Uhh... | Reviewer: Beckers | 12/21/10

wait a second... teenagers arn't expected to like the Beatles? wtf? pretty much all of my friends like the Beatles, and were in the 11th grade...

I don't really think it matters how old you are... You just have good taste :)

Big whoop. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/11/10

Oh my God. You're 13 or 14, and you like THE BEATLES? Stop the press!
Seriously, do you want a medal? No one cares about your age. You're not 'different' because you listen to The Beatles at a certain age. Most people in general like them. Get off your high horse.

On a serious note, I'm going to be really original here and put it out there that I love this song.

That's just me. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/18/10

I'm 13 and I love The Beatles, they're my favourite band and this is one of my favourite songs ever. Alot of people think I'm 'strange' or a 'weirdo' because I listen to old music, but I don't like much new music, alot of my friends like things like Rap, RnB, Pop, etc.. But I guess I'm just different, they just don't understand :)

beatles | Reviewer: Turkish Girl | 11/15/10

Im 14 and I love beatles. Young girl,young boy .. They are listen the rap or pop music.(ex: eminem,lady gaga or 50 cent)Example singers songs are always negative and bad.But beatles songs are dreamy and great. !!

Strawberry Fields | Reviewer: ruthie | 10/28/10

I am over 30, my parents loved the Beatles, as I do. I adore The Beatles for their movement with music. I adore Eminem as he is a lyrical genius, he does not promote violence or murder, he is a storybook about our world. Listen to his words, he is amazing. When we hear a love song by Doris Day or Lady Gaga we do not label them as being romatics.... just because Marshall Mathers sings about real life, don't label him. Again, I will sign off that I enjoy Eminems music, I enjoy The Beatles too.

RE: amazing | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/30/10

to kylan dennis: dude, I love the beatles too. I am 17.

But saying that about Eminem and such people is clearly not open minded. Get outta the box. Be less intolerant! :D

dont take this as an attack, but you just enjoy beatles more - like I do!! Also check out pink floyd, theyre are awesome too!! :D

Amazing | Reviewer: Kylan Dennis | 9/15/10

The Beatles are my favorite band, even though im only 16 years old. people expect me to like 50 cent, ludicrious, lil john, and rappers like emiminem and people like that. the truth is, their songs influence kids to act violent and aggressive toward their families and friends. shut down newer music and bring back the classics!!!

This is the greatest Beatle song of all time. | Reviewer: Tony Zaccharia | 9/2/10

And it might even be the greatest Rock song of all time.

It is multi-dimensional, haunting, spiritual, and introspective, all at once.

Remember that Strawberry Fields (along with Penny Lane) were originally intended to be included in what would eventually be the Sgt. Pepper LP. At that moment in time, the Beatles wanted to create an album that returned them to their childhood dreams. Hence, Penny Lane, which is a shopping district in Liverpool, held many fond memories for Paul McCartney.

Likewise, the Strawberry Field orphanage (which Lennon as a child mistakenly referred to as Strawberry Fields (plural)) evoked many emotions for Lennon, who identified with being an orphan, having been abandoned by his father, forced to live with his aunt, and ultimately losing his mother when 13. Lennon would play on the grounds of Strawberry Field, where he would experience escape, fantasy, joy, solitude, introspection, loneliness, sadness -- emotions that Lennon captured so beautifully in this song.

It could be that Lennon purposely named the song with the plural Strawberry Fields, for reasons beyond his childhood mistake. Maybe we all have a "Strawberry Field" that we used to go to... a place that we often revisit even as adults... if not physically but mentally. This reminds me of another great Beatle song, "There's a Place." (There's a place, where I can go, when I feel low, when I feel blue. And it's my mind, and there's no time when I'm alone.)

Lennon wrote "There's a Place" in 1962, and it really shows his genius. He was way ahead of his time, and the song demonstrates that Lennon was conscious of the multiple dimensions of music.

Just imagine if Penny Lane/Strawberry Fields had been tracks on the Sgt. Pepper's LP. How much more mind-blowing would have been the greatest rock album of all time?

helps me get by | Reviewer: Brandon M | 8/24/10

i guess this song is different for different people due to many different comments. To me the verse "Living is easy with eyes closed, misunderstanding all you see" means living is easy with eyes closed because you get to think what ever you like and in my mind there is no sorrow, but then misunderstanding all you see makes me think that Live the dream of reality! because john once said a dream you have is just a dream, a dream we share is reality! Your mind is only for you so you cant share it therefore its not reality

Really? | Reviewer: Liz | 8/19/10

To the guy who said to just enjoy music for what it is and that it doesn't matter what the lyrics mean... I'll have to disagree with you. Lyrics are extremely important to a song. Poems set to instrumentals. Thoughts, feelings, messages. That's what music is.

Strawberry Fields Forever | Reviewer: Steve | 7/23/10

For me, this song is not about the media or the government or anything other than yourself. Notice how every verse is ultimately about John, and how John perceives things and feels about them. The first verse is about his difficulty with discovering his true identity and how easy it would be to just close his eyes and not bother. The second verse is about his inability to truly connect with anyone because no one's brain seems to work the same as his. Finally the third verse is about social conflict and uncertainty about himself. This is a very personal song, and my favorite song of all time.

Hey | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/28/10

It dosn't matter what the song is about realy. if you like it, good shit. if you don't, thats cool too. just enjoy the amazing music your listening to. what if music didnt exist?? crazy right? appreciate music for what it is, not the meaning of the song.

What's the scoop | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/18/10

Strawberry fields was an orphanage in Liverpool. This song references the emptiness and questioned validity of being an orphan. Hoping to find the folks who will adopt you, only to meet in rejection. But on some sad note, coming to terms with it.


God | Reviewer: Dakota | 6/2/10

The Beatles never recorded the songs they wrote while high, only I am the Walrus. Watch the ultimate Beatles anthology and it explains everythin, Lucy in the sky with diamonds was about a picture johns daughter brought home on e day.

Different | Reviewer: Howie | 5/11/10

The radio station was advertising that it would be playing a new Beatle song. When it came on the air for the first time my friend and I pulled over to the side of the road to listen. It was the most unusual song we ever heard. Loved it then. Still love it now. The Beatles: collective genius!