Rainbow! | Reviewer: victoria | 9/14/08

I am from Argentina so i dont know if am writing well..jaja..i love beatles beacause they help me when am down and every song makes me see a rainbow! Across the universe is the best of the best! ou, i love write in english, it´s so strange to me! someone tell me if i did it ok! jaja

yayness! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/19/08

its a good song period people. the beatles was a great band to most while they sucked to a few. what you say can't change one's thoughts about life. what i even say now can either. but just hoping that people will read this and stop the stupid "the beatles was great; no they sucked...blah blah blah" and understand the world is divided by opinions. that's all i have to say. =DD

Me and My dad | Reviewer: becky | 8/22/08

Im 17 and i can remember since i was about 4 that my father would play The Beatles everyday,the house would fill with "Penny Lane" "Hey Jude" and ' All you need is Love". But the one song that I fell in love with the most was "Here Comes the Sun" i remember sitting on my dad's lap and he would sing me that song every night before i went to bed. My dad was a huge Beatles follower and i inherited that too. All i can say is the Beatles gave hope to people who had troubled times and they've helped me through alot.

I grew up listening to the beatles songs | Reviewer: jetti | 8/11/08

Every Sunday, the radio station that my father listens to plays solid beatles song. i have become acquainted with their many songs more than i got acquainted with nursery rhymes. when i got a bit old, i fell in love with their song "imagine" - a song epitomizing the ideals of a classless society.

Getting on the Soapbox | Reviewer: Echo | 7/23/08

I just thought, upon reading all of the reviews, that I would throw in my bit. I am reading about the movie, Across the Universe, and how it's completely unaffiliated with The Beatles. On the contrary, if you are a true beatles fan and know your music, you will see just how much The Beatles had to do with the movie. It has a divine love story set in the time of Vietnam and the draft. The main actor, Jude, was from Liverpool, England... Where the band was from. The group were anit-war activists and openly used drugs. Some artists asked to have the group kicked out of America, and others wanted statues. The Beatles songs are comprised of suggestive lyrics towards drugs, also speaking out against the war, and also songs of love. When picking apart songs you can throw them together to make a love story set in the time of Vietnam with anti-war activists, a drafted man, an illegal immigrant from Liverpool, psychodelic drugs, and a band that was trying to find fame in the midst of all this and come out with a generally good movie. The Beatles did become very famous in America during the war. Ok, I'm going to get off the historical soapbox of my most beloved band in American history.

Straburry story | Reviewer: Lola | 7/11/08

Well for all you budding fans, and golden oldie hounds, i think we're forgetting the quality of this song above. sure, there was a movie made with a complete soundtrack of re-done beatles songs. But more interesting than that is the story behind "strawberry fields forever" itself. Many critics believe this song represents the psychadelic rock phaseof the sixties the best. Strawberry Fields is the name of a children's home very near to where John Lennon grew up in England. He used to play with his friends and climb trees in the back. Many people believe Strawberry Fields was the first place to inspire John to become passionate about music. It doesn't matter what kind of fan you think you are. You like what you like. Sometimes its just interesting to know a little something about what it is you DO like. :)

okay okay | Reviewer: jocelyn | 7/9/08

this song is great. so i watched the movie across the universe and i didn't really know all of the songs in there were beatles songs until later. i think the movie was great and had a cute story. for all of you saying that it had nothing to do with the beatles and that it just had their songs, ok ok, no one ever said that it was about the beatles. in fact, no where on the cover does it even mention the beatles names. so get over it. and just because people saw the movie and now like the beatles doesn't mean anything. so they heard the beatles songs for the first time from that movie, like i did, what does that matter? gosh, people need to really get over stereotyping because of the music people listen to.

omg. | Reviewer: mariana <3 | 7/7/08

Okay, well I'm 13 and yeah I like the beatles...so what? I didn't live through it doesn't mean I don't like their music. I do admit that some people claim to like the beatles for awful reasons (for example being hippie happens to be a trend now and swear that listening to one freakin' beatles song is ultra cool) ACROSS THE UNIVERSE is a great movie, I loved how they used the beatles' songs to tell a story. The lyrics made sense with what was happening. The movie did give them credit, and more fans. So I think the movie did a great job.

um yaw | Reviewer: me the man | 6/30/08

umm .. i dont get y everyone is all of a sudden in love with the beatles just because of the movie .. i mean i FAWKIN LOVE the beatles man i always have .. but i dident realy like the movie .. it acually has nothing at all to do with the band "the beatles" .. it just has there songs in it .. and it dosent even have there good ones .. well a few but theres way more songs that are better than thos .. and yea the people who think there "hippies" just because they listen to a few beatles songs dosent mean there hippies .. hippies joind comunes and lived off the land and sang songs all day .. protested againts wars .. all the peace increaseing activities .. any ways yea .. wicked song tho .. i mean i dont like the way it sounds just the lyrics if you read them the right way have a realy good story .. hell thats wat music was all about in thos days ...

any ways increace the peace

n__n hii | Reviewer: lucy<-- :D | 6/22/08

well. i love the beatles! HECKK YESS! lot before i saw the movie REALLY!
lol.. ok. and well yeah i agree that fans are fans.. THE END! i love the beatles.. and also love the movie (across the universe) i love the movie version for strawberry fields, across the universe and revolution.. and YES FANS ARE FANS.. DOH! n__n
haha. ok.. thatss that.. uhh i have a question.. since u became a THE BEATLES fan.. have people started saying ure a hippie? lol.. imma hippie! yay! hahahahaha

Across The Univers Debate | Reviewer: Bailey | 5/24/08

The Beatles Are AWESOME and it doesent matter if you like the beatles from accross the universe. Yes the beatles didnt sing the songs in the movie. It doesent mater. Beatles are Beatles right? I liked the beatles for a few monthes. Then i watched the movie. That is when the beatles really soaked in. Now i am allways begging my parents to buy me a new CD i just today got the CD love. It features the songs form Cirque de Soulie.
Anaways why in the world does it matter if you started to like the beatles from a movie. You are not a spawn from the movie.

Movie man "Hi i like the Beatles I watched Across the universe."
Beatles man "Hi you are stupid you watched the movie:

See that is wrong.

Everybody has the same rights to to like the beatles. Now stop debating and resume liking the Beatles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

In Response- don't hate! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/20/08

I also agree with what someone said before me about Across the Universe. I do not think that people accessing the Beatles' music through the movie makes them "fake fans." When the Beatles were super popular was after World War II and that is becasue that generation was able to connect with the disillusionment and spirit shared in the songs. Perhaps these later generations are not having those same feelings, but can connect with those emotions that are brought forth by the movie. In conclusion, I hate when people get all snooty about their music, let people feel how they want to about it.

The beatles are one of the best bands. | Reviewer: Lauren | 4/15/08

The Beatles are one of many really good bands. They are among my top five list of bands ever. I am only 15. I grew up listening to the Beatles with my mom, who was born while the Beatles where around and always listens to their music. I love that younger people like The Beatles. Their legacy SHOULD keep going for many years. Don't you want younger generations to see, to hear great music that was loved by the whole world? DO you want them to feel the same way you felt when The lyrics in the songs rang through your ears?
I think so.
Also, Although the songs that were remade for Across the Universe are, of course, are not sung by the beatles, it is still their lyrics. I dont see why there is such a big fuss about how the songs were redone. First of all, whats done is done, and second of all, just enjoy what Ringo, Paul, George, and John gave to us. Embrace it! Love it! everyone else does.

best | Reviewer: quillan | 4/16/08

i think that this is the best song that the beatles have ever written and performed because it has a beatlish kind of rythm that is psycho but also very entertaining and im only twelve and im singing all there songs from memory down to the last note!!!

awesome | Reviewer: john, paul, george, and ringo | 4/16/08

i think that this is the best song that the beatles have ever written and performed because it has a beatlish kind of rythm that is psycho but also very entertaining and im only twelve and im singing all there songs from memory down to the last note!!!