French Version Available Upon Request | Reviewer: Perle | 2/5/2008

Hello everybody - I saw this incredible, well translated French version of Hippy Hippy Shake - it was performed by the Baronets, a Quebecois group of the 60s - Big fan of the Beatles.

Anyone interested?

Not a Beatles song!! | Reviewer: Matthew McDonnell | 10/4/2007

"The Hippy Hippy Shake" is not a Beatles song, it was originally written and recorded by Chan Romero in 1959. It was famously covered by the Swinging Blue Jeans, but never by the Beatles.

Please settle an argument | Reviewer: Kathy Mason | 7/2/2007

Thanks - you could help settle an argument for me. A friend claims the lyrics for the Beatles' version are different than those of the Swinging Blue Jeans. I say they're the same.
Thank you...