cambridgejohnny | Reviewer: cambridgejohnny | 6/12/14

The lyrics from Strawberry Fields Forever come from ramblings that John wrote down while tripping back in 1966. John had read that some people felt he was some kind of musical genius or something, and it was suggested that he might just be able to create lyrics off the top of his head, and that the subsequent confusion amongst fans might be very comical. Also, he'd read about artists like Andy Warhol who might paint a Campbell's Soup can, and call it modern art as a sort of joke, and just see how the public reacted. It was in that spirit during which, for a while in the mid to late sixties that John would take LSD, and jot down thoughts that came into his head. Thus, Strawberry Fields Forever. Anyway, those of us who grew up in the sixties knew a lot of the rock lyrics were kind of silly. We liked the TUNES. We knew they were brilliant. As to the lyrics of this song, they are not really supposed to be taken literally at all. Just join along for the ride: a collage of open thoughts while tripping.

one of his finest. | Reviewer: carl | 7/21/13

We all know the story...Strawberry Field(not fields,John added the s) was a Sally army kid's home near Aunt Mimi's/park etc...
Now imo the song is simply about childhood..“Let me take you down....” John is inviting us down memory lane....the rest of the lyrics are about how John viewed the world as a child/was viewing it from a child's perspective
Also “nothing to get hung about” literally refers to hanging,which was still used in England during Johns childhood and how being a child is well....nothing to get hung is a fantastic song and does contain overtones of Lennons feeling of isolation and his sense of being apart from the world of his finest.

Uniqueness and Depression | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/12/13

OK, I was in my teens when I first heard this song soon after it appeared on the album (yes, back in the '60s), and I connected with John immediately-mysticism aside. John was subject to bouts of depression, deep and black (same as me). As someone who feels misunderstood and apart from other people, the line "No one I think is in my tree" really grabbed me, and still does. You are in this world, yet somehow also don't feel a part of it "nothing is real". You can never quite connect with anyone and the ordinary, everyday world (others are not "tuned in"). Strawberry Fields symbolize eternity. Despite his public persona, John was a true loner, retreating into himself.

Every time I hear this song, it resonates deep within me. RIP John, you are now forever in Strawberry Fields. (BTW, about Strawberry Field-it was an orphanage near Aunt Mimi's house. I think John just found that the name with an added "s" was quite appropriate.)

it is art | Reviewer: kim Dickins | 6/23/13

don't try to be so literal with music like this. it is art, which means it can work on many levels with multiple meanings for a singular thing like Strawberry Fields, nothing to get hungabout, blah blah blah. if you are a stoner, well, everything is about pot, if you are into sex all the time, well then everything is about sex. But thank goodness we have had geniuses like John Lennon and Paul McCartney who transcend all that and create art that takes some effort to find greater meaning. John didn't have to explain himself. Once he wrote a song, it belonged to the world -- each of us makes meaning out of it and it we are putting the effort in, we can find many meanings.

It's Eastern Mysticism | Reviewer: Terry | 2/28/13

While he hadn't yet sat with a guru it feels to me that Lennon had explored Eastern religion, a bit. The belief that people misunderstand their relationship to the world is expressed here as well as the Eastern belief that the world is an illusion and it is best not to get to invested in it "I know when it's a dream" is one of the most powerful abilities a person can have according to Tibetan Buddhists. Finally, Strawberry Fields, is much like the "pure land" concept of those same Tibetan Buddhists. It represents enlightenment and a pure view of the world as it really is. John Lennon merely wanted everyone to be happy, without suffering, and awake to the possibilities of life.

Tune In Turn on Drop Out | Reviewer: Coldnebrnite | 1/31/13

That was the message of Strawberry Fields Forever. It was the precursor of the "Summer of Love" (1967). SFF was supposed to be released as the "A" side of the single (with Penny Lane), but the DJ's didn't buy it (except on the Left Coast around the Bay Area, those people became the original 'editors' of rolling Stoned magazine, a magazine for potheads and psychopaths who have since 'taken over' as the voice of popular music for all time, even though their opinions are still very sophomoric and opinionated and popular, they are just opinions. "Penny Lane" went on to become a #1 song, while SFF stalled at #8 on the charts, which was very generous, as many radio stations stopped playing it after Penny Lane took off.

John Lennon would often say, after being asked the meaning of his songs, which alluded or deluded a lot of people, that "it's just words" or some other rubbish, which is exactly what it might be, at first glance. That is, when you look at the lyrics of SFF at face value, they appear confused. But when you extract a lot of the extraneous verbiage, it's deeply involved with John looking within and without the cosmos of self. After the death of Brian Epstein, John lost a mentor. Paul was not affected in the same way, as his writing became somewhat more prolific for a while and he decided that he would "take over" the Beatles. But John went totally introspective. Strawberry Fields was a place to gather his thoughts. He wished he could be there "forever," but he knew he couldn't. So he took this mind journey (possibly on LSD, but not necessarily) which helped to sort his mind. The result was this complex lyric and melody that was certainly not set to 4/4, as many of the early Beatles songs were written. He stretched reality out to the extents of the universe (shortly before writing "Across the Universe", which might be a better thought out version of SFF) and letting the finished product be something of a blending of eastern (Indian) and western (Rock) with a little influence of one Jimi Hendrix, who he heard in London the summer before. Voila, it's Strawberry Fields Forever.

Delusions of WTF | Reviewer: the NightWolf62 | 12/31/12

Amazing, how so many "attempt" to "explain" the meaning of songs; in which, they have NO BLOODY IDEA, in regards to.. (I'm afraid to pull up the lyrics to "Lucy in the Sky w/ Diamonds"; expecting to read a "mental giant's" rationale, that "it was obviously about a girl, riding in a giant ballon - and dropping out Diamonds onto the ground"..

Strawberry Fields, Liverpool | Reviewer: George | 12/14/12

The lyrics are obvious! Read between the lines and you wiil 'see' Maybe its the fact that some posting on here are 'druggies' and can't see the truth for the 'pot'.
I'm not going to explain them to you as its something you 'need' to work out for yourself.
I'll give you a clue...The later Mind Games album by Lennon may help you understand...

This song has meaning, the guy under me is full of shit | Reviewer: Arash | 12/12/12

I believe this song has a great meaning. Strawberry Fields is a park in Liverpool where Lennon often went. "living is easy with eyes closed, misunderstanding all you see", this obviously refers to how hard life can be and sometimes you can close your eyes and think of something happier. "nothing is real and nothing to get hung about" could be saying that reality is hard to face but dont hang on it too long. Strawberry Fields was a place John went to to escape from all the hardships in life.

Stoned reviewers can find meaning in anything | Reviewer: David | 11/6/12

I'll buy that the song was named after a place. I won't buy that those lyrics were intended to mean anything. It's pure jibberish, as is most psychedelic rock. It's very similar to Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds in that regard. Honestly, I've never been a huge Beatles fan - partly because they were so overplayed in the USA in the '60s and '70s. I respect that they set the tone for decades of rock music and delivered hit after hit. But anyone who thinks this is The Beatles' best song needs to get off the drugs and listen to a lot more songs by The Beatles. The music is very good, but literally hundreds of The Beatles' songs have much better and meaningful lyrics. How someone could think this is better lyrically than Imagine, or Hey Jude/Revolution (which most people agree is the greatest single ever released), or Help, or even Penny Lane - is mind boggling to me.

It is all sexual | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/10/12

He wants to "take you down", meaning, he want to have his way with someone before he leaves to Strawberry Fields. Because in Strawberry Fields, no one is attractive, as in, nothing to get "hungabout." It was this song that popularized the reference to being hung.

The Beatles- Strawberry Fields Forever <3 | Reviewer: abbie_dabbie_doo <3 | 1/5/12

I'm 14 years old and I've been a fan of The Beatles since I was about nine years old and I heard "Let It Be" on the radio. I asked my mother who was singing the song- at first being foolish and thinking it was Elton John (who I also love)- and she told me it was The Beatles. I thought to myself, "What a silly name for a band" Then again, I was only young. In 1964, John Lennon was interviewed and was asked why the band was named so, and he stated when he was 12, he had a vision of "a man on a flaming pie, and he said "You are Beatles with an 'a'"
Just a bit of information I know. :)
About this particular song however, The lyrics are amazing. One of my favorite things about John Lennon is his mind- his IMAGINATION. I adore it. I can remember watching videos of interviews with John Lennon and Yoko Ono, and I think to myself, "what a lucky girl she was. being married to such a handsome, imaginative, simply brilliant man." I have fuming jealousy against Yoko. it's ridiculous but still. Oh my, back to the SONG. i first heard this song while sitting with my boyfriend Andy. We were playing rock'n'roll on the internet, and he chose "Everlong" by The Foo Fighters. I stated "I like the acoustic version better" he replied "Oh, me too. But I thought you liked the non acoustic so I played it for you." I laughed and said "nice try but i see right throught that. I still love you though... Let me take you down" and kissed him, and he said "That reminds me!" i say"what" he says, " have you ever heard the song "Strawberry fields Forever"? By the beatles?" i said no and he played it. and i love it. and now its our song. <3 kay bye <3

PAUL ISNT DEAD... well i think.. BUt i did just see him get married on the tv | Reviewer: Kolby | 10/16/11

Dear wyatt, Paul isn't dead... you have to much free time... John says CRANBERRY SAUCE... Haven't you ever seen Sgt. Peppers album cover? the three people put together... say hardy-har- har which was a joke that people thought he was dead

Documentary | Reviewer: Wyatt | 8/18/11

Y'all need to watch a documentary called Paul McCartney really is dead an it explains about how they dropped hints of Pauls death. If you listen closely at the end of the song you can hear somebody saying "I buried Paul"

forget about | Reviewer: ida | 8/3/11

well let's forget about the lyric for a sec. This lyric is very personal and i usually don't enjoy such musics but this one... I gotta say the music is so powerful that while listening to it i just adore john...