we can do it! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/5/09

this song is totally amazing,i've never heard this song before today, im so glad to hear it.
but i was wondering how could john lennon make this kind of songs, im really impress, cause the inside of every jonh lennon song has some sent and is a particular sent, every lyrics has a message, ahaha... maybe in some cases has like a secret messages.
i dont know i hope in the future we can change the world and stop the stupid war and...well you know stop the strawberry fields, i thing that strawberry fields means a bloody war, at least for me that is the meaning.

John & Life | Reviewer: Greg Henderson | 10/19/09

I fail to see how these lyrics are about the Vietnam War. It seems to me to be Lennon's personal thoughts at the time. He's even said as much. It's an examination of himself, and life as he sees it. No one is "in his tree" - the isolation of knowing that he's exceptional. "It must be high or low" meaning he's either extraordinarily insightful or insane ... the whole song can be interpreted quite easily this way. John, the existentialist, thinking about the illusion of life, the bardo of becoming, the God question, confusion, his relaxed apathy about it all ... The chorus is essentially saying "Let me show you into my world." Beautifully written lyrics really.

my humble opinion | Reviewer: domi | 10/14/09

In my opinion Strawberry Fields is a nice song, that its wonderful to listen to when you are looking for a relaxing atmosphere or when you feel that you need a place where you can find peace and quiet and be comfotable with yourself no matter whats going on outside..

heard Strawberry Fields today ... | Reviewer: Jay | 10/14/09

I heard this song on the radio today and I got thinking about it's meaning. I agree with yaronadar@gmail.com Vietnam interpretation. Yes Strawberry Fields was a Salvation Army orphanage where Lennon visited as a child, but I believe that there is much more to the song, it hits us somewhere deep down. Lennon was without a doubt an artistic genius and was the kind of man who expressed very complex social & moral issues in his music - in Strawberry Fields he is making a declaration against the war in Vietnam - it is like a calling or a notice to his generation.
Remember that during this time there was no internet and fast free flow of ideas, it was a generation that spoke very much through music. And Lennon cared about humanity and what was happening in the world at the time. He is telling us that he is aware of the struggle within us and that he is ready to make a choice are you ready to make yours? We sense the horror and the humanity in the song because it takes a perfect emotional snapshot if you will of that timeframe- so therefore we get a sense of the fears and the disillusionment, the confusion and the inner struggles of that period in history that Lennon was very much in touch with. It's a brilliant song - I believe the most powerful anti-war song ever. I think it's a little sad when people say " oh just enjoy it it's a song" - that's how the importance and meanings of these works gets lost or corrupted, i think these types of discussions are very relevant.

Interpretation | Reviewer: Patty | 9/30/09

Someone once told me that this song was one John wrote about fake people that hung around him or the band. These people would really annoy him and get him down, so he wrote this song as a kind of chill out for himself. Strawberry fields were a place where no one could touch him or get him down and 'nothing to get hung about'. I like this interpretation, but it is only that, an interpretation. Its good to see everyone discussing how they interpret it without getting nasty. Peace

"One, Two, Three, Four, Five." | Reviewer: lera | 9/19/09

"Is it only me (because of my ballin' ass headphones), but does anyone else hear them say "One, Two, Three, Four, Five." At around 2 minutes before they do the pull off? I mean it's pretty clear to me but I'm wondering if anyone else ever hears it. I think it's amazing. :)"

That is George Martin conducting the orchestra and counting off the time.

I don't get it. | Reviewer: Daybreak | 9/18/09

Why can't we all live in peace and harmony? Why can't we just enjoy their music, and not worry about the meaning? Just relax, listen to their music, and just live. Wouldn't it be nice to have a time where you could just listen to the music and enjoy it, not worry about the meaning?

lov this song. | Reviewer: Tara | 9/13/09

Strawberry fields refers to the hits of acid people used to put on strawberries. I mean, sure you can innterpert it as them singing about the viatem war but if you think as the song of the beatles singing about taking hits of acid because they wanted to escape reality BECAUSE of th viatem war it makes much more sense.

Strawberry Fields | Reviewer: kg | 9/10/09

Strawberry Fields is an Orphanage that John used to pass by and play with other boys at when visiting his Aunts house... My mother used to walk past this orphanage on her way to school growing up
any other connection you take from the song is your own imagination =p

you guys are rrrreally over thinking this one | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/7/09

strawberry fields, is an orphanage next to John's aunts house, its not about deaths in the Vietnam war I mean wtf you guys, "strawberry fields forever" is not a phrase that needs to be analyzed like this, i mean it's almost disrespectful to drag something so simple and genuinely beautiful through all these crazy meanings. Strawberry fields are beautiful where ever you go, so whether you think its a real field, or an airport, or a retirement fucking community the song is about the peace and serenity that a place so beautiful can bring you and when you are stressed out or living gets hard John is saying its nothing to get worked up about, just go somewhere beautiful and you'll figure it out :) love you all!

1,2,3,4,5 | Reviewer: Tim Nagy | 8/22/09

Is it only me (because of my ballin' ass headphones), but does anyone else hear them say "One, Two, Three, Four, Five." At around 2 minutes before they do the pull off? I mean it's pretty clear to me but I'm wondering if anyone else ever hears it. I think it's amazing. :)

Vietnam interpretation | Reviewer: yaronadar@gmail.com | 8/15/09

Written during the Vietnam War, this song smacks of cynicism pointed at the Vietnam War. "Strawberry Fields" allude to the massive death tolls -- the blood-bathed fields supposedly look like strawberry patches (the irony of the phrase adds impact).

The song was recorded in 1966, so most of the song refers to the nightmarish tendencies of the war (nothing is real), the mindless support of the war (living is easy with eyes closed...), and, most of all, the overwhelmed sentiment of war-opposers (No one I think is in my tree; I now when it's a dream; I think I disagree; etc).

Or it could be about Lennon's personal life. Don't know if he ever told anyone. Taken out of historical context, I think it gives a powerful message about society and non-comformity.

Strawberries | Reviewer: Rubber Soul | 8/15/09

You guys are trying to find out what John Lennon waas trying to say right? Well maybe it was something that he wanted to remain a mystery, but i dont know.All i know is its a beautiful song and that life IS easier with eyes closed, i should know, ive had to for awhile.

Meaning and comments | Reviewer: Marissa | 8/13/09

Strawberry fields was actually a small airport outside of Liverpool. Then a childrens home adopted the name. And when John Lennon sings "No one I think is in my tree," the tree he is referring to is his feelings or himself. So whenever I listen to strawberry fields, or any Beatles song, I think of the awful music we have today. I mean the poor education isn't only to blame but the lack of imagination people have. Yes the Beatles did a number of drugs in their time and of which they have wrote some very interesting songs like "Come Together" and "I am the Walrus" but when you really listen to them and study the lyrics, you find the true meanings of every verse, every WORD, drug fueled or not. I mean I am only 14 and I have cried when I listen to some Beatles songs. Don't tell me "Let It Be" or "Hey Jude" aren't moving in some way. See this is what happens when I think about the Beatles. Haha from one song on to four others. =]

Gotta Love the Beatles | Reviewer: Joshua T | 8/2/09

The Beatles are awesome. Just wanted to say that and also the guy who talked about the third eye thingy. Dude i don't have a clue what ur talking about but alright that's cool I'll look into it. I'll just say the Strawberry Field is the name of a children s home near where Lennon lived. He and a bunch of friends used to play there when he was little. Also while writing this song Lennon was using LSD, cannabis, and his marriage was falling. I think this song is about thinking back on his fond memories there. He probably was wishing he could return to being that kid he was then and living carefree. Then he probably realized life really wasn't too bad. Life just carries on and nobody can change what is done. Then he thought to himself all this talk was crazy and it must be a dream, a dream where he'll just lay back and let it carry out. But i don't know... I'm not John Lennon. We can only guess what went on in his mind. Said and done I'll just say lets sit back and enjoy the music.