BIG BEATLES FAN | Reviewer: Rick Linville` | 3/26/11

I ran across your site when I was looking for a Beatles sing-a-long on the internet. That singalong album is priceless. In case somebody may be interested, I am looking for Beatle fans that have that sense of humor & history as fans. We are a spam free group of Beatles fans. You guys came up with a good laugh. Info below...Rick Linville
(info below)
Meet The Beatles Fans book/possible feature length film & a great site for news updates on the Beatles. We are fans from all over the world. We are not professional writers, not professional film makers-we are Beatles fans joined together for this book. This is a project in 2012 creating a book, as well as possible film, about Beatles fans & their true stories. But much more to it than just a collection of memories. Please do not fool yourself into thinking you do not have a story. We are now 173 fan/members from around the world. We are making a request for your precious story as a Beatles fan, whether first or second or third generation wherever you live in this world. Each of our stories are special so do not underestimate the value of your special history as a Beatlefan. We are not looking for the glamorous stories, although you can include them if you do have such stories. We are looking for the local neighborhood stories. No story is too trivial. What was it like growing up loving the Beatles, what people did for you because they knew you loved the Beatles, what did your parents think, your brother/sister think. What did your schoolmates think? How old were you when you became aware of your feelings for the Beatles? What did you do before, during & after the Beatles or John, Paul, George or Ringo's concerts if you went? Festivals? Trip to Liverpool? The possibilities for stories are endless. This book/film must become a reality before these precious stories in the lives of Beatlefans are lost in time forever. Please join us for this Beatle fans adventure, both past, present and future...(details enclosed or e-mail daily-spam free.... Rick Linville... link...