Missing Verse from, "She came in thru the Bathroom Window" | Reviewer: SteveMM | 1/17/13

There is a missing verse, it comes after, "But now she sucks her thumb and wanders,"

It's "Now she's such a Golden Wonder,"

It was on some of the old LPs, and it would be played on how you put the needle down. It is also on the iTunes version. You may have to start the song several times to get the missing/alternate verse to play.

Abbey Road Keeps On Rollin'... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/14/12

after all these years, not to mention this is the Beatles best later recorded album, "the white album" is half-a--ed, Sgt.Pepper carries a few klunkers, the UK version Revolver rocks, Abbey Road stays and remains consistent with the songs "she came in through the bathroom window", "polthene pam", "oh! darling" and Harrison's, "something".

Across the Universe | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/12/10

Other is when Saddie (sexy Saddie) Says Maxwell seems like a nice guy but you couldve mudered your granny with a hammer. (Maxwell Silver Hammer) Also Saddie says "Where did she come from?" And Jude says "I don't know but she came in through the bathroom window." Um there are a lot of others that I can't think about right now.

Tired of the Movie Reviews | Reviewer: Moby Johnson | 2/2/09

Actually, I thought the idea was to review the song lyrics. Everybody seems to be on a tear about this movie, good as it might be. I say put on the vinyl and listen for a while. Maybe a toke or two will help, but I doubt it for some of you short-attention span punks.

across the universe | Reviewer: katie | 10/14/08

there are many refrences to beatles songs in across the universe, however, julie taymor, the director, was not allowed to directly mention the beatles at all in the movie.
almost all the characters are beatles names, for instance. rita (the contortionist) from "lovely rita," (sgt pepper) martha (the name of jude's mom) from "martha my dear" (white album), bono's character dr.robert from the song "dr.robert" (revolver)....the list goes on and on

same | Reviewer: paxton | 4/11/08

and also at the beginning of the movie when jude is getting his last paycheck before going to the us, the guy says "I felt the same at your age... Told myself, "when I'm 64, i'll be long gone from this place... But I'm still here." And the song is When I'm Sixty-Four from Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

Oh my god | Reviewer: Hayley | 11/12/07

first off i grew up listening to Beatles, i wish i could have been alive when they were a band. But anyways i've seen Across The Universe like 4 times and in one of the scenes, Prudence comes in through the bathroom window. i never realized that was a Beatles song!