cobain on line | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/15/07

the beatles were gods, are gods and will be gods. They are the encyclopedy of music and they created all the musci styles that we know at the present

ranking of popularity (John was right)

1)The Beatles
2)God/Jesus/Ala/Buda/George W Bush (The Devil)

All You Need Is Love | Reviewer: Emma Sco | 10/15/07

I believe that if everyone gave the Beatles a chance that they would "AT LEAST" like one of their songs. They are played from the soul with lots of love and have a far variety making it good music for EVERYONE. Their are almost no bad words (or at least none that I have heard)and they may not be as popular but, come on, AL YOU NEED IS LOVE!!! Give the Beatles a chance!!! Toss that Justin Timberlake CD away are just listen!!! I'm only 13 and I absolutly adore them!!! They're not half bad-looking either ;0)!!! So just pop in Abbey Road, Let it Be, Past Masters, Sgt. Pepper's, Rubber SOul, Revolver, or whatever other Beatles CD you fancy, and dance around!!! BEATLES MUSIC = PARADISE!!!

beatles | Reviewer: me! | 9/30/07

the beatles are legendary and probably the best band ever...
and over the weekend i saw Across the Universe
to all you beatles lovers,if you have not seen this movie yet you should...its a musical with almost all beatles songs

The Beatles!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Celestina Luna | 9/26/07

I really really love The Beatles. They are so cute!!!! I only listen to them. people think im weird cuz I like them, cuz im only 15, but i dont care. I cant stand rap or R&B. Just oldies for me!!!!!!!

I don't know nothing about THE BEATLES | Reviewer: US5GIRL | 9/15/07

You know what? I don't really know nothing about tham,but I like thair songs,and thay were kind of,when I saw on a HISTORY CHANEL about tham,I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw how much fans thay had! That is just amazing... I am acsually from Serbia,but I know English a don't mind if I don't know how to spel some words. All I can say is that I didn't believe my mum when she sad that THE BEATLES had more fans than the band us5! But whan I saw it on the TV,I finally realized that THE BEATLES was,and it will always be the BEST BEND ON THE PLANET EARTH! That's all from me!


the beatles | Reviewer: Lauren | 9/11/07

the beatles are pure gold. there's really no one better, or who will ever be better, than those four amazing people. i'm proud that i'm from liverpool!

The Beatles : revolutionaries : DISCUSS ;0) | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/11/07

The Beatles their music had cast a giant magic wand of rainbow-coloured peace and love over a very drab Britain that was still stuck largely,in post-war apathy. I can remember the excitement and buzz that oozed from their music as a child and it felt as if something wonderful was going to happen.

Abbey road | Reviewer: Gustavo Cano | 8/28/07

its a very greatest album and iits a group so interesting, i like it very much , i am the fan 1 of the beatles.
So goodbye
Send me beatles photos.

Defending Ringo | Reviewer: Todd | 8/27/07

Anyone who thinks that Ringo Starr is talentless knows absoloutely nothing about drumming in any way. Ringo was one of the most revolutionary drummers of the 60's, establishing many of the things that we accept as the "norm" for modern rock drummers. Listen to the drum fills on "A Day in the Life" and tell me Ringo is talentless.

They're crap | Reviewer: Rob Hicks | 8/2/07

Oh no, wait a minute I thought this was a B-Sharps page. The Beatles were great, still are and always will be. To bad I was born in '85, but at least I got to see McCartney Live at Glastonbury.

I come from china | Reviewer: mao | 7/31/07

I come from china,Ilike beatles very much. so I
begain to learing English every I can
understand most of the song.I would like to hook
up with every people who love beatles just like me

beatles | Reviewer: me | 7/14/07

I LOVE THE BEATLES!!!!!!!!!! and those stupid ppl who listen to all tht crappy music like justin timberlake and beyonce tht have no idea who the beatles are are idiots. i listen to them everyday and they are amazing musicaly and lyricly

Rock legends. | Reviewer: teen beatles lover | 7/12/07

The Beatles are amazing. And its a shame that some stupid people don't even know who they are. I listen to them everyday. I love the Beatles

a beatle fan | Reviewer: Sandy Moser | 7/11/07

I want to ask you about John Lennon how old was he when he met Paul James McCartney?

Gods of rock n roll | Reviewer: Alex | 6/16/07

There are still many people that still love the beatles and cherish them in their hearts. I think that they were the best british pop rockers that ever lived in the world. They were the gods of pop rock, and I listen to them all the time on my ipod. They are way better then any rap that goes on in America!