Oh My Gosh! | Reviewer: Gigi Charlington | 6/15/11

I like totally love the Beatles! John Lennon is like totally cute. Like totally the best singer ever well except for Jay Lo shes totally awesome OMG JK JK JK! The beatles arer totally like better! Oh my gosh oh my gosh you guys!

Wowza! | Reviewer: Autie Pickle | 6/9/11

Them Beatles be comin' from another planet... THE PLANET OF AWESOME!!!!!!!! I love me some beatles... my favourite song is Yellow Submarine cuz i have a Yellow submarie in Europe at my CUTE LIL' COTTAGE RIP John Lennon and George Harrison... *cry cry cry*

rock n roll will never die!!!! | Reviewer: Flor | 5/6/11

the beatles were the best rock n roll band and they will never die i luv them soooooo much waithout the beatles there is no rock n roll its just boring i wish they were still a band soo they could make me happy.

The Beatles!!!!!!<3 | Reviewer: rosemary | 5/4/11

i love the Beatles the are AWESOME!!!!! I'm doing a report about them and i know that mine is going to b the best report in the class i love the beatles and i know they love me to people think the beatles are gay but i love them and i know many people do too!!

the beatles | Reviewer: rosemary | 5/4/11

omg the beatles are like the best rock n roll band in the world i luv them they are my favorite band i wish they would never break up.if i was one of the beatles i would probly b john lennon because he is the best and is very talented!!!!!!!

the beatles | Reviewer: Leslie | 4/20/11

I Luv the Beatles. The boys were so HOT. But Their old now. but i still Luv the music. My favorite song is probubly "LET IT BE" or "OBLA-DI-OBLA-DA" I think thats how u spell it. I also luv the song that John Lennon made and sang solo. It is called "IMAGINE" That was another good song of many. If you've never listend to the Beatles. I tell u 2 go out and buy a CD or listen 2 Thier songs on YOUTUBE or on ITUNES. So go out and do it now. I garuentee u will Luv them. And if u dont Im sorry that u dont like them because their awesome.

I love the Beatles | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/16/11

I have recently received a copy of the Beatles "LOVE". It is a continuous cd of many of the Beatles songs and mixed together perfectly as one song becomes another song. Whoever put that cd together did an amazing job, and I listen to it every time I'm in my car driving as it is the only cd I play. I have loved the Beatles since I was 6 years old and saw them on the Ed Sullivan Show...what a fabulous and tremendous impact their music had on people from my generation and continues to have in my children's and, most likely, my children's childrens' generation. The Beatles will live forever in the minds of those they touch! LONG LIVE THE BEATLES, we love you, yeah, yeah, yeah! Lennon/MacCartney were outstanding songwriters and my favorites....their lyrics ring true to anyone who listens to them. <3

How could you?! | Reviewer: Cielo Ribbot | 4/1/11

Sir, you forgot to mention in the end about John's FIRST BORN son, Julian Lennon.
How awful that the poor guy can't even be remembered in his father's happiness.
And yes, John did love him, and he was part of his happiness.
R.I.P. John Winston Ono Lennon & George Harrison.

The 4 Who Changed The World | Reviewer: Shawn Biltz | 3/27/11

Theres so much that people and other muscians can learn for this amazing group. You cant think anything bad about this band, if you do turn off the bieber music, and liaten to the song "Twist and Shout."

*happy dance* | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/23/11

the Beatles were/are amazing! RIP John and George and long live Paul and Ringo! I wish I was able to see you guys when you were still the Beatles.

Beatlemania BEATS Bieber fever! JB will never be able to compare himself to the Beatles and say he is/was even half as good as they were.

Truly an amazing band | Reviewer: classikkrok! | 3/17/11

No one could ever think of any of the songs the beatles do. Truly an amazing band. Probably the best in classic rock history. Even better than my favorite band Queen. I have to admit that even though Queen is awesome. I know the lyrics to more of their songs than the beatles.

Much more than just a band | Reviewer: Randy | 3/1/11

I was 8 years old when I watched the Beatles on Ed Sullivan. That was 47 years ago and I can still remember how their music made me feel. It seemed like everyone at school, in the neighborhood, and in the entire world was consumed with Beatlemania. A lot of bands and artists have achieved success but in my opinion none have surpassed The Beatles.

Best of the Beast | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/18/10

Rock & Roll will never die.The ''BEATLES'' will live on in infamay. They are undoubtably the best ''band'' that were ever co-joined. JOHN:(LENNIN) PAUL: (McCartney) GEORGE: (Harrison (RINGO) Richard starsky. Finest collaberation of musical talent and personification of an era that there ever was. They were the 60's and became the driving force for the70's. They are why we have the music we love today. GIVE PEACE A CHANCE LONG LIVE THE MEMORY OF <JOHN LENNIN>

mandoki | Reviewer: armando galinato | 10/11/10

I'm not good in music but I love music. beatles musics are the most i love. during my midyear old, I tried other music of other groups and like it too, however, still beatles are in my heart so now the beatles records e.i. rubbersoul, revolber, white album, help & let it be are my favorite is paul mccartney is my favorite so is his wings. beatles is in my generation and am proud of it.

My Bible | Reviewer: nildamereles | 9/30/10

I came to know the Beatles back when i was still
living in Cuba and was forbitten to have any Inglish music i was 14 when i felt in love and when i arrived to the USA in 66 and moved and lived like as a hippie living in Boston during the Vietnam war,that was the most incredible and happiest time of my live everyting was so easy and no offense we never had to use the wor F. My husband is dead but our time was incredible money was not the moore important thing for happiness i use to get goose sponk just listening to The Beatle 4 ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1