so good | Reviewer: Jen | 10/28/08

I remember when I first heard this song I immediately brushed it off. I thought it was just one of those ridiculously silly Beatles songs and never gave it a chance. But then one day I sat down and listened to the White Album in its entirety not skipping a song, and if you really listen to the lyrics you realize what a beautiful fucking song this is.

Chill | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/25/08

Why can't anybody in this world just be happy. You people spend all day on your computers trying to find things and people to complain about. Get over yourself because you're not that great. If you don't like The Beatles or this song then why are you looking at lyrics. Get a life.

yes | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/3/08

But none of you have even a close clue to Tbe Beatles' song choice for the album The Beatles aka "The White Album," so I'll tell you what: Go read a just a tiny bit about it *the White Album* and specifically this song and you may just understand why it was written and in doing so what it was written about...?...It's not an 'an attempt at country' and it's not 'an attempt at a children's song'. It's a ballad, and not even their first such. Learn.

The Beatles | Reviewer: Prudence | 8/20/08

I love how I'll listen to a new Beatles song (I'v only been into them for about 6 months. I'm young. Give me a break.) and I'll be thinking "what a pretty song" until something horrible happens. In this song Rocky gets shot. Also, in "A day in the life" when i heard the man "blew his mind out in a car" I was so confused. The Beatles are fabulous.

Obla what? | Reviewer: RedRedWineSoFine | 5/30/08

Sir/Madam, you who have been so critical of everyone else ... about WHAT EXACTLY ARE YOU SO ANGRY? Chill out, okay? The actual way to write it, if you would have checked, is ObladiOblada. I'm looking at the Beatles' way of writing it as I type! Anyway, what does it really matter? The MUSIC is what's important! And kudos to you music lovers and what it does to you, excuse me, us. It's part of the Spirit man! Like Bob Marley said, "One Love"! It's all the same Spirit!

A Classic | Reviewer: Wonderful! | 4/16/08

I've heard Rocky Raccoon for a long time, since I was like...I dunno, 5? I just love it. It's got such a fantastic beat and it's one of those songs you can actually listen to and understand and even maybe relate to. I never get tired of it.

my daughter | Reviewer: mickey | 3/14/08

I started singing this song at night to my 3 year old daughter. She asked me numerous questions about it. Why did Magil like Dan better? She didn't like Rocky anymore? Why not?
What did it mean that Danny was hot? And on and on until the end of the song when she told me that she knew Rocky was wrong and he wouldn't be ok.

The Ruth Handler And The Racoon | Reviewer: Hernnandez Doiner | 12/25/07

Somebody somewhere said to me, you are a beast because you make love to this song... I love it because it shelters my pain

You call yourselves critics? | Reviewer: Ayyyyyyyyyyyyy | 12/10/07

Well I read all of these and I'd like to say everyone of you is extremely ignorant. The Beatles are the greatest band of all time hands down. Rocky Raccoon is one of their masterpieces.

Yeah we know its not about a raccoon you tard but if you insist on telling the general population than I guess you must.

And I'd like to let that idiot up there know its

Thank you for reading. :D

13 month old daughter loves this song! | Reviewer: Kacy | 11/20/07

I've always been a huge Beatles fan, but the other day I glanced over at my 13 month old daughter as this song played, and she was smiling and dancing and "singing." It was so cute!

It is hilarious | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/9/07

It's Hilarious because it's the Beatles's attempt at doing country. The Beatles singing about a "hoe down" is funny, not to mention some of the absurd lyrics. The story is funny because it's cliche, and they're doing it tounge-in-cheek.

somthing cool | Reviewer: brian g. fanning | 11/2/07

hi my name is brian when i figuered out this song on my folk guitar forget the song i thought i was great couldn't wait to play it to some staff at this place i was at .
brinie fanning

Rocky Raccoon | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/14/07

My 7th grade camp coulser sung me this song, It was great. He sang it a bit more up beat. I always admired rocky. Love this song takes me back to a better time. Though now I realize the song is a bit sadder than it seemed all those years ago.

Hillarious??? | Reviewer: Todd | 8/30/07

I would hardly call a song about a guy who has his girlfriend taken away by another guy and is then mortally wounded by said guy after failing his attempt at revenge a hillarious. Its not really about a racoon, but a guy named Rocky Racoon. The original name for the main character was actually Rocky Sassoon.

Rocky Raccoon | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/11/07

This is one of my favorites off of the white album only passed by Helter Skelter and Oh-Blah-Di Oh-Blah-Da