Andrew Jacobs is right. | Reviewer: SuperSchwy | 5/22/13

I'm really obsess with this song. I keep hitting repeat over and over again. But I wanna say something, ¿why are you talking about other artist, if this is about The Beatles? And if you say shit about other artists, try to win their awards, or make hits that sounds on the radio like this young artists are doing right now. Yeah, I bet you will ¿Right? If you don't like them, don't waste your stupid time talking about them. For last but not least, kids of this generation can appreciate Beatles too,like me, they just need someone to show them this wonderful music. The Beatles will be always the best artists in the history of rock!

the beatles | Reviewer: XD SHEEPY | 2/11/12

im only 12 and i love the beatles as a drummer i have learnt to play some of the songs and i just hate it when people come op to you and say oh the beatles arw old john lennon deserved to die its just all. wrong they had a major change on the worlds peace and love so i think people should like the beatles and listen to some proper brit pop/rock songs. peace and love baby. R.I.P jonh lennon and goerge harrison.

Crazy Beatles Fan is an idiot | Reviewer: Andrew Jacobs | 1/23/12

I love this song, and I love the Beatles. I love them more than any other band. But what I HATE, is people who don't love. Who the heck cares if other people like Justin Bieber? If you care for John Lennon, then listen to Imagine. There is a decent bit in that song about peace and love. Perhaps you should put both of them into your life. By the way, Justin Bieber is smoking awesome. His songs are, like the Beatles, mainly about love. What annoys me is idiot fans who, like you, hate anyone who is not obsessed with him. Bottom line: learn to accept different opinions, because if I were the Beatles, you would be no fan of mine.

Love | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/21/11

Age has nothing to do with loving the Beatles. It's an appreciation of real music, and an understanding of the importance these four cads from the pool had on the history of the world. The people who leave such hateful comments about new artist like Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga are completely losing the message that the boys had sent to us all those years ago. The message of love. All you need is love, so accept all and don't hate. It's not the same as the Beatles. they will never be like the Beatles, but it's their hard work that they put out, just like the Fabs did. So stop spreading the hate, and begin spreading the love. LOVE IS LOUDER! <3<3

Crazy Beatles Fan | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/11/11

I'm 13 and am OBSESSED with The Beatles. NOBODY and I repeat NOBODY could come even come close to being HALF as good as them EVER. This song is AMAZING. And as a young guitarist, I, myself would like to learn this song as well as all of their other songs. I mean nobody could compare to them. If musicians like Justin Beiber (if thats what people call him, I call him trash) and others think that The Fab Four are yesterday's news, they're living in la la land. This year, The Beatles made a MAJOR comeback thanks to iTunes and crazed Beatles fans, such as I. I love the people that post comments on Youtube for Beeatles videos like, "I click on 4 diff Beatles videos
every fucking one of them has a JB as a top comment.
fuck you guys for even typing his name in the same video"
lol. and,
"my friend said that justin bieber is as famous and popular as the beatles were... a complete lie, not even."
one of my fav comments,
"You say Lady GaGa I say ya mum

You say Hannah Montana I say Miley Cyrus

You say Camp Rock I say Gay

You say Jonas Brothers I say GayS

You say Justin Bieber I say Gay boy"

Recap: all you mother f****** out there who like ANYONE over the Beatles can rot in hell. Peace and Love, peace and love. :-)

fuck a duck | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/29/11

This song is actually quite underrated for the Beatles. It is also unrealistically catchy. paul nailed the lyrics and vocals once again, something he was born to do, George and John were excellent harmonizers in the song, and of course the music is quick and cool. the Beatles deserve everything they've earned. They are the best ever in the history of popular music and really they are just like Jesus. There will be NO second coming!!!

A Hard Day's Night Before Christmas (TWSS) | Reviewer: anonymous | 12/31/09

People will try to be better than the Fab Four, but they will never succeed. Kids today will really never understand what a big influence The Beatles had on the world. They'll complain about the bad audio or the bad hair style. But do they know of any other band where everybody sings at least once on an album including the drummer, The Night Before is one of those songs that really caught my attention. I can not resist listening to it.

A Midsummer Night's Dream | Reviewer: A. X. VanHevanhaussen | 8/3/09

this is somewhat of a strange thing to be noticing, but...

for anyone who has read shakespeare's 'a midsummer night's dream' might remember helena and demetrius...

this is their song, through and through.

hang on... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/19/09

Listen, right, I'm 15 and I absolutely LOVE the Beatles. However, I'm also in to newer rock bands and I DON'T think they all sound the same. In fact they all have their own style. Listen to MCR and then listen to Good Charlotte. They sound different.

One of their best | Reviewer: mery | 11/3/08

Yeah, Help! is one of the best albums the Beatles have ever made. The rythm and the lyrics were awesome. But then, most of the bands of the 60's and 70's were recording great songs. It's just so depressing to listen to young rockers. Don't you feel like they all sound pretty much the same? I do! There's this episode from the Simpsons where Homer is totally despised by their kids for being uncool, and he says something like 'why do these new bands even bother to play music? Everybody knows rock&roll reached its peak in the 70's!' And you know what? He was right!

Beatles at their peak | Reviewer: Bill Graves | 4/11/07

IMHO, that period from late 64 through 65 was the Beatles at their best as a band. Their harmonies were unstoppable. The album Help! was amazing, and is my second favorite (Let it Be, #1). They followed that with Rubber Soul, which was smooth personified. After that came Revolver, Sgt. Peppers, etc. The music on these was great, but they began to be less of a band and more as artists, and more individualized, especially after the death of Brian. The Night Before is a great example of great lead, great harmonies, perfectly matching music, and flowing lyrics. Man, I gotta see that movie again!!