The fool | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/30/07

This reminds me of a study I read on Psalm 14's opening line: "The fool hath said in his heart, "there is no God."" The key word is "fool": It has lost it's impact in this day and age, but it used to be the worst insult you could hurl at someone without resorting to expletives. Behind it is the Hebrew word "Lbn", which transliterates to "nabal", and that in turn comes from the proper name Nabal. Nabal was scornful of David's emissaries and later died of dread when he realized he was doomed to death at David's hand for his actions. His name became a byword for a morally deficient person who is incapable of perceiving the spiritual dimension in life. This may also relate to the idea of a city on a hill. The spiritual often believe their city is atop everything else. Therefore, whoever the fool is believes that he is in this fine city above everything else, however the sun is going down, the world keeps turning, and no one is listening to his pontification's from atop the hill.

The fool is a real person | Reviewer: Todd | 9/1/07

The "fool on the hill" is Maharishi Mahesh Yogi according to Paul and since he wrote the song I'll believe him.

The Fool on the Hill | Reviewer: Natalie | 8/12/07

OK its about idiot savants. Its a great song and Paul wrote it about savants because people think they're stupid but they're really talented at something, like music or memorization. Thats what its about and its written down as so in the book A Hard Days Write. Its truely a lovely song, one of my favorites.

What I took from this song | Reviewer: Laura | 8/7/07

I don't really know why but the first time I heard this song (only a few years ago) it made me think of Bush, but seeing the lyrics written down, I'm not so sure anymore.

not made for TV | Reviewer: nick | 8/2/07

That's right, Witek.
The fool is the artist who is out on a mountaintop, or a sailboat, or a smoke-break, and sees the sun going down, while everyone else is inside watching TV.

Wot I Fink | Reviewer: Witek | 7/19/07

I like to think it's about people who think outside the box. Non-conformers. People who know the truth but are dismissed as fools because their beliefs go against the consensus train of thought. Of course it could just be about a psychopathic misanthropist on a hill who doesn't want to join in the fun.
Open to interpretation I guess.

Galileo Galilei | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/21/07

the song has allusions for Galileo Galilei, the scientist who did no of experiments on leaning tower of piza, and also said that earth is round and all....

he is not a fool | Reviewer: Cinthia | 6/11/07

I think The Fool on the Hill is about a man who everybody thinks is fool or wrong, but he knows he isn't. "He never listens to them, he knows that they're the fool"

i <333333333 the beatles! | Reviewer: LIV | 4/22/07

the beatles r my heros!!!!!!!!!!! all of their songs are absolutly phenomonal!

Aanu | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/3/07

Another great Beatles lyrics... They are the best..

Fool on the hill | Reviewer: mark | 1/16/06

A beautifully observed poignant song about a stranger on a hill. It was one of the highlights of their magical mystery album. Well worth a listen