Awsome | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/26/10

Awsome song! True, not the best but it made me laugh. I'm a crazy beatles fan and think Lennon is awsome. Ur wrong If u think Lennon is over rateded cuz he's not. Without Lennon there would be no beatles. Oh and how many other artists are creative enough to make a song like reviloution 9? Not saying it's my fav beatles song but it's really good

what's wrong with you beatles? | Reviewer: what the heck beatles?!! | 8/15/10

all of the beatles songs are beautiful except this one and it still scares me forwards for years. all i can say is I am a beatles fanatic and i took quizzes on them every moring for 3 hours for like 4 months so i could be talking forever and this one I avoid talking about. WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU THINKING BEATLES I HATE THIS SONG........ well actually it was only john lennon that participated to it and paul didn't even want it on the album and the ablum would be beautiful if i didn't have the song but then it wont be that famous. This is a waste putting it on a MP3 player because it takes forver to listen and it's creepy. SERIOUSLY JOHN LENNON USE THE FAVORITE SONG TITLE RECOLUTION AND MAKE HORRIBLE!!! I like revolution more than revolution 1 but i like revolution 1 more than revolution 9

revolution 1 take 20 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/17/10

most of this song is originally from revolution 1 take 20. Like the continueous right right riiiight, the hubba hubbbba, the al right!during that part with the gitar, all the sezire noises, the entire part with yoko ono, and if you listen carefully with head phones, you may be able to here "paul"'s (william campell's) bass from revolution 1 take 20 during the end of the riiiiiiight, and the hubba thing truly awsome

IDC | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/9/10

i dont care what you say maybe ye maybe noo but this song is awesome and really if you put it like backwards says number 9? xD cool i think i maybe stay in high trip while you are fighting XD im not making shit of nobody but i only say who from here haven't stay triped and listen this song? yesterday i smoke wweeed an it was aaawwweeessoooome :B love it love it and thx for all of you that coment a part of history of the beatles they are la mamada xD bueno que soy de mexico xD y que? i say i was form mexico and whaaat xD weel bye trippy people

I LOVE IT | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/28/10

i like this song because it has a lot of sound effects. and its great backwards! ive heard it all backwards on you tube & itsa better backmasked. on my dsi i recorded myself saying number nine like that & it still said turn me on deadman backwards. OK, record your self saying turn me on deadman just how they did it in R9 and backwards it says #9!!!

Revolution 9 | Reviewer: Beatle9 | 1/17/10

John wrote this song on the may '68 rising in France. It's how he sees a revolution. But the most important thing about it, is that it's an experiment. According to the Beatles, it's not even a real song. Paul hated it, and tried to prevent it from ever being released, aswell did George Martin. I would recommend everyone not to look for meaning in these lyrics, John just took some random words that he thaught souned creepy.

Mega-creepy | Reviewer: Jesse Mercer | 12/26/09

I don't think there's much to say about this song besides it being the one song that I will never understand, no matter how hard I try. And I'm fairly certain that's the case with the majority of Beatles fans. It's full of mystery and it's the trippiest song I've ever heard. My biggest inquiry is: what the hell were they thinking when they made it?

Rev 9 | Reviewer: Rev 9 | 12/4/09

John said in a Rolling Stone interview, when asked ab the song, "an unconscious picture of what I actually think will happen when it happens; that was just like a drawing of revolution" makes sense to anyone whos ever dome any research on Charles Manson, or what he believed The Beatles were doing w theyre music. He believed that the blacks would rise up one day in a revolution & take over, he called it Helter Skelter & if you know much ab it, what John says in this interview w Rolling Stone matches near perfect. Its just weird to me. The song itself is no doubt amazing in its own way. Its creepy & haunting but the way John & The Beatles used it & how still to this day, so many years later, people still dont know what to make of it is awsome! I cant honestly say I can sit down & just listen to it on repeat though, the song makes me tense & kinda nerveous but I guess its bc I look to far into it but at the same time it kinda mellows me, its weird but no doubt art. People who try & say the white album wouldve been so much better w out it are dumb! The white album wouldntve been the white album if it didnt have this song on it. Sure it wouldve been an amazing Beatles album still, but what Beatles album isnt considered to be. This song helped to make the album & the conspiracys surrounding the album so popular. I know peiple who go buy the album just to check out this song. I love the Beatles & Im not sure if I believe the "Paul is dead" or the Charles Manson rumors on it but the song defintly makes you guess at alot.

i scared... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/8/09

ok,this song is creepy. nothin more. it is the one song that keeps me up at night. it haunts me in my dreams. it the only fault i can find in beatles music. expesialy the fact that i heard you can play it backwords and it will say "devil look at me"!!!

Beautiful then weird then beautiful then i blacked out... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/22/09

THe number nine part was beautiful. When i first heard this song is when i was hearing it being backmasked... i heard the full thing... I HAD IT STUCK IN MY HEAD FOR WEEKS... its a creepy gibberish song. P.S why did they backmask the only GOOD part about it instead of everything else? doesent matter. weird and beatuful song

Facinating | Reviewer: Chris | 7/2/09

To me, Revolution 9 is like listening to an AM radio late at night and just tuning through the band. For anyone who has ever done this, while traveling in a car or at home, you know all of the different stations you can hear. I have never tried to really make any sense of it although I have read that Paul McCartney tried in vain to keep it off the album. I think it is a great way to bring in the final song on the lp, the beautiful Goodnight. If you have a pair of headphones and some time, give Revolution 9 a listen. You may hear something nobody else has!

spooky | Reviewer: bhootnikay | 1/10/09

this song is very disturbing but you still see a connection with shows how are life is revolved with undesirable things . i have seen a really awesome thing on youtube where beatles songs are backmasked jus check it out!!

meaning... | Reviewer: razimus | 12/14/08

it's a cool song, kinda spooky after listenin to it like 4 times in a row, but only cuz I read that some dude claims this song is and I quote, 'is in itself a step-by-step preview of his actual assassination' I don't believe that, after reading the lyrics and listening over and over I see no connection to his assassination whatsoever, the guy just made that up to sell a book about lennon, as david bowie said, 'lennon's on sale again'. It's just an avant garde song as already said... I think its amazing... I can see radiohead was inspired by it no doubt.

this aint a review! | Reviewer: Aleister Nine | 6/30/08

this aint a song to have a point!its one of the first avant garde songs of all time!thanks to the great Revolution 9 bands like ulver,arcturus and many more bands only coming out now with a style more tecnical than this song can exist!its a great song if u think of all that it can mean!its so strangly great to hear it and try to figure out everything that it says and everything it can say!i love it!

This song is deranged | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/20/08

I have no clue why the Beatles would create a song as pointless as this. It's basically 8 minutes of gibberish. Please white a review if you have an idea on what this song is about, and why one of them makes a sound like, "Hububububbubub".