Genius | Reviewer: Roy | 8/16/14

In an era when the world was still raving about the Beatle phenomenon, Rubber Soul came along and surpassed everything that they had produced before. I bought this album when it was first put on sale. And still play it today. I called my daughter Michelle, sang In my life to my wife , which I regard as one of the best ever songs to have been written

14yr. old g-daughter, with a 1960S love of the Beatles and the era. | Reviewer: phyllis thompson | 3/21/14

I don't know if you would call this a review ,or a cry for help,I'm looking for the British Version of the Rubber Soul,the original ,an LP album,And ,if there is such a thing ,pledge help,last year Amazon found me a throw ,looks like the British flag,it was gorgeous,soft,fleece inside,and the pillow case to match,she was so excited and happy,it's getting birthday time again,July7th,any suggestions,every review I have read says this is a must have for anyone's collection,G-Mother in WV,

Experimenting Souls!!! | Reviewer: Vikrant | 4/15/11

What an album! The Beatles, by far the greatest rock band of all time. 'Rubber Soul' is the album from where they started experimenting, and 'Sergeant Peppers..' is the album where their experimentation reached it's peak. One of my favorite album of all time, A MUST BUY!!!!

Playing on both sides | Reviewer: Jackie | 1/9/09

I had a Rubber Soul album when it was first out (a 33 1/3 record!). I am certain that I had played it so much that by the time it was stolen (everyone wanted it) it played on both sides at once. I can still sing the album word-for-word, front to back.
"I've just seen a face, I can't forget the time nor place where we just met, she's just the girl for me and I want all the world to see we've met, lye-dye-dye-dyedum-dye..." So many great tunes... This album will light up your life - make housework easier - cure depression - and leave you a happier person by far! If you don't have it ... get it!

The Beatles rock, dude! | Reviewer: Lucas Madigan | 12/7/05

One of the reasons why 'Rubber Soul' is such a great album is because The Beatles began experimenting, adding new sounds into their music: George Harrison began playing sitar (on "Norwegian Wood" and "Girl"), and the band's songwriting continued to improve. There isn't a weak track here, even "Run For Your Life" kicks ass (a somewhat cruel tale of a man wishing that his woman was dead than cheating on him with another man).

Awesome album | Reviewer: Richard | 5/20/05

What is there to say? There is no such thing as a bad Beatles album, and Rubber Soul is definitely a classic, especially the British version with "Drive My Car". So many great songs: "Norwegian Wood", "Nowhere Man", "Think For Yourself", "In My Life", "Wait", and so many others.

If you don;t have this one yet make sure you get it; you won't be dissapponted.