My Rocky Raccoon | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/20/13

A raccoon has been entering my home thru my cat door since July...13 times now. I named him Rocky after this song. I grew up with the Beatles & loved their music. I never cared about the drugs they may have taken then, nor do I care now. It was part of the 70s. They were certainly the best musicians ever then and since. No group of musicians has even come close. They are still the very best!!!! So, when Rocky comes in, I move quick & then, say go home Rocky Boy! I've learned to remove the cat food from the kitchen before I go to bed to discourage him. Eventually, he will give up, but in the meantime I feel badly for ole Rocky boy...and thank him for bringing me back memories of The Beatles!!!

Get over it | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/23/12

Yes the Beatles did drugs and so did a lot of others. but seriously - who the hell cares? The song's fun and it's got a catchy melody, and if you really want to know what it's supposed to mean, why don't you email Paul McCartney?

religous interpritation | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/10/12

I think, in part, this story has to do with religion/the church. The bible that Rocky sees in the beggining, and again at the end symbolize the church. He rejected the morals presented to him, and proceeded to carry on with his attempt at murder; yet at the end, although he did something that religion would not approve of, the bible is still there to help his recovery. This could symbolize the aspect of forgiveness common in monotheistic beliefs

Roots in Poetry | Reviewer: viaiken | 1/2/12

For me, this song is more about poetic traditionals than about drugs and whatnot. Ballads have been around for many, many centuries. A traditional ballad is a story set to words, and "Rocky Racoon" is just following in this tradition. It has characters, settings, and plot points. To be more specific, this song would fit under the heading of "murder ballad," which like the name suggests is a song about someone murdering someone else. Google or go to Wikipedia for a list of other murder ballads. One is "Where Did You Sleep Last Night" covered by Nirvana, which can also go by the original title of "Under the Pines."

LSD | Reviewer: tatteredreverie | 8/21/11

I took acid and had a seizure from serotonin syndrome (granted I'd previously been using other substances). The best I could do was sing Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds in my fried mind as a prayer that I wouldn't die. It's not all about acid, folks.

God damn | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/19/11

Hey, fuckers. Paul wrote this song for shits and giggles. You dont need to be on acid to grasp that concept. So enjoy the good music, take acid if you feel like it and shut the fuck up and listen to the song.

You are all off target. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/8/10

This song was inspired by a poem written by Robert Service called "the Shooting of Dan McGrew" about the same subject matter, using the same characters. The main character in the poem is left unamed, so they gave him a nonsense name for the poem.

overcomplication | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/15/10

The Beatles had losts of influences in their writings and certainly drugs were a major factor in some of their work but not so much in Rocky Racoon. Face it Paul and John were amazing songwriters that would have still written great songs if they never did LSD. That having been said lol I'm glad glad they did have the era to play with, it sure did make things fun and whimsical but their talent is what dominated and changed the music scene. I laughed when somebody compared the Jonas Bros to the Beatles. There never will be another group I'm afraid that will lead such a music Revolution, they blew the doors open for alot of other groups but stand alone in their relatively short recording period, so relax, enjoy and don't over-analyze their songs, if they wanted to get a message through they did and didn't hide it

In response. | Reviewer: Beatlegirl | 5/22/10

It's Eric Clapton, not Clampton.
And no, this song has nothing to do with George's wife, it was written well before their divorce, and written solely by Paul. He wrote it as a hokey song, as a pastiche on Western music.

Just listen to the damned song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/23/10

Everyone please just shut up about LSD, and listen to the goddamned song,if you like it when you're high, that's great, if not, then that's great too. If you've never done acid, then you shouldn't bash those who have, and love the song because of it. Just love the song or hate it, and stop fucking arguing.

Rocky Raccoon revealed | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/9/10

In 1966 John Lennon made his famous quote, "the Beatles are more popular than Jesus Christ". Protests were worldwide, but t.v. and newspapers made mention of two protest attempts by the Gideon Bible organization where they attempted to place dozens of their Bibles in Beatle hotel rooms, and on the plane they were traveling on. In 1968 McCartney writes Rocky Raccoon and mentions Gideon's Bible twice. Not a coincidence either. When the names, places, and events mentioned in Rocky Raccoon are placed in a 1966 context it becomes easy to figure out, and translate the lyrics showing that McCartney is talking about Lennon's statement and all the foment that surrounded it.......Lonnie

LSD | Reviewer: Danny Boy | 2/4/10

As far as i can see the comments related to LSD have all failed to mention the point that there were millions and millions of people that loved the beatles and appreciated their songs regardless of understanding them and/or tripping. So many people loved the beatles more or less than anyone on acid. and today acid isnt the most common thing around. and certainly isnt as popular as it was when the beatles were recording. bottom line, understanding music is not what its about. its about seeing something of yourself in the music and feeling the love they tried so hard to impress upon the people of the world. ofcourse the song makes u feel better or feel u understand it better when ur high cuz... your high.

just a quick thanks | Reviewer: michael | 2/2/10

Okay, I may not have taken Orange Sunshine or Pink Microdot and I was born in 1990, but I get what you're saying Colleen and I agree. There's love in their songs and there's no need to try and see it any other way.

Rocky Racoon | Reviewer: Colleen | 1/6/10

I can't believe the crap that you people have written. Who cares about your acid trips? If you have ever taken any Orange Sunshine or Pink microdot in the 60's and 70's you wouldn't be rethinking this or any other Beatle song. You would just Let It Be and love the music, regardless of the drugs you claim you have taken

About LSD & Music | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/17/09

It's also true that listening to a song when you're energetic versus tired, happy versus sad, any of these things changes your experience of it. When a song you are 'tired of' comes on, you instantly change it, that is a result of an altered experience of the song. Yes LSD provides a different experience, any chemical of that grandiosity will, but it should be considered amongst all these other things. Drugs aren't the only things that change your perceptions. Dig deeper and phenomenologically observe the changes yourself!