CLUES to A RECLUSE? | Reviewer: Si-Q | 9/8/11

Does Paul mean:
'Don't judge the recluse UNTIL YOU'VE TALKED TO HIM/HER' - esp. when we live in a BRAIN-BASHED-ZOMBIE-INDOCTRINATED TV-FED WORLD? OK, maybe the second sentence is IMPLIED by other Beatly-beats..?

Ministry of PrivateSi

Foolish ... | Reviewer: Patrick | 7/3/11

It is funny what each person gleans from song lyrics this song especially, but most songs mean something different for each listener.

However Paul has stated that The Fool on the Hill was inspired by his Ole English Sheep Dog "Margret" and I can only assume the breeds goofy unrestrained personality had something to do with it and maybe some blotter on that hill too.

I dont hate school i hate stupid people | Reviewer: another beatles fan | 5/24/11

I dont do very well at school but i know a bit more of energys, self undertanding and art. i have 5 classmates that make stupid things for example: fight, write on walls (really stupid things) and throw w.c water to people and because I dont do those things they tell me that I'am idiot or boring. They have better grades in math and I tell em maths doesnt matter me, so they tell me fool. They are the fools they cant see that self understanding is more important in life and also is being a better human.

be an individual | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/5/11

"Nobody likes" the "fool" because he is content not caring about and therefore not confined to the beliefs of other people around him. This one would rather sit and stare. Ignorance can be bliss, but so can enlightenment. They can be one and the same when thought of in terms of your own perception. Regardless of the "fools" motives and intelligence, his separation from everyone else breeds hate due to other peoples self-consciousness. If you think only in way the mass of people around you think, then you will never understand individuality. Can you be as much of a "fool" as this man? chord progression/melody is amazing as per usual from the beatles...

to Lewis | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/2/11

Hey Lewis, just saw your post about your essay on "journeys". Hope it's not too late to get you some info on this song. From the bits I can share with you, at some point Paul McCartney became very fascinated with the occult and Sacred Majick. This song consequently is referring to the man that is willing to journey into his mind. Something that society portrays as an act of lunacy, but in the esoteric mechanics of mankind is key to true Illumination and through this discipline one can attain the highest of consciousness aka the Christ Consciousness. ;) hope this helps fill a couple hundred pages for you! :) If all else fails, spend a few pages exploring the irony of man's desire to adventure outward, being a distraction from our fear to truly look inward ;) within or without so to speak!

Hey guys | Reviewer: Lewis | 3/24/11

Hi I've chosen to study this song for an english assigment about "journeys". It sounds real cool aye ;) but i need some background inforamtion about this song or any info about it really just so i can include it as my source. (basically im stuggling for words, I know its really sad) Its an 800 word essay about the topic of jorneys and any help would be appriciated.

Explanation | Reviewer: G | 2/28/11

The Magical Mystery Tour album was done with great influence of the Maharishi and eastern religion experiences that eh Beatles tried. The Fool on the Hill was areference to the maharishi and the comments made about him. Called a fool but he managed to see the world for what it was without the superficial "head in the clouds" attitude that those who "understood life and was in control" displayed at that time. Hmmm, maybe there are still some who know it all in existence who wold be better off by being "the fool on the hill".

Re: You are all Wrong | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/27/11

However anyone wants to interpret the song is not necessarily wrong. It may not be what the author intended it to be, but others might see deeper meanings, and that's the fun of it. Everyone sees things differently :)

You Are All Wrong | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/25/11

I love how you all try to interpret this song. Do you realize that the Beatles (especially John) were known to put random lyrics in their songs to throw people like you guys off... Most of the Magical Mystery Tour album was written on a series of acid trips.

the fool | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/29/11

the fool is not a person. the fool is arrogance. the fool is ignorance. the fool segregates himself by thinking himself wise and everyone else blind. THE FOOL IS A FOOL BECAUSE HE BELIEVES HE SEES FOOLISHNESS IN EVERYONE BUT HIMSELF. Just as "everyone else" is a fool for thinking "the fool" a fool. Basically, we're all fools, unless you don't believe anyone else in the world is a fool. I said fool so much, it doesn't sound like a word anymore.

Watch Dinner with the Schmucks | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/9/10

Fellows, this wonderful song used as part of the introductory of the new movie "dinner with the schmucks", amazing movie makes new relations with lyrics of this song with a new fairy tale !

watch it, won't regret it.

I love The Beatles !! | Reviewer: Cassie | 11/22/10

The Beatles never get old to me, I'm pretty much obsessed with this old band. If I could choose a year to go back in I would go to the year these guys were big ( I'm not sure what year it was like is it 60's / 70's ?? ) Anyway, I had to sing this with my class at a Christmas play at our school, we was learning about the 60's and 70's and we based it all around The Beatles, I can remember we had a big cardboard cut out off the Yellow Submarine and crazy things like that :D

Dylan the fool? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/4/10

This may be totally wrong and dumb but for some reason the idea of the "fool" in this song being Bob Dylan came to me and I was wondering if anyone else had considered this? I mean, Dylan and the Beatles were all friends, and were big around the same time, and were definitely influenced by each other. Some of the lyrics that seem to indicate Dylan to me are the whole "man of a thousand voices" thing (Dylan is known for having used many different styles of singing) and the "eyes in his head see the world spinning round" thing. ( Dylan was seen as many as being up to date on how the world was moving at the time). Tell me what you guys think!

question | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/21/10

can ummm anyone help me on this i really want to know this song but i dont know the title i know its a song from the beatles and here is some of the lyrics.."when she looked at me i noticed her. but differently this time. not like any other time cause when i saw that glistening face i fell." i wanna know whats it call please help!

You Fools | Reviewer: Paulo | 4/24/10

stop all that silly questioning about this song.
Paul has long put an end to this telling out loud
that those lyrics are about himself and his fellows Beatles. The irony and the sadness of being an icon to the world treated as something above the human kind and still knowing that he had to shit and fart just like every "joe" do, and that shit was stink and bad as everyone's.