Best album in history | Reviewer: M14 | 9/12/10

There are 3 words that describe this album correctly: Best. Album. Ever.
Is it the slow, sad ballad of the girl that runs away and her poor family that weeps for her loss in "She's Leaving Home"? Could it the re-telling of the average Joe's life in "A Day in the Life", which closes the album? Maybe it's the zaniness that is "Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite" or is it the "boy-meets-girl" story put forward in "Lovely Rita"? Well, no guesses-it's all of these great songs by The Beatles that made up one of the single great albums in history.
MY RATING: **********/10 stars

Josh Album reviews: Sgt. peppers lonely hearts club band | Reviewer: Josh Czipoth | 12/29/09

This Beatles album was orginally thought of because the words "Salt and pepper". This album was made because the Beatles were Fed up with Touring and didnt want to do stageing anymore. So from 1967-1969 They quit touring. Some people believe This one of the greatest albums ever made which I would agree. An also to note that this the last album with "Brain epstein" The Manager of The Beatles. He died of a drug overdose. If Your a Beatles fan check this out!!!!
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