whoa | Reviewer: Andy B. | 5/20/14

This album makes me say whoa when I listen to it...like I literally say whoa out loud like, maybe 16 or 17 times while listening to this album...I heard they are having a reunion concert in the summer of 2015, I'm going to buy my tickets in June and camp in front of the stadium for a week before the concert and blare this album the whole time

Two | Reviewer: Andy Douglas | 5/4/13

Love the album "One". I grew up with the Beatles and remember all of these great songs. I would like to see an album called "Two" which would be the flip side of all the #1 songs such as "She's a Woman", "Rain", "Inner Light" and all the rest. That would be a cool album and I would buy it.

the beatles are cool | Reviewer: N martinez alba | 9/21/09

the beatles are the coolest band I ever heard there are the ones who made up the first rock ane roll there the most amazing bond I ever heard I dont know why they broke up I starded crying when thy brok up