Beatles in stalker song shock! | Reviewer: bartonim | 3/2/14

Quite a few folks seem to be quite upset about the song's lyrics, but one would have to be quite thick to assume Run For Your Life glorifies violence against women. The jealous fellow in the song is akin to a character in a novel. Not all protagonists are heroes, and most popular music can be taken as observations of human emotion. I wouldn't bet on all art to champion its subjects. Picasso didn't paint Guernica to tell us Spanish bombs were fun and games!

The Girl Who Is Responsible For Killing Paul In 1966 | Reviewer: trubknown | 10/12/13

It's about the girl who is responsible for killing the real Paul McCartney in 1966. He picked her up (Wednesday morning at 5:00 AM) and she was all over him while he was driving and caused him to crash getting him killed.

Tiny Dancer | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/28/13

Its about keeping a promise- when you say you love someone and the return that forms so wether it breaks because of distance or because of change in one an other or because of a stale future he offered his heart she accepted and come hell or high water it was her till the end even if for her it wasnt him till the end.

not a good influence if taken seriously | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/22/13

I heard this song as a teen and felt that it was just an illustration of how base the nature of jealousy,can get. I do think however, whenever negative thoughts are expressed they can influence detrimentally an unstable, vulnerable or impressionable young mind. I have always liked the Beatles but like many other forms of artistic expression as in poetry I have struggled to understand the meaning or intent of the artist.

Wife Beaters' Anthem | Reviewer: Maureen | 11/20/12

"That's all those wife-beaters need is an anthem." -Roseanne

And I have to agree. I like The Beatles, but this is a terrible song. It just gives permission for a guy to control a woman. Kick him in the balls and get out of this relationship. Period.

Not good | Reviewer: Temmere | 11/15/12

People talk like The Beatles were the Jesus Christ of pop music, completely incapable of doing anything that wasn't perfect, and it's just not true. This song is blatantly misogynistic, from the infantilizing "little girl" refrain to the implication that SHE will be responsible for the singer's bad actions. Even Lennon himself said it was his least favorite Beatles song. If you like it anyway, fine, but I won't feel guilty for skipping this one every time I listen to Rubber Soul.

shocking lyrics | Reviewer: Randy | 8/6/12

while John Lennon was a great musician, he was also known for being a bit of a prick and also beat his wife (which is well documented). After knowing that dark bit of history about him, I can no longer listen to this song since its not just a joke of a song or satirical in any sense.

Sweet song from a girls perspective. | Reviewer: Psylok | 5/11/12

I have to say I love this song. It's catchy, and very in my sense of humor.
It's almost like the speaker is tryi g to tell her "I will kill you if I see you with another man" without actually thretening anybody. Yes, he only says "I'd rather see you dead than to be with another man" but the goes on to say things like "you know Im a wicked guy who was born with a jelous mind" and "you'd better keep your head little girl or I won't know where I am", lines explaining how the speaker blacks out and has no control of their thoughts or actions when they are angry.
He also says "you'd better run for you life if you can".
If you put these pieces of thoughts together it's odvious what he is insinuating... Yet he has full deniability because he followed the number one rule of thereteni g somebody: deniablity is key... Be very vauge but clear.

STFU | Reviewer: anon | 4/20/12

i love this song. the sound is great and the lyrics are bad ass. fuck all y'all who r hatin on the beatles. lennon used to hit women, and i dont support just terrorizing someone, but i think in some cases its fine to hit a woman, like if she hits u. if a bitch hits me i smack er right back. not full force, but however much she exerted on me.

shut the fuck up | Reviewer: ANON | 4/20/12

i love this song. the sound is great and the lyrics are bad ass. fuck all y'all who r hatin on the beatles. lennon used to hit women, and i dont support just terrorizing someone, but i think in some cases its fine to hit a woman, like if she hits u. if a bitch hits me i smack er right back. not full force, but however much she exerted on me.

Doesn't fit the beatles catalog?? | Reviewer: Tyler | 10/18/11

If this song doesn't fit into the Beatles catalog, then neither does Maxwell Silver Hammer, Yer Blues, Happiness is a Warm Gun, The Continuing Story of Bungalow Bill, and probably more that I am missing. Face it, the Beatles were not sadistic as someone mentioned, but they were a band that liked to push the envelope. What you see from Run for your Life is just an illustration of this attempt. As someone said earlier, and I completely agree, Lennon was very good at playing on words and a lot of songs had a deeper meaning then what was at face value. So while this song seems very threatening, and it may well have been, I think he's honestly saying he just doesn't want to see this girl with someone else. It would satisfy him more to see the girl dead, then to see her with another guy. Obviously the guy has strong feelings for some girl (probably not Lennon), and couldn't accept her with anyone else.

awesome song | Reviewer: juan sanchez | 10/5/11

Lennon was not saying he would kill a girl people listen and read the lyrics he's saying "he rather see her dead than to catch her with another man" he never said I'm going to kill her if I catch her cheating this is what we call a metaphor in music ok no killing involved so do not take it da wrong way I love this freaking song just like every other beatles songs love it.

Good song | Reviewer: Christopher Zimny | 6/19/11

When I first heard this I thought it was hilarious, then I realized that Lennon was a jealous guy. I wouldn't expect him to ever actually kill a chick, but him, being one of those guys, writing this song... kind of a turn off as far as the song is concerned.

My Issue With This Song | Reviewer: vcelloho | 2/28/11

While I find the tune catchy and the lyrics are entertaining my problem with this song is that the underlying song meaning doesn't fit in with the rest of the Beatles catelog. Run for Your Life doesn't fit in with any of the other Beatles romance songs. And while Rubber Soul had some marked the first real departure by the Beatles from writing songs about romance, but this song doesn't fit in with that category either. For me this song would like if Bob Dylan had recorded God Bless the USA or if Simon and Garfunkel had performed Party in the USA.

Great song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/26/10

I'm a woman and I love this song. I can't understand why people would be offended by it. It's just a song. Listen to it, enjoy it and if you don't like it than don't listen. It's definitely in my top 5 of Beatles songs.