The Beatles | Reviewer: mark | 7/11/13

the greatest recording act ever........possibly the only recording act to warrant collecting every single thing they ever did.this lp is done at the pinnacle of their power.The Beatles forever!

REVOLUTION | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/14/09

With the evolution of The Beatles through the 1960's, Revolver is pivotal. The transfer from Merseybeat and an earlier sound with the finale on Rubber Soul, Revolver is the transition into the likes of the Sgt Pepper's Lonley Hearts Club Band album. George is expereimntal on this album with the sitar. While those tunes might not sound the strongest, they tap into the creativity that was being unleashed at the time. The opening track, Taxman, is for me the most resounding Beatle's track. It has that garage sound and a good beat. The finale is Tomorrow Never Knows and that was an experimental piece of a type that had not even been considered before then. Eleanor Rigby was the hit from the album and the poetry of that sound as the imagery evoked leaves Revolver as a classic. And then, there are other tracks like She Said, She Said and the historical document of Doctor Robert. When I hear that, for some strange reason, I think of the doctor from and the television series Marcus Welby MD. George Harrison has more freedom on Revolver, too. That freedom allowed George allowed George to mature on later albums. Revolver was a pre-cursor to much change. The social commentary started to become more serious. The Beatles had matured to the next level.

The best album, ever! | Reviewer: ArneB | 2/1/09

What could I possible say about this album? The Beatles alive and playing like never before. They were still playing together, in public, tight and having a lot of fun. And they were beginning to "dig deep" into their musical abilities. But Revolver is everything a Beatles album is supposed to be. A collection of wonderful songs, performed by a group that still were friends and companions. This album stands out, to me. And the sleeve works by Klaus Voorman is perfect. The Beatles, as a band, never sounded as "bandish" as this. And the album is, by far, the best album ever, by any band or musician in this genre.