Life | Reviewer: val tupper | 9/23/13

You do your job and your duty as a parent - but you don't control your child - at best you've created a good person with a free spirit. This song is exposing parents who think that they actually own their children, and whose lives are all about them, the parents. Not true.

She left on March 14th 2013 | Reviewer: Mary Anne | 7/22/13

I heard this song as a teenager and thought it so very sad. I never thought that anything this sad could happen to me. All these years later, my beautiful 17 year old daughter was manuipulated (through the internet) by a much old man. They live in Essex. I've not seen her since. I miss her terribly.

Suicide | Reviewer: Lucy (not my real name) | 11/25/12

At first I thought this song was about suicide. The lyrics such as leaving a note and leaving early in the morning...could perhaps hint to a girl commiting suicide. Also her clutching a handkerchief could point to her sadness, the sentimental feeling within her of leaving her family.
I only stopped perhaps thinking the song was about suicide when I heard that she was meeting a man from the motor trade, and is now having fun.
However, if the song is about suicide, it could be a metaphor that shes in heaven and hanging out with a man from the motor trade.

Perfect wedding dance song | Reviewer: Dexter Van Ark | 9/10/12

My daughter, Brooke is getting married this Sunday, Sep. 16th '012. She wanted a Beatle's song for the Father/Daughter wedding dance. I immediately thought of this song. We are leaving out the Lyrics of the first stansa, having just the music for the beggining. then start the lyrics on the second stansa. At the part, "She's leaving home after living alone For so many years", we are taking out 'alone' and voice overing 'at home' in it's place. We also are taking out, "Why would she treat us so thoughtlessly How could she do this to me." She is marrying a doctor working on residency, so at the part, "meeting a man in the motor trade", we are voice overing 'motor' with 'Doctor'. At "Something inside that was always denied For so many years, voice over 'always' with 'never'. I think Paul would understand . . .

Hi | Reviewer: Beatles lover | 5/25/12

This is another one of my favorite songs by the beatles. how do they wright such good songs? To Bad 2 of them are dead. But back to the song. I think no other bnd could wright better songs than the beatles. SO TAKE THAT ROLLING STONES!

like a movie | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/13/12

This song is like listening to a sad movie. It's not that the parents and daughter didn't love each other. They just never really knew what was going on, like a superficial relationship, never expressing their real feelings.

It sums up me! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/20/11

I am this don't have to have rich parents....for them to be self centered. My drama teacher in the 70's Mrs Oakley picked this for us to act..but we didn't have to act that hard, was so real and she knew it..Have moved on and am in a happy place now but I heard this on R2 for the first time in over 30 years and I did shed a tear. Provoking..thoughts

Narcissistic Moms | Reviewer: Jerry Beatlefan | 6/27/11

Lennon & McCartney are probably the best lyric writers of all time. Who else could write a song about a woman finally leaving the comfort and security of her parent's home and bring out the
true underlying relationship between herself and her domineering mother? (How could she treat US so thoughtlessly? How could she do this to ME?)
Obviously, everything in this young woman's life was turned into something about her MOM rather than about herself. Even when she runs off to be with a lorry driver, her mother's focus is more on her own sadness and disappointment than it is on the daughter's new found joy.

fuck a duck | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/9/11

this is definitely in my top ten. Paul and John did an uncanny job with this songs vocals and lyrics. Paul is the greatest living songwriter, undoubtedly. Lennon, of course, is the greatest non living writer of songs. The song has an amazing message about leaving home by running away and how it is never the answer. The music is breathtaking. Yet another thing in music the beatles created was learn lesson songs. This one was the first and therefore the greatest and most innovative of lesson songs. Why not, its the beatles.

Anyway you want it. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/7/11

Though the lyrics of this song may about a specific event, it seems that they could apply to a number of circumstances.
The daughter of a good friend of mine is getting married and this song seemed to fit the occasion perfectly. Not only the lyrics, but the music as well. This is a beautiful song that could easily be interpreted as the parents rush of thoughts and flood of emotions as their beloved daughter gets married and leaves home.

Real reason for the song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/24/10

This is a song about a girl who ran away from home 6 months before this was released. She ran away to live with a man. The girl who it was written about never knew it was her until years later when her mum heard an interview with Paul Mc Cartney.

What it's about | Reviewer: Dave Birnell | 9/16/10

as previously stated above that is not the correct story of what it's about...the girl wasn't murdered nor did her killer write the letter...she was 17 and her family was very rich and she had everything, a nice car, nice clothes, a fur coat, but she felt very alone, and ran off and eloped with an older man, she is still alive and recalls the story, she's about 60 can look her up and her story, her name is melanie coe

:'( | Reviewer: Schzde | 2/27/10

OH this song is making me cry as it never did! I just felt in the bottom of my heart mother's words: how could she do this to me? Buuuu :'( And it is even more sad that the girl was not leaving but murdered!

what the song is really about | Reviewer: anonymous | 2/24/10

the song is about a girl who the beatles had read about in the paper. she was missing. and the guy who killed her staged the whole thing and left a note in place of her absence. the part of motor trade was because she was supposedly seen at a motor trade the day she went missing. the parts about sacrificing their lives was the parents had said when they found the letter.

loved - she's leaving home - but a different interpretation | Reviewer: Sally | 1/24/10

I think it could possibly be an older daughter leaving home and her parents, when it states we've sacrificed most of our lives that surely cannot mean just the years of a teenager, I really think it could mean that she is going and the meeting the man in the Motoer Trade could justbe that she is going to by a car to just ive her that finl bit of freedom she craves.