the actual meaning.. | Reviewer: maxine | 8/1/09

...some of you guys are reading WAY too deeply into the song,
Others, not at all.
Strawberry Fields was a salvation army children's home.
the song is about nostalgia of the past.
when you grow up, things are hazy, difficult, harder.
when you're a kid things are so much easier.
the whole song gives off a vibe of nostalgia.
it's not about any "third eye"
or the meaning it is given in Across the Universe (although that is another way to interpret it)

Seriously? Do your research. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/15/09

Most of you are ignorant.

What is music without meaning?

Are people honestly trying to say that a person that has changed so many lives would have a song without a meaning?

Before people go judging the songs written by john lennon they should explore his beliefs so you can fully understand the songs, it's a completely different experience.

Good song and.. | Reviewer: Michael | 5/9/09

I love this song, and to the person below me;

I love LOST AND I got the same line "Living is Easy With Eyes Closed" tattooed onto my forearm. I never noticed Charlie's tattoo before, thats pretty wild, and awesome at the same time.

But yeah, this song stands out to me whenever Im going through a tough time trying to figure out the world.

Look at this. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/3/09

Omg! I love this song, And if you EVER have watched the show "lost" the line "Living is Easy With Eyes Closed" is Charlies Tattoo. No this song did not copy "lost" because "Strawberry fields" has been around alot longer. Its not really copying it its trying to show people that it actully means something.

nothins gonna chang my world | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/16/09

the imagery in the film rocks just as great as the Beatle songs. thats what I love, the message of the lyrics put into a story. I can't watch it and not be moved. It made me understand better what people where dealing with in a time of great injustice, turning to drugs, trying to make since of it all. When people were being sent to fight in a war they didn't want.

bealtes | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/23/09

i think the beatles are awsome man all their music n the lyrics wow i like this song bcause the lyrics theyre cool hehe let me take u down cause im goin to strawberry fields where nothin is real n nothin to hung about they just say it n clearly hehe the firt comment... u shouldve said it... haha alot of ppl dont like it here but its cool let me take u down hehehh
the beatles rock n will forever

Everyone interprets it differently... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/16/09

Everyone interprets music in the way that it means the most to that person. I'm not going to share my opinion of what I think it is about because I might make someone see it a different way that has less meaning for them. The purpose of lyrics is to work with the song and put a guidleine for the meaning of the music. So stop arguing and enjoy!

opening the third eye | Reviewer: deadguy | 1/28/09

Most people don't realize that the Beatles song Strawberry Fields is actually about awakening, opening up your third eye which is the pineary gland located in the brain. It resembles a pine cone or strawberry in shape. Raising your consicousness level and ascending to the fifth dimension. It is also about the personal path taken by John Lennon.

Forever | Reviewer: Taylor | 1/4/09

Great song. Everyone should know about the Beatles. They changed the way we view music today. It doesn't matter how you became a fan. They made music for anyone and everyone to enjoy. The music is what matters. Not that you love Across the Universe, not that you have a bunch of posters of them, or even all their albums. It doesn't matter. The music matters. Their impact matters. If you can't see that, take a look at the lyrics, and really, really listen to the music. Because without the music, who are the 4 teenagers from Liverpool anyway?

Reason to like the Beatles | Reviewer: Mikalak | 12/6/08

Ok, until recently I was not a huge Beatles fan. I wouldn't listen to their music because it was "old" and what my parents listened to.

Then one day I was at home sick and I saw a documentary about John Lennon, and I realized how interesting he was I downloaded several Beatles albums after that and I fell in loved. They have such meaningful lyrics and catchy choruses. The Beatles make you feel better when you are blue.

From now on, I think I will take my parents' advice on music. I might find some other bands that I will love.

strawberry fileds | Reviewer: edwin | 11/25/08

this is one of the beatles better songs, but not the best never saw the movie either iv just liked the beatles since day one. favorite song is while my guitar gently weeps. and hell yea the its all about the beatles

LOVE THE BEATLES | Reviewer: Angelinne | 11/19/08

well if people saw the movie and they liked the songs in the movie why is there anything wrong with that? People like music because of the lyrics and all of the songs in that movie were all from The Beatles. I think its great that to this day this world gives The Beatles recognizion for their music and we should be glad that their music is more out there for todays youth because the music nowadays kinda glad that i found the beatles cuz i was getting annoyed of listening to things like lollipop.....

wow, ridiculous. | Reviewer: Maelissa | 11/13/08

you guys can just ignore people like that.
im listening to the beatles right now.
just let people freaking tell what they want about whatever.
if you dont like it, dont read it.

besides that, I LOVE THE BEATLES.
and i think this song is just talking about a soul;
that is different from everyone,
even if he is alone in his tree.

your all silly | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/15/08

the movie didn't make people become suddenly fans. and so what if it did. get over it they are extremely famous people and your stupid if you think your the only person who listens to them no matter how old you are.
i enjoyed reading Lola's input i would rather read about what the song is about than people getting cut up because their favourite band is being shared with the world.

yeah,i'm in love with The Beatles! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/28/08

.i'm from Indonesia,South East Asia.
Wow! I like The Beatles so much! Since i was in Elementary School. .
I've ever seen A Hard Day's Night! And that was so awesome! ! ! I hope someday i can go to Liverpool,and join to The Beatles trip like i saw in TV yesterday. .Hhe
*cheers for BEATLES forever x)*