the meaning | Reviewer: mew | 8/24/09

probably one of the best beatles song, also my favorite cos of the beautiful music and lyrics. her parents cant buy her love, she goes out to find it. she's going elope with a man who works in the motor trade, cause she is certain that her parents will not approve of him.

the motor man | Reviewer: girl | 4/2/09

i'm writing my GCSE on she's leaving home and i believe she isn't leaving home to sell cars but is eloping with this man to start a better life and escape from the conventional way women behaved at this time.

Sad | Reviewer: Random | 3/26/09

I am not a HUGE beatles fam but i love this song but i also found that it was very sad. I also do not know why someone would leave home to sell cars? Why not wait. But anyway they did a great job on the song and it may have just made me a beatles fan!!!

deeply profound | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/4/09

although this song is part of the world gobal consiousness seeing the lyrics printed out you can really see what a superbly constructed song it is and how beautiful and profound the lyrics are.

tears. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/27/08

this song is extremely perfect right now, especially since i am leaving for college in a year.
i know it's not the same thing, but with the closeness i have with my parents, it almost is. i've cried countless times with them while listening to this song because of it.

Listen to another beautiful version of this song | Reviewer: Domenico | 2/8/08

She's leaving home, taken from the album "KYRIE", sung by MINA, the most beautiful white female voice of all times and in the world (as said by Louis Armstrong too). This album dropped out in november of 1980, and The Beatles listened to this versione and send a telegram to Mario Robbiani and Mina to say how beautiful was the arrangement and the interpretation, exactly one day befora John Lennon was shot... Shivers!

Motor Trade? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/22/08

This is one of my favorites from Sgt. Pepper's. The irony of the lyric "She's leaving home after living alone for so many years" is probably lost on most people.

But what exactly is the motor trade? Hard to believe she would run away just so she could start selling cars...

Paul at his best | Reviewer: Chris | 11/2/07

Great song, and it's not one of the famous of the album (Sgt. Pepper's) but I'm sure to all people how like to hear good songs and haven't heard this one they're gonna love it.....
ps: the song it's about an article in a newspaper (imagine that!!!!)

loved | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/11/07

I first heard this song sang by Billy Bragg,I truly loved it,the words and melody are a perfect combination.

meaning | Reviewer: laura | 9/22/07

this is just one of the great songs that they have written. Paul McCartney writes most all of my favorite songs from the Beatles, and this song is a very sensitive and beautiful; almost poetry.

(for some very strange reason, it reminds me of when Superman leaves Mrs. Clark on the farm:))

Wow | Reviewer: Brooke | 7/23/07

I love this song. Not my favorite of the Beatles, but definatly over powering and beautiful

marvelous | Reviewer: paolo | 6/21/07

the most beatiful music from sgt pepper's...
this is a masterpiece, mr mcartney is a great composer

sadness | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/4/07

I can't help getting a warm feeling of sadness every time I listen to this song. I haven't heard a song reaching that level of sensitivity.

splendd | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/2/07

The most sensitive and artful pieces of music in tat era of pop music.