Wow | Reviewer: Rebecca | 1/13/08

It amazes me to look at all of these comments. I know this has been said but I want to reiterate it, I wish people would just stop over-analyzing and assuming that they know everything about what this song means or doesn't mean. We all have a different perception of the world, especially when it comes to music. So please just agree to disagree, and enjoy the song and the beauty of it.

How I got Introduced to Beatles ... | Reviewer: Carlos | 1/14/08


It's funny but, I found beatles 'cause of mere curiosity. I always had a weird fascination with John Lennon since I remember... and well, it's not surprising that this guys still make a lot o' ppl like 'em.

Their Music is Great. And no matter if you're an "original" fan or whatsover, I think the most important thing is to enjoy the music they did.


THIS SONG IS SWEET | Reviewer: geli0 | 1/10/08

this song is okay sung by the beatles, but watch across the universe, it is MUCH better there, sung by Jim Sturgess [i think thats how u spell it n e way..] lol

Anyone Can Listen!! | Reviewer: sarah | 1/4/08

I personally believe that The Beatles made all of their music because they enjoyed it. But most of all because they wanted others to as well, and also be inspired, just as I believe they were when making this song and all of the others. So no matter how young or old your are, or whether you started listening to The Beatles because of a movie, the point is, is that you are listening to them. The last time I checked there were no qulaifications you needed to listen to or enjoy excellent, inspiring music.

about Paul being dead... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/3/08

I think that it could be a variety of things, and maybe all of them one after another. But Paul isn't dead, it was to get more money from their albums. anyway, I AM THE EGGMAN! haha

Art Fascism | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/16/07

On 11/28/07, Matthew advised us all not to read meaning in to Lennon's music, because it is possible there isn't any.

This advice can be re-interpreted as follows: don't be a human being.

Yes, it is possible that Lennon attached no meaning to these lyrics, but I think highly unlikely. The fact remains that it is our natural instinct to analyse and derive meaning from anything and everything. We may never get it right, or find the 'true' meaning, but that doesn't mean we should just stop; apart from anything, it's fun!

So please, Matthew, don't try and impose your approach to art on other people - for a start, it's not a very interesting one.

just the beatles | Reviewer: lex | 12/12/07

Hello everybody... I just want to say something, the beatles is the most great & wonderful band, and thats my personal opinion (actually, I´m not really good with the english, anyway)... the music is just that, is something that makes you feel good, and thats the magic, when you feel something like that is when the music is great, when music makes its mission... I love the beatles, not only the beatles music, I like all that they did, they are an icon, thats it.... love this song!!! by the way!... but what can you tell me about Starting over, from John Lennon????, sooooooo fantastic!
See ya people!
Beatles Rocks!!!!

Don't worry about it... | Reviewer: Chris | 12/8/07

Don't worry about the ignoramous that wrote:

"It's so sad that you people got to know all these amazing Beatles songs by watching a commercial movie such as "Across the Universe", when these songs have existed for decades and caused the real revolution. Only a few of us remain as authentic fans of the band."

Apparently he/she is so much more righteous and deserving of The Beatle's music than the younger generations. Congratulations, you were born when they were main stream. As for those who have taking a shining to The Beatles because of the movie "Across The Universe," I'm glad... it means the movie is opening their eyes to some music history.

awesome | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/6/07

"It's so sad that you people got to know all these amazing Beatles songs by watching a commercial movie such as "Across the Universe", when these songs have existed for decades and caused the real revolution. Only a few of us remain as authentic fans of the band."

that sure was condescending. not only was the music even MORE commercial back then, but most of us weren't even around and are just starting to get into music now (im assuming most people here are teenagers). obviously it'd be easier to get into what's commercial right now, and a movie like Across the Universe helps bring the songs back to the height of their popularity, just like when you were growing up. i call myself an authentic fan, and ive only been listening to the Beatles for maybe a year now. :]

wonderful song | Reviewer: franco | 12/5/07

well, I'm 16, and I'm from Argentina, I'm learning English at school, and I must say thanks to my teacher, because she made us listen to this wonderful song (a bit old, but wonderful as well), and, I could realise that the beatles are not an old fashioned group, its songs are still great by the way.

I hope you could understand everything I wrote (I don't know if it is well writen haha)

anyway., all the best.

haha | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/6/07

this song is about them getting the munchies after they get high!!! lol

thats what i think about when i get baked and listen to this song.. it really makes me want to go to strawberry fields...


DubWise | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/5/07

1967. I remember sitting on the couch with my mother and watching the film version of Strawberry Fields Forever. I was a kid and it blew me away. I also remember sitting on the couch, again with my mother, when the Beatles did "All You need is Love" telecast. Again, I was blown away. I've loved these guys my entire life and I'm so glad I've been able to experience this great music!

across the universe | Reviewer: Melanie | 12/6/07

Well, I listened to these songs long before that movie came out but it gave me an outlook on different interpretations there might be for the song. And while the movie may be commercial at least it understood certain messages made by the band and allowed a younger generation to carry it with them.

stawberry fields and penny lane | Reviewer: | 11/29/07

I have a 45s single of strawberry fields and fip side penny lane the trouble is penny lane is on both sides i dont know where to enquire to see if its a one off.

What I say | Reviewer: TSmith | 11/28/07

At the end of the song, the slowed-down voice is saying, "I'm very bored," NOT, "I buried Paul." Altho it's almost as if the Mack was brain dead since he lost his Lennon.