Words at end of Sgt Peppers reprise | Reviewer: kdawg | 10/21/11

The words were louder on the old vinyl copies of the album. They seem to have faded into the mix more once the cd of it came out. I will have to dig out my original vinyl copy of it and try to make it out
Anyone with a Mobile Fidelity "Original Master Copy" of the vinyl album may have a better chance of hearing it.

Pauls unknown lyrics in the reprise | Reviewer: Philip | 3/9/11

I and others I know have tried for years to figure out what sounds very much like George saying something between (0:02 and 0:5) and what is clearly Paul, maybe saying at the end between(1:09 and 1:15 which is really hard and between 1:15 and 1:19) of the Sgt. Peppers reprise and just before A Day in the Life. The only the only thing I think I can make out is between (1:15 & 1:19)and is something like “Do you want to hear it all again, do you want to hear it again woooo, shake it all above (you) or (me) come on now.

What is Paul ad-libbing at the end? | Reviewer: Jeff | 8/20/08

For years I've wondered what Paul (or whoever adlibs the part) was saying at the end of the short, reprise version of SGT PEPPER on the mono album. It's a dramatic and very cool touch: you can just imagine one of the Sgt. Pepper band members "stirring" the audience for a big response. Does ANYBODY know what is ACTUALLY being said?