GOD loves you no matter who you are or what you have done!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/7/13

The Lord Jesus Christ died for your sins on the cross and physically arose from the grave third day. He shall save you from your sins if you will only invite him into your heart. By the way, the song, "She Loves You", is one of my favorite songs by the Beatles.

UNIQUE | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/10/12

They were simply UNIQUE.
I lost my hope that another music band could some day
get so deep in my soul.
I love them, and I could say I cohabit with them every time I look at the posters that cover the walls of my room.

Jorge Miauro

Beatles don't rock they blow the mind | Reviewer: Bique Bouchard | 11/8/12

It's hard to say the Beatles are a rock band. Yeah, some songs rock, but most of their music was mind blowing, timeless paintings for the ears. Works of art! Take a song like "Strawberry Fields Forever", nothing like it! It stands up to any Mozart or Beethoven composition.The Beatles will be listened to and studied for centuries..

she loves you yeah yeah yeah | Reviewer: john lennon | 9/30/12

Me and my brother fight over if the Beatles are good while he is saying that there horrible I'm sitting on my kindle looking at pictures of them and listening to there music and then I yell at him for calling the greatest rockband in history horrible I love the Beatles so much <3 :);)

"She said she loves you" | Reviewer: Doris_Mae | 10/14/11

Whenever a guy says "I love you" I always say "THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID!" and they're like "What do you mean!?" And when I explain to them that "she said she loves you" they just look at me like I'm retarded, but in the long run I just feel bad for them because they haven't heard this song!

Most amazing Song of the Century | Reviewer: OVERKRAFT 2 | 6/21/11

The Beatles are the most important band of all times. I am a chilean 48 years old man and I love this Band, my son with other 3 teenagers create a Tribute Band to the Beatles, called "DE LEJOS" (FROm the distance) they are very professionals and they love also, the band. My son sang this theme to me, and I cried of glad!

Last song played at Party for Royal Wedding of Will and Kate | Reviewer: nancynancy | 5/1/11

I just learned that the last song played during the party to celebrate the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton was the Beatles "She Loves You." What a perfect choice since William had to apologize to Kate so the two could get back together after their very public breakup. I'm very glad he did, and I think everyone else is too.

Lofty Song! | Reviewer: Glamgirl | 4/28/11

I love this song! I love The Beatles yeah yeah yeah! It's a shame that John Lennon and George Harrison are dead.
John Lennon & George Harrison
May your soul rest in peace

Amazing | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/5/11

Just have to say The Beatles are one of the greatest bands of all time. I listen to mainly rock and metal and even some classical but none of the bands I really enjoy even touches The Beatles. I wish I could go back in time and see them perform live I bet it was a crazy experience. :D The Beatles will never die!!!!

THIS SONG ROCKS!!!! | Reviewer: Claire | 7/20/09

This is one of my favorite songs by The Beatles and The Beatles are one of my favorite bands. They are so awesome. Most kids my age like crappy music such as rap and whatever it is people listen to these days. So yeah, some people would sometimes ask me why I don't like music from this centry and that is so lame (and that isn't really true because I like some bands from this centry). But yeah, I love this song, I love the Beatles, and I don't care that this song is kinda old, it still rocks. THE BEATLES RULE!!!!

OMG!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Julia | 7/28/08

I LOOOVE THIS SONG! I love this guys, I love this band... oh,God, nobody could make some music like that. It's so good!
I'm brazilian and my favorite music is it. After all, The Beatles will never die!!

Hmm. | Reviewer: Molly. | 1/8/08

My math teacher and I like to argue about The Beatles a lot because he says they have no meaning, while I obsess over them.
So thank you for posting these lyrics so I can print them out and show them to him,
Because he always says that it's a meaningless song and singing "yeah yeah yeah" is pointless.
Now i can show him that there is more to the song than that, which I already knew.

^__^ | Reviewer: Jackie Contreras | 12/11/07

Omg! I love the beatles soooo much! especially this song and "I wanna hold your hand" I know the lyrics of them =] I really wish I was there in person to there concerts ^-^ I love the 60's

She loves me | Reviewer: anton vlassiouk | 11/22/07

I love the song, these are my favourite band. No wonder they were so poular in the 60's. By the way! I have translated the song to

Ona tebya liubit- s he loves you
Ona tebia liubit.
Ona tebia liubit
Ona seichas liubit tebia

Ushla tvoya liubov’
To chto bylo ne zabutet’sya
No ona poliubit vnov’
i zhelanie tvoye sbudetsya
Ona skazala, chto gotova vsye prostiit’,
Potom skazala, obesh’ala polubit’

Ty obidel tak eye.
Rassudok poteralyala ona.
Seichas do neye doshlo. Chto ty eto govoril liubya.
Ona skazala, chto gotova vsye prostiit’,
Potom skazala, obesh’ala polubit’

hey, | Reviewer: melanie | 11/11/07

this is one of my favourite songs.

The beatles are my favourite band.
I just wish that I was older so then I could have grown up with great music like the beatles.
Instead of all the crap now. eg; rap.