Awakened | Reviewer: C-Luke | 11/7/13

You all have good points, but to say this isn't a good message. Is to be as they are saying we are now, exactly. They are not saying the constitution is a bad thing. They are saying we are doing things contrary to it and justifying them.

Which is exactly what we are doing now, the brilliance in this song. Is that they told it so long ago, and it still stands today. We all wanna blame something or someone. Because we hate taking responsibility for our wrongs.

We want to seem so intelligent with our technicalities. In why religion is wrong, the system is wrong, and everything but us. They may all be wrong but without the people falling for what makes them hypocritical is what's wrong. And we are the people, we are the system, and we are all one.

So we can complain all we want and show off our "knowledge" to seem better then everyone else. We are no better, just because we think we are. We are no better, just because we may think something like religion is wrong. Which it isn't it is us who carry it out falsely that are the problem.

Everything we believe is so wrong are things we contribute to. We just don't want to admit it. We want to blame people like the Beatles. For telling the truth in their songs, and saying accept what you cannot change.

Which is also what is part of you, stop the hate towards it all. Because in the midst of all your knowledge. You may think you have things all figured out. And you know what the problem is, but by doing this you become a part of the problem as well.

If this message is wrong and false, then so was jfk's, MLK's, Marley's, Tupac's, and the lists goes on and on. All these people said the same things, is it not weird that they were all killed? You can keep your knowledge and your state of mind as is, that is your choice. But in the end, everything you ever thought was wrong.

Religion, non, other countries, and so on. They will all have people in each subject that have thought outside the box in different ways. Who will be standing together on the last day, and if you oppose them you will fall because this is all foretold.

In religion, out of it, in politics, out of it, you "cannot stop and idea whose time has com" -Victor Hugo. You Wil think you can if you do not change your way of thinking, no fore on earth can stop the people united. And I suggest you look around and study for you. Forget your media and self educate.

It's happening now, people are discrediting people like the Beatles. But what them and and others have said who were well known and killed for their truth speaking have said. Is all coming true, and the ones with all these "facts" and things. Are upset about their message because it doesn't line up with their worldly knowledge.

So they will deny until the very end, but we the people know what is happening. Because we educate ourselves, and heed these words. There is no stopping us, you cannot stop us all. Our knowledge has misled us, and the awakened have been sent to set it straight. Don't die in vain.

Twisted, all right | Reviewer: Pantopon Rose | 2/12/13

"Twisted Minds/Anon." is clueless. It sounds better to say, "I'd rather be a beggar than a thief." But if your kids were starving, you'd do just about anything to feed them...if you're human...But what does that have to do with the Beatles? It's a common error to judge the art of the past through the lens of the present. "Evolution" in this context doesn't refer to Darwinism; start there. And the song doesn't mention socialism, which is a word a lot of Americans use without really being able to define it. Lennon and McCartney had the advantage of actually living through that chaotic and creative time called the 60s, so their message rang true for people of my generation. Something seems to get lost in translation, so to speak, which tells us something about the present time: hostile, polarized, poorly educated, nationalistic, commercialized. Nowhere Men!

Fog Snooze | Reviewer: Ham Shammity | 2/7/13

It had to happen: reviews of the Beatles by people who were probably not even born yet when they recorded their music. Nothing wrong with that, as long as they stay on the subject of the music. But how useful is it to view the 60s through the lens of neo-conservatism? And it isn't a crime to have opinions even if you're "not even American." And I don't think evolution OR socialism is mentioned in the song. You little shits are so brainwashed by the Right! Loosen up and enjoy the music!!

@paulisdeadexpert | Reviewer: Tayler | 9/25/11

you do realize that Paul McCartney is still alive right? and when they say "we'd all want to change your head" it means that if the person is trying to "change the constitution" they are saying maybe you should think of changing your own mindset before changing the constitution they believe that they should, instead, change his head in the sense of changing his mind not literally changing (replacing or removing) his head because they dont agree with what he's doing if he is talking about "destruction" or "money for people with minds that hate" so they think that he needs to change his mindset before trying to change the constitution. maybe you should do your research a little better next time

I love it | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/14/11

Hey, i love this song it has a great beat and is uplifting. Has anyone seen "Across the universe"? (its a great movie, filled with beatles songs) they do a great a version of this song during the vietam war. the "revlution" is talking about the peace protests at that time. Its Awesome :)

Great Song | Reviewer: April Boyer | 11/6/10

I agree with many critics back then- The Beatles were awesome is this is a great song. It was one of their greatest hits. If you listen to Classic Rock radio stations, I guarantee you'll hear this song at some point.

at DylByl | Reviewer: onlythefairkindoffree | 10/23/10

If you want a change too, I suggest you start with your attitude.

You don't have to be a liberal to appreciate the Beatles' music. I'm a strong conservative and they are my favorite band. I'm in LOVE with their music and I do value some of their morals. I'm also a christian. So stop judging. If you want peace, you've got to accept people for who they are. You're not always right, you know. Keep your nasty opinions to yourself and give fair ones, and COEXIST.

hint on the paul is dead hoax | Reviewer: paulisdeadexpert | 6/22/10

I'm only 10 and I'm "studying" the paul is dead hoax and supposedly he got in a car crash and his head was pretty much sliced off and in the song " you say you'll change the constitution well you know we'd all love to CHANGE YOUR HEAD. Does anybody agree with me please comment on here

LISTEN | Reviewer: hippiefreedom4200 | 6/14/10

Those who say "do-gooders are ego-minded" has no right, especially when preaching about it. EVERYONE is entitled to their own opinions, and there is nothing anyone can do about it. I have to say that REVOLUTION is needed, which is what i get from the song. Our government needs to change for PEACE to surround us all. The people WANT a change, this country NEEDS a change. There is no more hiding, no more being scared. This country needs to have FREEDOM once again!

at marty | Reviewer: DylByl | 4/3/10

"Obviously, the Beatles wanted the progressive movement even back in the 60's. This is what is causing the downfall of America even today. We need to get back to the roots of our founders and teach the constitution in our schools and not listen to the lyrics of some drug hippies from the 60's that weren't even from America."

and i'm guessing your a republican, super religious freak? wow, just like all the others; a nasty hypocrite.

love all versions! | Reviewer: strawberryflowermaster42 | 3/20/10

i love any beatles song with the word revolution in them, Revolution(hey jude album), Revolution 1(white album), Revolution 9(white album), Revolution 1 take 20(unrealesed), and Revolution 9 alt. mix9(unrealesed)

the 2 unrealesed ones on youtube


and how come no one likes yoko her voice sounds great in revolution 1 take 20
i feel sorry 4 her... ):

Frightening lyrics | Reviewer: Marty | 2/10/10

Obviously, the Beatles wanted the progressive movement even back in the 60's. This is what is causing the downfall of America even today. We need to get back to the roots of our founders and teach the constitution in our schools and not listen to the lyrics of some drug hippies from the 60's that weren't even from America.

Twisted minds | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/26/10

"People are victims of culture. A mother that steals food for her children is she a criminal? Of course not." ??????????

Ah the victim card. No, she's not a victim, she's a thief. I'd rather be a beggar than a thief.

And that same "culture" you blame is the culture that recognizes people's inherent rights. Rights of freedom from all forms of tyranny. That same culture is the one that sets up churches and charities to give people an alternative to becoming a thief. If a woman decides to steal to feed her children, that's the choice she made, and it's not "cultures" fault.

Stealing is a crime because the "culture" recognizes peoples rights to property. It's taking something that does not belong to her. Yes of course we have to have private property, otherwise if two people "need" the same property, how do to resolve it? There is no free lunch, if you want something you have to work to get it. The US Constitution does not guarantee you a meal. It only guarantees you the chance to work to get that meal. (same for health care, a house, a car, ....) And that's as good as it gets.

I have learned to laugh at these people who live in a fantasy world. A world created in their minds based on what they think life should be like, having nothing to do with the real world.

They blame "culture" for the poor decisions of a thief. All the woman had to do is just ask for the food. Most people would willingly share what they had. Or she could go dumpster diving behind the KFC to get the chicken they throw out every night like my mother did to feed her 3 children when we had nothing to eat.

As far as the song is concerned, what they are saying is the current system is alright. That the revolution of violence, socialism and destruction is not the way to go.

Look at the words:

You say you got a real solution
(the point)

Well you know
We'd all want to see the plan
(their counter point, ie, lets see it. Put up something that is better than the current system)

You ask me for a contribution
(the point)

Well you know
We're all doing what we can
But if you want money for people with minds that hate
All I can tell you is brother you'll have to wait
(their counter point. if you are asking us to support your hate, take a hike.)

Don't you know it's gonna be alright [x4]

You say you'll change the constitution
(the point)

Well you know
We'd all love to change your head
(their counter point, ie the constitution is a good thing. the problem is not the constitution, but what is in the complainers head)

You tell me it's the institution
(the point that how it is now is bad)

Well you know
You better free your mind instead
(their counter point, ie the problem isn't the institutions or constitution, but what is in the complainers minds. I like that they say "free your mind." as in, let go of your hate and loathing.)

You know it's going to be alright

In other words, quit your complaining and see the system we have is pretty good, and things will be alright without your evolution/hate/destruction/socialism. Just let them work out without your revolution, thank you.

The real revolution is happening right now! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/10/09

I totally agree with the post "Real revolution" on 10/25/08.

John Lennon knew that we couldn't change the world for the better as long as we operated a trading economy which is fundamentally a system of competition for resources, goods and services:
"You say you'll change the constitution
Well you know
We'd all love to change your head"

It is happening right now. Hundreds of people are waking up every day. Realizing that we don't need to compete. "Imagine" gives an expression of the philosophy that is needed.
"imagine no possessions, I wonder if you can"

People are victims of culture. A mother that steals food for her children is she a criminal? Of course not.
We have the technology and the resources to feed and house everyone, why don't we then?

Listen to some interviews with 93 year old Jacque Fresco.

You may say im a dreamer, but Im not the only one. I hope some day you'll join us, and the world will live as one.

Revolution is a great song :) | Reviewer: Beatlesfan | 2/14/09

Gotta love the song. Looking at the comments im so glad the beatles are still getting the appreciation they deserve. They obviously have done alot to change the world in a musical way and are very inspirational. I think we are due for a band like the beatles to step forward and deliver a musical shift so Hip Hop artists will die out in the process of evolution :D