welcome new fans | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/23/08

Hi, I am 22, I became a fan when I was little because of the influence of my dad, he is 59 and from the original generation. In middle school people called me hippie chick, beatlesfreak in hs, now in college I am known as the Beatles encyclopedia. I saw Paul McCartney in concert when I was 16, and Ringo when I was 18. Anyways I welcome young fans, to develope music taste at 12 is young anyways. Even if you do not have an appreciation as deep as the older generations I would rather see kids wearing Beatle shirts than Hanana Montana or highschool musical.

ha! another fan here! | Reviewer: chris | 3/21/08

the first time I heard the Beatles (consciously) was on my birthday in 1995 (i was born on '87) i remember all my friends at school thought i was crazy or something, but now, all of the sudden, they became fans (i guess because of the musical), now it's "so cool". funny how times change... i liked the musical, but i'd much rather see the same musical, but sung by the beatles instead...

... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/20/08

Okay so liking the beatles and being 14 makes me a poser now? seriously... sorry i wasnt alive "back in the day". You should be excited that new generations are discovering the beatles, and that their songs have survived so long. Its ridiculous to throw a fit over something like that. you need to put your big girl panties on and deal with it.

great song | Reviewer: mira | 3/16/08

i am 15 and i have listened to the Beatles since forever now. my music teacher is in love with them so i got to hear the Beatles a lot. anyway i love this song but i feel in the movie across the universe the actors sing it way better then the Beatles themself. thats about it. peace man!

So good! | Reviewer: Agnete | 3/12/08

I'm 12 years old, and i'm comming from denmark. i'm not so good to speeking english but i hope you can understand! I LOVE the beatles. And Strawberry fields is the best! i'm a big fan of the beatles. i've got all the numbers on my phone.. i hope that you could understand my message... love from the beatles fan

New fans | Reviewer: Nicole | 3/11/08

It does kind of bother me that people who saw a musical based on Beatles songs, not actually sung by The Beatles, suddenly consider themselves Beatles fans. I've been a fan all my life and saw the movie because of it.

BUT if a movie can cause so many newbies to appreciate The Beatles for the innovative musical geniuses they were, power to it.

wow! | Reviewer: ally | 3/6/08

well im 15 and i also just started listening to the beatles when across the universe came out. i listened to a few of their songs before but not too much. they really do change your perspective on music. im starting to get into more of the classic rock. dont get me wrong. i still listen to to some hard core metal and all that great stuff but i love how mellow the beatles's music is!

maybe i am a poser | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/3/08

hey there. my names mitchell from ontario canada and im 17 years old. some of you may think im a poser because i jus started listening to the beatles about 3months ago when atu came out but i have to be completely honest with you, i think the movie and the beatles have change my whole perspective on music. i used to listen to hardcore gangsta rap or songs that were all about b****es and h**s but now i cant stand that stuff. the beatles songs have changed my whole outlook on life theyve told me to look deeper into things b4 start tto accept and like them so if that makes me a poser then w/e at least i got something out of it.

let me take you down | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/28/08

Fantastic song a song that could be great today if it was the first time out,they said the Beatles were finished cos it only got to no.2,what a load of no.2s that statement was.Havnt seen atu yet but I will buy it today sounds great, as is the song"words are flowing out like this in a paper cup".The children of the world today have the right to appreciate and love the music of "Yesterday" give peas a chance I am the egg man.

they were the best! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/24/08

i've been a lifelong Beatlemaniac. Can't tell you how many times I saw A Hard Days Night when it came out.. can't tell you how many times I've seen it since (VHS, DVD). They were the absolute best. If you like the early stuff you must see the band "1964, The Tribute". Check out youtube for vids of the lads performing.

ATU connection | Reviewer: Don | 2/23/08

Okay I've watched it now about 10times, atu that is.
I am absolutely blown away by all the connections, i mean I challenge all of you who arn't long time fans to find them. Again I myself never paid too much attention to the beatles prior, but i honest learnt allot and watched it looking for the connections i've read and studied.

I think that only goes to prove that ATU is going to be a cult classic for new and old beatle fans. I swear though to be honest it's as if for years he's seen this story while listening to their music and made a movie out of what i can only imagine his favorite playlist.

Hehe I also notice the t in the title is stretched if anyone else caught that. No Paul is Dead connections though that i noticed.

dudes calm down and chill... =p | Reviewer: .... | 2/21/08

"Across the Universe " ROCKS so whoever u are DON'T call people posers just cause they sing the songs amazingly good, and anyways THE BEATLES get more fans and oh yeah... nobody CAN'T replace the unique singing style of THE BEATLES nobody its like legend you know...so dont call anyone posers whoever u r cause maybe those "posers" that you call are literally not posers they are maybe fans now and want to know more so chill Dude seriously.

ps: if you haven't seen "Across the Universe" see it, it Rocks and the special effects are sweet and the dude Max is sooooooo cute in the movie mostly in the beginning (compliment by girls who seen the movie).

a fan before and after | Reviewer: Skyi | 2/21/08

I have been a Beatles fan for close to 10 years now, it may not sound like much compared to some of you who have been for like 30 years, but considering I'm only 18, I'd call it decent. I just saw ATU and it only made me love them more. calling people "posers" because they got into the music after ATU is as bad as calling someone a "poser" if they got into it after sgt. peppers or yellow submarine.

actually it does help | Reviewer: tyler... | 2/20/08

yeah i have been listening to the beatles for a while (idk maybe about ayear) and i have always thought they were good.
and seeing across the universe does help get more people into their music and appreciate it more. i know many people who "supposedly" didn't like they beatles but the movie spike their interest and they listened to more.
One of my favorite songs is strawberry fields forever.
now people say that lennon said cranberry sauce but i listen to it again and again and I hear "i buried paul" i find it quite funny but i want to know what you think.

Give The Youngsters A Break | Reviewer: Fab4ever | 2/19/08

This is a great song and the Beatles are a great group no matter how you came to enjoy them. Those of you who call the younger generation "posers" for liking the group or the music because of "Across The Universe" need to seriously chill. I was in the same position a while back. I'm now 48 years old and was only 5 years old when my mom took my brother and I to see "A Hard Day's Night." I instantly became a Beatles bubble gum musin era fan with all the hoopla of Beatlemania and so forth. As the fellas progressed to the psychedelic era and beyond, they of course lost me as I was still a young pup. My musical interests and tastes gravitated elsewhere. In 1979 at age 20 I saw a film called "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" featuring the Bee Gees, Earth, Wind and Fire and Peter Frampton among others. I only went to see the popular groups of that era and although the movie wasn't that good, I was totally blown away by the music so much so that I bought the soundtrack. I knew some of the songs were Beatles songs, but not all of them until I bought the soundtrack album and saw Lennon-McCartney and Harrison credited with writing the songs and it suddenly hit me that all these were Beatles songs. Duh!! Anyway I became a true fan and went back and explored furhter the group, the era, bought all of their albums and later CD's and DVD's. It's been almost 30 years since that revelation and I'm still a true fan. I said all that just to say I became a long-term, rest of my life fan based on an awakening because of a pretty sorry movie. So, these so-called posers may actually end up being long-term fans just as myself when it's all said and done. You might want to cut them a little slack.