Number9 alright | Reviewer: Ilan | 10/27/14

Personally I for some reason enjoy this song and think its cool, i don't find anything meaningful about it i just like the sounds, there is one part I find pretty cool though is when he says "only to find the night watchmen unaware of his presence in the building"

Tripe | Reviewer: Averre | 3/31/14

-This isn't a song.

-You are neither deep or a genius because you convinced yourself that Revolution 9 is good.

-Revolution 9 is a favorite of hipsters. Neff said.

-This track has no meaning. You convinced yourself that it does.

-Paul McCartney wanted Revolution 9 omitted from the album.

-John Lennon was not great. John understood his audience and bilked them for all they were worth. Yoko is not great. Yoko is still riding John's coattails to this day.

-Revolution 9 caters to the gullible, ignorant masses who believe they see the virgin Mary in a dead leaf. These people will always exist because you can't fix stupid.

The Walrus (and the original) Was Paul | Reviewer: William Shears | 2/15/14

'Block that Nixon'?! There is no mention of 'Nixon' in Revolution 9. The final part of the track is from a crowd at an American Football game: shouting 'Hold that Line' and 'Block that kick'.

Although Lennon is often seen as the arty and groovy one, it was McCartney who first did this type of sound collage. The loops on 'Tomorrow Never Knows' were from Paul. There was also his 'Carnival Of Light'. McCartney was the most 'artistic' and avant garde Beatle: Taking in so many things, artists and styles. John only got into it after he met Yoko.

greasy fast | Reviewer: easy greasy | 12/18/13

John is so cool. I cant beleive he put this track down. This is what causes me to like him more than paul. Its so bad ass. As for the bit about singer song writers not being philosophers: just what makes a philosopher, sumone who went to college? Ide say being a true songwriter. If you dont agrea i think you should stick to writing blogs on elvis

so tuff | Reviewer: easy greasy | 12/15/13

John is so bad ass! Who does this shit? This is what makes John my favorite. I love paul, but this shit right here set the stage for the entire 90s alternative era. Somebody had to make this song. It was floating around waiting for johns bad ass. Your bad ass John! I love you!

Its only a Northern Song | Reviewer: norman | 9/19/13

This is nothing more than a stream of consciousness bit of fluff. If you can't understand the meaning then it doesn't mean anything. Take it for what it is, a track on an otherwise iconic album. This guys were singer/song writers, not philosophers.

Well.. | Reviewer: Jamie | 8/3/13

@so cool - it's not even a song, you idiot. A song is something you sing. You can't sing this anymore than you can play it on a piano so it's not a song, it's a track. Nothing more, nothing less!

DOBOPS | Reviewer: Sharon | 3/7/13

I believe the song is based on the "secret war" under the code name, "Operation Claret", planned by General Sir Walter Walker. Objective: Keep Indonesian forces off balance. Outcome: British Commonwealth Success. Dates: July 1964- July 1966 "Truth still a casualty of our secret war" England has an interesting history of war, in particular their "Civil Wars" including "Wars Of The Three Kingdoms...dates pairing off in 3's and the #9

Misunderstood Revolution | Reviewer: Matthew Mawkes | 2/28/13

I don't think people realise that this is primarily an *experimental* track - an opportunity to try something completely different, as John called it "[painting] an unconscious picture of what I actually think will happen when it [the revolution] happens". One of the great things about The Beatles is that they were willing to experiment and they sure did with this one. I think the world is richer for it.

Baby noises | Reviewer: Bails | 2/5/13

I like the part with the baby noises it makes me feel ecspecially calm. This song is brilliance in its own, will have people analyzing it and questioning its meaning for years. In all terms it means whatever you interpret it as. Dont try to look through the eyes of Lennon because no one will know what was in his head. Listen to the song, let it flow through you, question it or not. It may as well be nonsense but it's beautiful

Backwards Bullshit | Reviewer: Dan Al Blanc | 12/7/12

I don't seriously believe in that " backward playing " bullshit, when you play something backwards, it will only go backwards, that's all, it is simple logic. I don't think people could be stupid enough to seriously believe in that sort of crap. Hey come on people, we're not in the Exorcist movie here where a devil speaks backwards, this is real life !

So cool | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/29/12

I honestly love this song! One thing I can't believe though is that they put demonic messages in the song like at the end when yoko says "when you become naked" it says "Satan look at me" backwards. But overall,I love this song.

galactic number 9 | Reviewer: Will Larsen | 11/4/12

I think the revolution John refers to has to do with either the spiraling shape of the milky way or the eliptical orbit of Planet X. At any rate, I do believe the revolution has to do with repetitive celestial cycles. He may have been pointing to the Mayan prediction for the alignment with the galactic center on 12-21-12, the sum of which coincidentally is 9 as in 1+2+2+1+1+2. This might explain the madness refelected in the song as the destruction of the current age. The reversal of the numbers from 12 to 21 and then back to 12 may indicate the impending pole shift followed by magnetic restabilzation.

Beatle-Bill | Reviewer: Mal Evans | 10/28/12

[QUOTE]i scared... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/8/09

ok,this song is creepy. nothin more. it is the one song that keeps me up at night. it haunts me in my dreams. it the only fault i can find in beatles music. expesialy the fact that i heard you can play it backwords and it will say "devil look at me"!!![/QUOTE]

Towards the end where Yoko says "If you've become naked" that's "Satan look at me, please" backwards.

[QUOTE]meaning... | Reviewer: razimus | 12/14/08

it's a cool song, kinda spooky after listenin to it like 4 times in a row, but only cuz I read that some dude claims this song is and I quote, 'is in itself a step-by-step preview of his actual assassination' I don't believe that, after reading the lyrics and listening over and over I see no connection to his assassination whatsoever, the guy just made that up to sell a book about lennon, as david bowie said, 'lennon's on sale again'. It's just an avant garde song as already said... I think its amazing... I can see radiohead was inspired by it no doubt.[/QUOTE]

"Block that kick, block that kick, block that kick, block that nixon" John's death was announced during Miami Dolphins vs the Patriots game when Patriots attempted a field goal.

New interpretation | Reviewer: Gov | 7/14/12

I always saw this song as like a joke almost compared to Revolution 1. Revolution one is about anti radical and anti violent means of change, the way a revolution should be in theory. But by revolution 9, we have just lost ourselves into madness and radicalism, kind off like extreme fringe groups calling for revolution. This is basically their revolution.

I bet ya though in all honesty its just a gibberish song put in by lennon for lols, maybe to erk at paul or something.