beatles! | Reviewer: taylor | 11/25/07

the beatles are the biggest inspiration in my life. there lyrics and music are so amazing. I'm 17, and my father would listen to them when i was little which therefore led me to listen to them. after the death of my father this past summer i've come to love the beatles even more because of my dad and how much he loved them.

I have a question | Reviewer: Kellie-Gurl FroM Qc | 11/16/07

The last rock'n'roll revolution was made when kurt cobain was alive!!But today you don't see that we have no Hero.John Hero were Elvis.Elvis were somebody from his generation but our generation have no hero!!
If we continue like that soon we will swim in shit!

sorry if my english is not verry good
I'm not an french from paris but a french from Qu├ębec(a place where everyone are not very good in english except the rich!)

Thx to read this MeSSaGe

Endlessly Poetic | Reviewer: Ka'ohu's Mom | 11/14/07

Just that... Endlessly Poetic...
My 11 year old is mesmerized with the Beatles.
Their music and lyrics are ageless! =) Peace...

A Day in the Life | Reviewer: Lindsay | 11/11/07

This song basically changed my world. With the powerful lyrics and the instrumental geniousity, this song is hands down the greatest song of all time (in my book).

beatles | Reviewer: bobby-fox-pitts | 11/4/07

there is only 1 no. 1 and its the beatles and then you start listing the rest im so glad i got to grow up during all of and lets all give peace a chance and sgt. peppers no. 1 of all time

the beatles are the best | Reviewer: michelle | 11/2/07

i am 11 but nobody knows how much i looooooooooooooooove the beatles!they are so awsome and they are the best band ever for sure!no matter what!
love your#1 fan,

Sgt. Peppers | Reviewer: Matt | 11/1/07

The Beatles were not the most talented band ever they had to have eric clapton play the solo in while my guitar gently weeps. The thing about The Beatles is that their music isn't about their sheer skill it's about their lyrics and the simplistric genious beats they came to think of. Eleanor Rigby is written in poetry books most of their songs express something deeper and I believe that is why most listen to their music. About the ringo being underappreciated-Ringo is NOT an amazing drummer but he did have a nice voice like in Sgt.Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band his voice makes that song work. Ringo is not an allstar drummer but he worked with the band. Ringo also never wrote a song for The beatles not to knock on ringo he was perfect for the band with his abilities and his vocals. The Beatles aren't just simple nice music to listen to they are more than that they are symbols of love and peace and so is their music.

the beatles | Reviewer: ebaby | 10/25/07

iam doing a report on the beatles i love their work their so great i love them so much go beatles love ebaby.

The Beattles are simply amazing! | Reviewer: Gabby Ralls | 10/19/07

I am just 16 and I fell in love with their music after hearing my mom listening and talking about them when I was in middle school.. They have such a great sound that makes you so happy! I'm a huge fan of John for he stood up for his beliefs so much and Ringo since he's incredibly good at the drums and never gets noticed as much as he should. I love this kind of music I wish we had more bands like this today. Thank you for writing such a good BIO about them people now days need to kno about there music history and you gave some a chance.

THE BEATLES and THE DELMORE BROS. | Reviewer: BUD EAGLE | 10/23/07

The Beatles(MacCartney-Lennon) was inspired by american musicias as Everly Brothers and THE DELMORE BROTHERS(Hillbilly Boogie), you need to listen to these guys, they really rocks.

Fab Four Forever | Reviewer: Maggie deKort | 10/24/07

I have been a Beatles fan forever and ever.....I was lucky enough to see them live in 1964 in Australia....visited Liverpool last year and I am now looking forward to Across The Universe being released in Australia.

The Beatles RuLe=] | Reviewer: Paloma=D | 10/18/07

the beatles are so freaking awesome.!!
i love them muchos.!!
but not as much as my friend andrew..,
he's the number one fan.!!

Peace =] | Reviewer: Allison | 10/18/07

The beatles bring such peace to your soul. Just sit back and listen to their words and it'll bring you such great peace. It's amazing how such a band made such an impact on this world and on each one of us. They inspire me to be more peaceful, humble and happy. I thank them for caring =]

Love | Reviewer: Hillary Johnson | 10/18/07

The beatles are love. I think that they changed a nation really. I think Johns statement of taken way out of proportion. Everyone knows that. I love them and they to this day are the most and best band ever talked about.

The Beatles all the way | Reviewer: | 10/17/07

The Beatles came out with such variety of music and musical ability, that it keeps me wondering at what kind of talent those guys had.

But after a hard days night, I just love the good ol' rock and roll they played.

I'm the biggest John Lennon fan there is.

see ya (at Penny Lane, if not all across the universe)