Geeze... | Reviewer: Denise | 2/20/08

Chill out!
No one's a poser, people watched Across The Universe, liked it and it got them into The Beatles. you should be rejoicing about the fact that they're still being appreciated by MORE people. don't be selfish.

frickin awesome!!! | Reviewer: SpiritedTruthSeeker | 2/19/08

i am a 55 yr lifelong Beatles' fan... went through it all from their arrival here in the states to all that has happened up to present day.. they are definitely many many artists from that era who have impacted our lives forever but in my opinion none have had the equivalent effect of the Beatles...

i got Across the Universe not sure what to expect... but all i can say is 'frickin' awesome'! whoever thought of it is a genius... i think John Lennon himself would be in awe... a majestic idea carried out in a complete, artistic and grand way... i will watch it again and again i am sure

Just loved Bono as 'Dr Robert' ... how kewl anyway that's my 2 cents and i am sticking to it

btw "dude they rock!" just FYI for what it's worth... there is NOT ONE misspelling in your post ...

and for cryin out loud people ....juzt CHILL... everyone has the right to be who they are and say what they feel ...

Peace Always..
"Be who you are & say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter & those who matter don't mind." ~~~ Dr. Seuss~~~

Beatles Rock!! | Reviewer: Aletz | 2/16/08

Well I think Beatles are like THE influence for all rock bands nowadays even if it's just for a little sound. I think it was a great idea to make that movie Across the Universe, to tell you the truth I have been a huge fan since I first realized of their big big talent, I always though that beatles were only paperback writer and yellow submarine but when my dad was playing tomorrow never knows I really got shocked and amazed.. Great movie across the universe, all elements united and that thing called love that makes ur girlfriend want to go and watch them. great new versions, and for all those who think they're fanz and do not accept the new adaptation well I can tell them you guys are so stupid, off course the original versions are the ones that changed our worlds, but these new ones are fresh and authentique

See ya' Folks!

A 26 years old man!


ATU | Reviewer: Don | 2/18/08

Hey I watched ATU recently and i have to say I never gave the beatles much thought untill then. However after watching the movie i realized how spiritual they were with their music and it's definantly opened my ears to listen to other songs. A fan is simply someone who really enjoys a bands music for all those that have listen to them for years i salute as a private does when an officer is on board. I however will continue to listen to them and find other great songs of theirs. BTW atu is now one of my cult classics i haven't watched a movie in a long time that has made me want to watch it again and study it like a novel.

With that said why can't we all just put down the verbal guns and together as a group pay tribute as new or old fans. As a procrastinator it's better to be late then never to.

seriously. | Reviewer: darcey | 2/15/08

GROWWW UP. if kids wanan say they are beatle fans because they saw across the universe. WHO THE HELL CARES.
you can be a beatles fan and love the beatles, whatever

but dont get your panties in a twist because some teenagers wanna become a fan of a really well made movie about an inspirational band

stfu, k thanks.

dude they rock! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/13/08

i don't care if i like their music because of across the universe. it just makes me want to listen to the originals so much more. i am a heavy metal and hard rock kind of guy but man they are fantastic. how much is the anthology? (i have bad spelling so sorry)

Chilllllllll out people.. | Reviewer: KC | 2/14/08

So I was looking up this song cause I heard John say "cranberry sauce" at the end, (and in Across the Universe, the "Grandma at Thanksgiving" asks for CRANBERRY SAUCE. haha it's a reference to the song..haha)& these comments are hilarious..!
Ya know, if the younger generation (Including myself) wants to enjoy the music from the 60's and 70's then who is to stop us? The music is GREAT, and way better than anything we'll ever have. Sorry, for not being alive when the beatles were at their peak so we could be "true fans". Chill out guys! I'm sure your parents didn't rat on you if you listened to one of their generation's music..ha. I've always liked music from the 60's cause my parents have A BUTTLOAD of records from it. (JEFFERSON AIRPLANE! The Monkees, the Moody Blues..ect.(: )
Maybe you should think before you write a review for a song. xD
OH BY THE WAY; I wouldn't piss off the current teenagers because WE ARE going to be paying for the baby boomers social security! (there's more of them then us, so put the pieces together.)
hahahaha this was fun.
Um, Peacee.(:

... | Reviewer: chemical | 2/7/08

Using the word "poser" seriously makes people sound like the worst "posers". It's great that Across the Universe has introduced a whole new group of people the this music (although saying the songs were better than the originals bugs me a little >.<). I thought it was a great movie!
And this is a great song!

wowoww | Reviewer: kristen | 2/10/08

Listen missi, or whatever. You shouldn't call people posers I think Across the Universe was an amazing movie and they showcased the beatles songs very well,
and if that happens to give the beatles more fans than they already had then thats great for them.
So f you, I dont really appreciate being called a poser.

This Goes Out To YOU So Called "FANS" | Reviewer: Angevine | 2/8/08

if you think that watching across the universe and liking some of those songs makes you a "FAN", you are truely mistaken! I have been a beatles fan for years! Yes, it was a good movie, and Yes, I liked it, but just watching it doesn't make you a fan, allright?!

seems to me | Reviewer: vince | 2/8/08

seems to me this movie has gotten alot of my freinds to start listening to older music from the beatles era. I actualy got to meat the writers, producer, and costume designers from across the universe as part of a ap english feild trip to AMPAS. they just wanted to take sweet beautiful music and actualy tell the story through these lyrics. i mean ive always listened to the beatles even though im only 17 i would rip the albums or cds my dad had and listened to them. i like help and here comes the sun, and hey jude the best. as for the beatles having no meaning in their lyrics... i feel anyone is free to interpret the songs meaning anyway that they honestly feel. its like reading the bible just cause two people listen/read it doesnt mean theyll get the same meanings from it

Oh please. | Reviewer: Kassi | 2/11/08

The song is awesome done by the cover band AND the Beatles. Stop calling people posers for liking the Beatles after seeing Across the Universe- YOU'RE THE POSER for freaking out about it. Seriously, people are going to like the song no matter what you say, so just shut up.

wtf | Reviewer: missi | 2/2/08

those of you who are only "beatles fans" because you saw the movie across the universe are such posers! and whoever said that strawberry fields forever is better with the cover it was originally by the beatles!!!

being a "fan" | Reviewer: Suzie SUnshine | 1/30/08

Even though I'm only a teenager, and I started to be a big fan of the Beatles once i saw across the universe, i still feel like a fan. Well, 've always been a fan of their music, but just not the psycidelllic musci they wrote. As a child, I loved the Beatles more peppy and upbeat musci, so i guess i am a long time fan. And wats this with everyone talking about who should call themselves a fan? In the end, it doesnt matter, isnt it about enjoyinf the musci?

ED | Reviewer: ed | 1/20/08

I really like anal sex and i think the Beatles like to take it up their ass too. Ed is really gay. So are the beatles and so are assignments about the Beatles.