the long and winding roud | Reviewer: raffaele | 10/10/13

to me since the first time i heard this masterpiece soon it remind me the end of the beatle even if back then i did not knowledge english.but now that i can speak english i still think is like the end of something unmatchble and it give to this song something more than a ballads it is the ballads of the split.

:') | Reviewer: elfirafauziah | 3/16/13

I listened this song when I was 6 and I instantly loved this song and more the beatles's songs. my parents wondered how could I love the beatles when other children mostly didn't really love the beatles and I couldn't even understand the lyrics bc. I was not born as an english native speaker. now I'm already 17 and still madly in love with the beatles's songs. and this is kinda my fave one:)

Great Songs 101 | Reviewer: Lola Stevenson | 9/14/12

Love this song so much. I got a solo part in chorus and i get to sing this song. The emotonial value in this is incredible. I just hope i don't screw up when i sing this. That would frickin suck.

will never forget this song | Reviewer: judy | 4/15/12

This was my late uncle Danny-boy's Philander favorite song, we played the song in church yesterday as we laid him to rest, the song is still playing in my head, I just had to read the lyrics.. Classic song

Violins or simple guitar | Reviewer: Rob | 3/2/12

This song was part of the Let It Be album and the film based on their studio work. Paul originally did it solo on guitar. Then Phil doctored it up with a 'wall of sound' (violins etc). Paul did not appreciate that, even though, in my opinion, it is good with the extra sound. I have often wondered whether his solo work would have been as good as what we have heard. Will we ever know? Did he ever do it again on any of his many subsequent albums? Perhaps a Macca fanatic could answer that.

The Long and Winding Road | Reviewer: Pedrito Quiamjot | 6/23/11

I did not memorize well the lyrics but I remember this song as I hum this nightly to put my son Mico to sleep as a child. Today, Mico is 21 years old and serves in the US Navy as a CS for a battleship.

Today, I still sing and hum the rest of the lyrics, every time I remember and missed my son.

McCartney's best? | Reviewer: Starsky | 6/9/11

This has got to be the best song written by Paul McCartney in my opinion. I know others will argue that "Yesterday" is his finest, but this one really is a classic. Everytime I hear this song it touches a nerve unlike any other song on the radio. You can almost feel the pain in his voice as he sings these beautiful lyrics.

The True Meaning? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/18/11

Some say that this song was wrote by Lennon speaking of a car crash of McCartney's that he felt responsible for in which McCartney died and he wants the night back to correct his mistakes.. I just feel a deep remorse when hearing this song..almost a regret. Could this be the real song behind this masterpiece?

unexplainable | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/27/11

When my youngest, who is now 26, was a baby, I sang this to him every feeding, every time we sat together, when I rocked him to sleep, for years. This song always made me feel a great love. My son, among other things, is a musician, and when he does any solo singing, he sings this for me. How can anyone truly explain what goes on in our heart and soul when we hear this beautiful melody and equally beautiful words.

End of the Beatles | Reviewer: Daniel | 12/18/10

For me, this song always resonates as the end of the Beatles. It was their last single. McCartney cited Spector's redubbing work and Lennon's bass sabotage of the song as reasons for the breakup of the band. I find the ending very sad, where Paul does the classic "Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!" that was the trademark on the early 60's Beatles, but in a sad lifeless way. Always gives me chills.

Long and Winding Road | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/6/10

This is, HANDS DOWN, the most beautiful song I've had the pleasure of listening to. As a child, when I first heard this song, I went out and bought the record. They don't make them like this anymore.

Long and Winding Road | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/28/10

My husband bought me this single record some 36 years ago. Everytime I listen to it, it feels like the first time. Many memories were not great but I enjoy reliving the times we had.
A hopeless romantic.
Angie P.

Don and Marys song | Reviewer: maria | 7/7/10

i am busy writing a piece for my late husband
as he passed away three years ago. this was our song we were married for 30 years and our road was
long and winding. we bought a karaoke machine and
entertained a lot of friends and this was our duet
we made sure everyone always listened when we sang it. most beautiful song ever.I am in tears as i write now and just think of the wonderful memories it brings back.

The long and winding road | Reviewer: Lipika | 4/29/10

What really moves me,is that how easily we all are able to connect with the feelings the song provides us's like when you're listening to it,you arent just's as if someone just asked you how you feel and then wrote the song. It can be connected to in many ways like finding love,or letting go,or even trying to hard but just reaching nowhere.

soul searching song | Reviewer: Thembi | 4/28/10

iam a south african and the first time i heared the song was in cape town university at night and it touched me. the minute i heared it my soul got connected, it was as if i knew al the answers to life. the rhythm and the words both speak a cosmic language to my soul. i love this song.