beatle love | Reviewer: lennon girl | 7/2/14

I fell in love with the beatles last year, and ever since I've been one of their biggest fans! I just love them soooooo much!!!! And their music is just AMAZING! This song, even though it's a cover, is just great and i luv it!
The Beatles will live forever! We love you!
R.I.P. John and George♥♥

Beatles forever.... | Reviewer: Nasos | 1/19/14

Excellent performance of the song sung by the unforgettable J Lennon. Possibly a better performance than Chuck Berry himself. Just three or four instruments and a great voice, making the beat come alive from the best band ever. No 'overproduction' and super background 'electronic music' of nowadays music groups. Well, talent shows...

I love me some Beatles! | Reviewer: JANE | 4/8/13

Just a heads up to Austin. The Beatles didn't write "Money (that's what I want)" its a cover. I forget the original artist. But anyway, yeah this is a great cover of a Chuck Berry song. John sounds great.

Awesome Song. but what not acid-influenced Beatles song isn't? | Reviewer: Austin | 12/10/12

Rock 'n' Roll from the 60s IS SO MUCH BETTER THAN MODERN MUSIC: pop and rock. Especially pop music, which is HORRIBLE. I just can't stand modern pop. I enjoy how today's music uses the WAY OVERUSED cliche, "Money doesn't buy everything" and things about not wanting money, even the Beatles wrote can't buy me love, but the Beatles were rebellious and didn't abuse techonlogy with sampling. They wrote the song "Money (That's What I Want)" which is an awesome reguardless of how awesome its rebillion to the cliche is.

This should be a bigger hit.... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/1/12

This is just an excellent song. A true testament to talent and the people in the 50's, 60's, 70's. Why didn't this be a big hit? This song has all the qualities for being a big hit, and yet this is almost ignored. I don't know, maybe the Beatles have enough hits. Geez, I can't even remember all their hits...

This song deserves a LOT more credit... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/14/10

This is a craze-mazing (crazy-amazing) song. I've had it stuck in my head for days on end. I know this is a cover of an original song, but I love it tons anyway. Lennon has the same voice (in some parts) as "Twist & Shout." And EVERYONE loves that one. I think I could make a generalization that anyone that loves "Twist & Shout" will love "Rock and Roll Music" Beatles-style. ;D Let REAL music live on. :D

COOL! or what!?!?!??!!!!! | Reviewer: chloe | 4/22/07

BEATLES, i think you are great and i mean great at music and stuff! when this song plays i always get up and boogie!
love chloe