Beatles song lyrics | Reviewer: Rocky | 4/29/10

I think that when the Beatles went to India they learned what is going on in the world is a lie. We have been lied to from an early age by the schooling system and by goverments. All major constituances are batting for the same side and 'nothing is real' as the Beatles told us in their music. John Lennon, Michael Jackson, Tupack etc. have all been silenced by the powers that be because of what they said on their music.

Genius | Reviewer: DaveK | 4/2/10

John Lennon claimed he took an I.Q. test in high school and got a 165. Since anything above ~136 (98.77th percentile), is considered genius, and 162 (99.994th percentile), he was a very rare and gifted individual. I read once that what he meant by "No one I think is in my tree, I mean it must be high or low" was a reference to his isolation at being so different (smart, eccentric)that he didn't know if he was a genius (high) or a loon (low). I think a lot of very smart people feel this way. Even though they are so smart, they also face the ridicule of the masses when they are trying to create something new (think Wright Brothers and other famous inventors who were mocked until they were successful). And just think, I.Q. tests don't even test on musical or athletic ability. What would he have scored if musical ability/skill had been on the test? Also, considering how quickly he learned, since he started playing guitar at around 15(?) and produced all his Beatles songs while in his 20's is just amazing.

Most Depressing Song I Ever Heard | Reviewer: ? | 3/23/10

This is the most depressing song I ever heard. Not because it sounds bluesy, but because it sounds happy. Like eternal false optimism to everything. It's just...chilling. I can only listen to it once. Because it stays in my head and depresses me.

let me take you down | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/21/10

this song to me was probably a cynical poke at those who sugarcoat reality/outright deny it; those who always must say something pleasant or innocuous for fear of insulting someone else; for the glass-half-full optomists who refuse to consider darkness on the occasions when it is obviously there in front of them, etcetera short, it is an expression of exasperation or frustration with fellow humans who are ok with letting bad things continue on.....

Lyrics are in incorrect order | Reviewer: Frank A. Maida | 3/10/10

!st off verse 1 is incorrect I wouldn't read too much into what Johns interpertation of this song is. Its more of what do you think it means. One thing I know is it was a personel song about his life at the time. It has nothing to do with Paul being dead. The Beatles never played that game the Media did.
Living is easy with eyes closed, misunderstanding all you see.
It's getting hard to be someone but it all works out.
That to me means just grow up Guys and Gals it will all work out the way the Cosmos has it planed for you.

This is what i believe. | Reviewer: Yoel | 3/7/10

I have seen people comment on this and only two answers are truely solid,Anonymous|11/22/09 and Noori. But to further clarify, Strawberry Fields is the reality that most see. What we were taught was right or acceptable in society without being considered insane and because of that our minds filter out information without seriously taking poetential 'reality' into consideration.

Also,"Living is easy with eyes closed, misunderstanding all you see.
It's getting hard to be someone but it all works out.
It doesn't matter much to me." This means that we believe what we are told to believe, by the people who are higher than us. The media the government...Think about it and if you are interested in what the truth really is, THINK ABOUT IT and investigate your own thought.

strawberry fields forever | Reviewer: mason | 2/13/10

i love how they would make songs for one thing but have it so closely related to drugs. i heard this one was about a salvation army store called strawberry fields and its also about heroin. and lucy in the sky with diamonds is about acid and a picture a little kid drew.

Strawbery Fields Forever | Reviewer: beatlesrock | 2/8/10

This song is awesome, but if im the only one that knows what this song is really means...this song is about herion...the beatles did herion and wrote this song...they did drugs every time they wrote a Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds...that ones about LSD...and Yellow Submeriene is about a trip on asid

I think the realities are more touchable than unrealities. | Reviewer: Noori | 1/26/10

Dear Folks

I think strawberry fields ... song ,which I used to listen 33 years ago when I was a 16 yrs boy and studied hard in San Diego, shows a part of what is going on in the singers mind. It seems like a delusional concept and understanding of our nature and the real things which we are sure they do exist. Your bodies, the nature, your friends,the God and so on.

I wish you all success and real joyful lives. S.Sadeghi M.D.

Big sigh | Reviewer: James | 1/9/10

Never could these supermen be accused of writing a hollow word.Strawberry feilds, was just one more additon of their consistency to promote joy, peace and truth within.I for one, through their music adopted the magic on offer.
I don't feel at all that the song could attached nor was made over the war, I think it was a mazy moment John had, which more times then not ended in brillance.

State of mind. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/22/09

Stawberry Fields is a state of mind. ...a place that only the individual who is there can truly know. ("No one I think is in my tree...") It is a statement of recognition of the fact that no one can truly know the conscious mind of another. And it is a surrender to, and acceptance of, that fact. At the same time it is an expression of longing to have the ability to truly share your conscious experience with another.

the wake | Reviewer: rodregus montfort | 11/19/09

john lennon was such a creative genius.all of his songs touch me in some sort of way. he has such an amazing niche for metaphors in his songs. I think its amazing that i can relate to his music being 17.

Interpret | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/14/09

Strawberry Fields could be a somewhere he escapes to in his dreams or when he's high. since "nothing is real" Living is easy with eyes closed cause its getting harder to be fake paul. It doesnt matter much to john. In the end it will all work out. No ones in his tree cause hes sure no one will know the truth to paul. Seaking metaphoriclly that paul is dead.

best song i have heard in along time! | Reviewer: nikki | 11/10/09

i love this song not bacause it has strawberrys in it but that does make it so much better
i love this song becaues it makes me think about what happed back then! i just love thhis song and if you have not lisend to this song you should ! <3

stawberry fields forever | Reviewer: christopher uruchima | 11/9/09

this song is awesome. im glad i heard it. i love the beatles thier awesome. i swear if i had a time machine i would go back in time and see every single concert they had. i care how much i would have to pat thier awesome. im 15 and i think they rule