu | 3/29/12

My take on this is that this is right around where John first started to do his love thing, i.e. change his life, and that 'in the beginning' wasn't necessarily the bible, but what was happening in his life when he was younger. He repeats or develops this theme in "Getting Better" regarding school, the idea being that back then, his life was problematic and without purpose. When he gets the word, i.e. love, and that's it's not about Hesus but about the word is when the troubles start with John with Paul and his 'silly little love songs.'Baby You're a Rich Man is another example of John's evolution as a love prosletyzer and his realization of what was going on with him philosophically.

THE WORD | Reviewer: Ethan Hill | 12/10/08

I see why some thought John was Jesus; if one has ever read the King James Bible, you see where John, whom I assumed did most of the work on this tune, got the language and spirit. "In the beginning" is a great tip that he studied the Bible before the lyrics were penned.
John Chapman, burn in hell.

IT'S THE WORD | Reviewer: THAN VAN CHINH | 4/27/07

I search an other word song but I catch this accidentally. However, It's a wonderful lyrics. I'm attracted, then I decide to look for melody of the song.

I think this is the song | Reviewer: Grace | 2/9/07

Hello Grace :
Karen Urcuyo is writting you, I think maybe this is the lyric that are you looking for.

Good Luck and Lend me Know if it is another song ok. /